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I. The Description of The Hanged Man Deviant Moon Tarot

The unhappy feeling, or simply nothing can excite me and pull me out of the house. Wherever I go, I feel bored, even annoyed with my everyday friends who are still very close to me. After all, what do people live for? Why are things so blurred and hopeless? Oh! Life is so boring.

Description of The Hanged Man Deviant Moon Tarot

If you have ever been in the situation above, jokingly, you are a true Hanged Man. Science has shown that people sometimes fall into such a state (especially in winter, people tend to be moody). It is not a disease, but getting over it takes time, and each individual will take a different time. How long it takes to pass also depends on many factors from the individual. That disease is scientifically known as Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) or more intimately known as Winter Blues.

Continue with our 12th Deviant Moon Tarot card. This Winter Blues state is as The Hanged Man – you can almost personally translate the name of the card as the man hanging upside down. Of course, none of us like to be hung up because that state is not pleasant. The only thing we can see and think at this moment is only the floor or the ground.

But contrary to our trivial thinking, The Hanged Man has a rather relaxed and leisurely look. This man is hanging on a stick. According to the author’s short caption, where this man is hanging upside down is hell. As time goes by and you cannot do anything, it is meaningless for each person, and this feeling is no different from hell.

The most obvious symbol is the pocket watch hanging on this man’s feet, we are all bound by time but have no idea it is still passing by, accompanies, or leaves you whether you want it or not. Either take it off yourself or wait for someone to come to your rescue.

If it’s the lucky guy, the other hands won’t be tied, otherwise, it won’t be able to move. This unconcerned, carefree state does not stem from himself, but because of the circumstances set up. Sometimes, the man who is hanging upside down does not know that he himself is falling into this state. Or if he knew it, he had to give up to wait, as if completely helpless and just let it go.

Surely all those who read The Hanged Man Deviant Moon Tarot card for the first time will turn the card in a reversed direction and think that this card has been printed backward until the name is read to partly understand the author’s intentions.

The eyes were dull, open without seeing, seeing without thinking. This man’s head has nothing inside and is entirely empty. Those six tiny and rippled strands looked like a man’s hair, but in fact, the color is reminiscent of waggled worms or snakes. Have you ever dreamed about them? The worms in dreams may refer to proliferation, dependence, or reproduction. Meanwhile, the snakes evoke the image of the enemy lurking. These things emerged and emanated from the man, as an omen to remind that this unconsciousness was gnawing at him. They are always hidden in each of us, still waggling, waiting for the day to devour its owner.

After a series of cards, it was long before the character in Deviant Moon Tarot’s Major card wore such a dashing appearance. In the depth, everything becomes fuzzy, rigid clothes with a series of monotonous to rough patterns. A colorful outfit but sophisticatedly renovated from vignette to costume details.

The body of The Hanged Man reminds of the symbol of an hourglass when the upper part is of the future, the middle part is the present, the lower body is of the past. Just like the way The Chariot went, straight to the right, this man is holding his head down like the way the future is still flowing, the present is motionless and he himself is constantly thinking about the past. That is how people still bind themselves.

A little hint here: the zig-zag lines on The Hanged Man Deviant Moon Tarot’s costume, people often only see and talk about it like normal curves, without knowing that hidden deep in it is all a sense. With these wavy lines, no matter what direction you look at it, it still gives an identical image. And more deeply, it’s a reversal. Go against it or accept and ignore it. The past is gone, and you will be awake. In the dim, misty night is still a glimmer of light. Whether it’s sunset or dawn, it is enough for hope and is warm enough to dispel the mist.

The number 12 is associated with so many daily things in life, 12 zodiacs, a year with 12 months – the amount of time it takes the earth to complete its one round around the sun, 12 hours in a day – the amount of time the earth revolves around itself. Apparently, it represents the end of one cycle and the beginning of the next. However, after each such session, experience and time make people think about gradually replacing bad habits. The number 12 represents education at all levels. And when the emotions affect, the reason will no longer be able to do its job.

The Hanged Man Deviant Moon Tarot’s astrology is Mercury in Pisces. If you notice, there is segmentation in light, instead of light appearing in the sky. We still see stars, misty places, while the bottom half is filled with light. The truth is Mercury is always facing the sun the way The Hanged Man points his head towards the light, like the way the moon is always facing the earth. The Pisces corresponds to the 12th arc in  the horoscope. In addition, the symbol of the Pisces is also displayed very clearly on The Hanged Man’s costume.

II. The general meaning of The Hanged Man Deviant Moon Tarot

Keywords and extensions: Let time pass, Hesitation, Miss the opportunity, Inversion, Procrastination, Being imprisoned, Waste of time, Experimental period, Lessons learned, Sense of the universe, Enlightenment, Unique perspective, Independence, Outstanding, Spiritual harmony, Altruism, Sacrifice, Commitment, Dedication, Flexibility, Adaptability, Dare to differentiate, Re-adjust, Sacrifice to receive a better thing, Stagnation, Calmness, Slow motion, Deadlock, Sit on the fence, Reflection, Serenity, Higher Intelligence, Mysticism, Devotion, Unwanted changes.

The Hanged Man often shows an inability to help himself through independent action. The energy is captured and awaiting judgment. With this card, there is no way for the will to regain control until the situation is over.

This is the right time to philosophize, study, and meditate on where you find yourself in, and form your resolutions for the moment you return to freedom. Only people with wisdom, patience, and optimism can see the limitations, including possible humiliation, to grasp the inspiring lesson one can gain from such an experience.

III. The reversed meaning of The Hanged Man Deviant Moon Tarot

Keywords and extensions: Waste of time, No progress, Feeling a stagnant life, Materialism, Not accept the necessary sacrifices, Martyr syndrome, Wrong protection, Unprofitable investment, A poor financial decision, Lack of commitment, Triumph over selfishness, Unsatisfied, Disappointed, Bored, Listless, Lack of effort, Useless, Stuck in the present state, Unwilling to give up the past, Lack of spiritual harmony, Excessively suitable, The fake self, Reject an important part of ourselves, Always want to keep up with others.

The Hanged Man in reverse suggests that the act that seems noble when sacrificing oneself, at least for the moment, is a futile gesture. There will be no benefit for the better; you will not experience an expansion of consciousness.

That would be an empty step, so don’t put yourself in that position. Ask yourself on what basis you hope that your sacrifice will make a difference in this situation. Perhaps this is your chance to learn something about your self-denial tendencies.

IV. The guideline of The Hanged Man Deviant Moon Tarot

The Hanged Man Deviant Moon Tarot recommends letting go of the illusion of control. Accept that you have been passed and deceived by your device. Having made your bed, you now need to lie in it. This is not a negative statement. It is just that sometimes there are consequences for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Bad things can happen to good people. These consequences are not fatal, even if they are not pleasant – or can even be embarrassing.

Stop fighting against your situation and let some time pass. In the end, you will be released a little more perceptive and not much the worse for wear. You will promptly realize how you deal with the issue. However, the problems you encountered when you were first hung up have subsided and no longer concern you. You are free to seek new endeavors. Eventually, you will feel refreshed and grateful that you have derailed from your old track.

Like the way The Hanged Man Deviant Moon Tarot reversed, your life involves a lot of relationships and bonds that can rarely change. In return, this gives you confidence in relationships, a comfortable mood because nothing is unfamiliar, although the opportunity to build new relationships is not much.

Your spirit is always stable which helps you to always relax and save money, slowly but surely. You always have wealth to hoard without worry. Though mentally stable, when experiencing a major trauma, you can get sick. Treatment requires a large amount of money but because of mental illness, you should be careful.

In terms of love, you have high standards for your soulmate. But when you fall in love, you are very loyal and engaged. A broken relationship can easily make you immersed in the past until newcomers appear.

You have many opportunities with trips, but the destination is not too diverse. When talking about your travels, listeners easily admire you which easily causes overconfidence for you. Even if you don’t say it, you can become arrogant with your achievements.

You put in a lot of effort to build your career. You are naturally stubborn and quite conservative with your thoughts and creativity. Your promotion opportunities may not be great, but the monetary benefits from your job are many.

Just like The Hanged Man Deviant Moon Tarot hanging upside down, you are unpredictable, dreamy, artistic, and in the midst of life. You seldom connect yourself to other relationships. So your circle of friends is based on the working relationship or you work for your interest. You rarely encounter problems related to law, the sentimentality will help you solve legal problems that arise from your relationships.

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