Ten Of Swords – Deviant Moon Tarot Deck

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I. The Description of Ten of Swords Deviant Moon Tarot

There have been many suicidal ideas forming among the immature children of this world. The reason given is extremely reasonable: people live for and need the word “emotion”. Unfortunately, if that circle turns the arrow of sadness at you, it is a game of loss. And people have two ways to deal with this emotion, the first is to get used to it, and then have to accept from time to time that this friend will sabotage you. Then suddenly one fine day, we get used to it to the point of becoming expressionless and hard-headed with every stab. The second option is to end and lock on all our emotions. If this latter approach does not work, we really do not deserve the deep concern of those who love us.

Buddhism refers to the fact that we have to cultivate many new lives in order to become human beings, such as witnessing a woman give birth and raise her child and give that child awareness. The perceptions, values ​​, and morals draw upon those who do not choose simply to end their emotions but to live with and overcome suffering. They choose to continue playing with the circle of emotions, just like that, we get a new spin for each event that runs through life.

If given an excellent scale, then 10 is a brilliant number. A shocking pain that people seemed to have stopped breathing because of it. The shelter that seems to be the safest is the place to stab us with fatal knives. Sadly, those cuts are not deep enough, we still have time to breathe and feel the ultimate pain. Powerless and unable to do anything, it is all just misery and feeling, nothing more and nothing less.

In Ten of Swords Deviant Moon Tarot, ten swords stabbed into a wooden box, piercing through a child hiding inside. His hideout has now turned into an unlucky coffin. His astonished face mixed with fear makes us feel that the familiar home, loved ones, and friends sometimes turn out to be not the peaceful place we think.

You build the box, and you get in it, strip and hurt yourself. You will live if you accept to be injured and get out. Those eyes look to the right, the direction of movement – we have to move on no matter what. Are you sure you hit the bottom? Take the next step to see what your next bottom looks like. Day in and night out, you are still stuck in your emotional relationship, get energized, and keep your eyes wild open, just as we grow up every day and cope with sudden pain. While it hurts and the process is not quick at all, relax and let everything do its job, and you will see how much better and mature you are.

II. The general meaning of Ten of Swords Deviant Moon Tarot

Keywords and extensions: Complete collapse, Misery, Unbearable sadness, A physical or psychological disorder, Being stabbed in the back, Failure, Crisis, Betrayal, Ends, Loss, Destruction, Defeat, Make a break, A compulsive change, End a relationship, A decision that changes your life, Breakdown, Stop suffering, The illusion has vanished, Permanent deadlock, Separation, Pain, Time to let go, Negative thoughts, Sorrow, Depression, Destruction, Bankruptcy, Robbery, Going down, Bad condition, Disaster, The fatal disease, Facing death, Dangerous situations, Divorce, Loneliness, Hardship, Danger, A deadly punch, Travel to somewhere far away, Dissect or penetrate for medical reasons, Injections.

Ten of Swords Deviant Moon Tarot often represents an unexpected defeat or disaster, and this source of power is out of your control. It crushes you without warning or with any mercy. Sometimes, you will be able to change the course of an imminent disaster, but most likely you can only endure it. This card can also indicate a period of time when you get stabbed in the back or betrayed by someone you trust. You feel great pain and shock by such betrayal.

As such, Ten of Swords Deviant Moon Tarot associates with the feeling of being a victim in a situation. You feel powerless when something happens suddenly that makes you feel attacked or sabotaged by someone else and you take the pity of others. Accordingly, you can even use this challenging time to portray yourself as a martyr, to show that you don’t deserve such a bad ending because you have put the interests of others above yourself.

Ten of Swords Deviant Moon Tarot also points to a difficult experience of ending, loss, suffering, or liberation. However, you have a new realization and a positive sense of relief that difficulties and suffering will soon end and develop into something new. The end will create a new beginning, a rebirth, and a recovery of spirit. So, while it might seem negative at first glance, the Ten of Swords is a card of hope and a sign that your troubles will discontinue soon.

Furthermore, this is the last test, and there is no more pain. This is the darkest moment before dawn. And everything will be bright again after sunrise. Ten of Swords Deviant Moon Tarot is about giving and accepting your present situation. You are no longer resisting change and even allowing it to happen, even when it cuts and hurts you. You admit that a change has to be made for innovation, and you allow it to take place, not fight against it.

When this card appears after you have experienced a painful situation, it is a signal that you will escape the abyss and take valuable lessons. Hidden beneath the surface of the Ten of Swords is the ultimate power of the Swords suit – the ability to analyze your situation and your reactions, and the lessons to learn from failure. True wisdom does not come from without but from within. This card is a sign that the pain and discomfort you have survived is not meaningless at all. The positive power in you can be utilized to learn from your pain and draw awareness from your failures.

It should be noted that the Ten of Swords Deviant Moon Tarot is very similar to the Death of Major Arcana. It is not a dark sign of death but rather evidence of an imminent change or an end you could not accept at first.

III. The reversed meaning of Ten of Swords Deviant Moon Tarot

Keywords and extensions: Improve situation, A very small transformation to overcoming a difficult relationship, A standstill of a disaster, Recovery, Rebirth, The inevitable end, Change for the better, The problem has subsided, End a cycle, A new beginning, Rise from a hardship, Survive a catastrophic situation, Power of prayer, Accept the help of others, Turn to a higher power to get help, Near-death experience, Overturn the danger situation and survive, The light at the end of the tunnel, News of death or dying, Obituaries, A blessing in disguise, Major change, Persistent problems, Fatal disease, Difficulties in the past reappear, Disturbance, The worst is yet to come.

The reversed The Ten of Swords Deviant Moon Tarot indicates a painful ending must take place in order to get growth and regeneration. The Swords suit represents thoughts, plans, and attitudes, and this card is well suited for changing minds. It means that there will be a reassessment or rejection of your previous attitudes about life, your views about yourself, and what you consider important, as well as planning for the future. It is important to understand that your downfall may not be justified or fair, but think about what you really need to change to achieve a better position in your life. Don’t end up and get stuck in the pain, look ahead and see new directions for yourself.

The reversed Ten of Swords Deviant Moon Tarot may also tell that you are against an inevitable end because you are worrying too much about its damage. However, what you are doing is delaying that inevitability and making it even worse for yourself. For example, a relationship may have come to an end but you are still trying to be clinging to your ex because you don’t want to lose her/him.

At times, the reversed The Ten of Swords Deviant Moon Tarot can reflect your fear of ruin, even if it has not happened yet. You always think of the worst scenario and plan for it, even if it does not occur. This creates only unnecessary fear and excess anxiety. You should go back to the energy of the Nine of Swords and check things out to see if this is really distressing. It implies an old situation that ended badly. You still carry the wound of your heart without realizing its presence and unintentionally hurting yourself. This pain needs to be thoroughly resolved and you can free yourself from it. Although it will be extremely difficult to face such pains again, hurt once then stop.

IV. The guideline of Ten of Swords Deviant Moon Tarot

Ten of Swords Deviant Moon Tarot represents the end of something. It can be easily captured from the image in many Tarot decks, with no hope of a revival here. A limit has been reached, one line has been crossed and the turn is over. In some situations, this can be seen as a tragic loss, but it often feels paradoxically liberating and closing. The waiting and disturbance had ended. No more ambiguity. You can let go and continue right away, as there is no other progress here.

Emotionally and mentally, this card occurs when a person is exhausted, drained out, and exhausted by the effort to be attentive and responsive and trying to make a difference. If you feel that way, you have reached the point of exhaustion and can no longer be held responsible for anything, and can therefore be forgiven for joining or giving in the fight. The instructions were simple: Don’t cross these lines!

Ten of Swords Deviant Moon Tarot recommends lying still for a while. Do not move. Keep yourself as safe as possible even the injury can take place on its own. When the chaos subsides, you can assess the damage and begin improving it. The situation can be compared to a storm moving through the vicinity. You cannot be sure whether it will pass through a corner of the field or if it will crash into your home. Before those unpredictable things take place, protect yourself, hope for the best, and wait for it. Sometimes, an extreme event acts as a pressure relief valve for all the unpacked and unresolved energy that has been accumulated. Trust the process even though things seem pretty harsh at this point.

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