The Star – Deviant Moon Tarot Deck

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I. The Description of The Star Deviant Moon Tarot

On The Star Deviant Moon Tarot card, we see a maid sitting on a shore and pouring water into a glass lake. Seven stars shone around her, giving hope to the arid earth below. Sleep does not happen so the stars cannot appear in dreams, but no matter the circumstances, it will bring a ray of hope. When one door closes, another will open. You are alive and you still hope, don’t give up because all your efforts will be rewarded. That’s why The Star appeared after The Tower collapsed. Nobody wants to push everything to an end, there will always be things that motivate you to move on, that’s how life treats each of us.

Description of The Star Deviant Moon Tarot

For a long time, the star has had a sparkling beauty. From the beginning, when you see the light and when you perceive the day and night, that’s when you want to touch things that sparkle in the heavens. It seems very close that we can grasp in a reach but it is indeed very far away. Still, you have never given up and stopped looking at that sparkling beauty, haven’t you? Do not give up, because it is like a fruit of nature for mankind. Did you know that each of these stars is a sphere of bright plasma? Just because they are so far away from us that what you see is only a faint light.

The closest star to us is the Sun. Most planets glow and radiate energy. They just turn off and become dead planets and that’s when we don’t see them anymore. How long can a person live, how long can you shine like the other star in your life? That is the reason the star symbols dreams, luck, and hope. It also partly explains the appearance of the star on the national flag of some countries.

Luck was mentioned because if you pay attention, you will see on the head of my woman there are seven stars. The number 7 according to Western conception is a blessing, more than that, it is also the number of magic, of the miracle that will happen. The size of the stars increases from small to large, up to a central position on the top of the woman’s head, as luck will come and hope increases with time. The seven stars, like the seven planets, always follow and energize the woman.

The woman is sitting on the edge of a water bank surrounded by the land where there is no life or has been barren for a long time. Looking at the land where she sits, we can clearly see the cracks in the ground and the trees in the distance which have no leaves. She poured water from the bottle into the crystal lake. The stars only exist at night, the crystal-like water surface is a testament to the beauty, magnificence, and sparkle of faith, which reminds us of the frozen lake. There is water that cannot be used. If the place was cold and covered with darkness all year round, the temperature was not high enough to warm those beautiful crystals, the source of life and water could not exist. That is why it is necessary to have that young woman as an agent to evoke life.

The water in the bottle will not stop flowing, as long as she is there. Water is a symbol of emotion, it is like the feeling that she put into this place, this work never stops. The place where she sits is like the land of the moon – like the moon and stars join together to pour magic light onto the faded land of the earth. Her actions also remind the reader of a picture of the Temperance Deviant Moon Tarot card, which is the same work and requires both the women’s meticulousness and patience. One person poured the water back and forth moderately, the other was exhausted with all enthusiasm.

Those eyes of hers blink continuously and her half-face is white and black, but her hands are working non-stop as a matter of fact, whether night or day, in the never-off hope that will bring revival to this land. Another thing worth thinking about is the fingers symbol on her right hand placed on the vase, if you observe a lot you will see that the two fingers are raised, although not quite the same, it reminds the symbol of spelling in the history of ancient Egypt or one of the hand postures of Buddha as a blessing.

Through two images and explanations about the meaning of the gesture, we can also partly understand the luck that this symbolic message wants to convey. Another noteworthy thing is that lines on her right rib like the gills on the body of a fish. This refers to the aquatic fish breathing, it also reminds the reader of astrology of The Star Deviant Moon Tarot which is Saturn in Aquarius.

II. The general meaning of The Star Deviant Moon Tarot

Keywords and extensions: Hope, Good sign, Renewed faith, Satisfy the happiness of life, Inspiration, Good fortune, Peace, Optimism, Faith, Enjoyment, Confidence, Comfort, Relief, Renewal, Happiness, Promise, Help, Protection, Restoration, Divine love, Altruism, Wisdom, Enlightenment, Contemplation, Special talent, Harmony, Enthusiasm, Creativity, Fertility, Prestige, Grace, Beauty, Wellbeing, Balance, Poise, Emotional and spiritual richness, Inner guidance, The sense of direction, The healing of the mind, Recovery, Inspiration Higher knowledge, Meditation, Astrology, Spiritual development, Education, Paradise on earth, Make a wish.

The Star Deviant Moon Tarot is about reconnecting one’s soul with the divine – the transcendence of personality, family, community, and reputation. In the end, it has to do with being free to be ourselves. The soul is reacting to celestial influences – forces that can give the personality a stronger sense of purpose. It helps us recall our outstanding origins and attraction to a higher organization.

This card could also be called The Celestial Mandate – meaning we go back to our reason for existence, our mission in life. It reminds us that, in a sense, we are agents of divine will in our daily lives. If we let go of the notion that we have control, we could more easily see and appreciate the syncing features that are driving us. In this way, we become more aware of the invisible helping hand, and we better understand our place in – and values ​​– the larger universe.

Now it is the time to rely on intuition, wisdom, and guidance from within. Your horoscope consultation can also be considerate. Your guardian angel is regarding you. An expected reaction or result is about to occur. This is a good time to strengthen yourself because you can accomplish your ideal. A young woman can enkindle your vitality.

III. The reversed meaning of The Star Deviant Moon Tarot

Description of The Star Deviant Moon Tarot Doubting a person’s ability, Restrained Creativity, Unreasonable pessimism, Obstacle, Disappointment, Disillusionment, Poor judgment, Fleeting happiness, Misfortune, Anxiety, Loss, Fear, Poor health, Rigor, Self-doubt, Suspicion, Stubbornness, Selfishness, Distraction, Refuse to receive spiritual guidance.

 You may not be aware of the spiritual property that surrounds you. As a result, there may be obstacles in your plan or some difficulties in your project or business. A negative attitude or lack of self-esteem can hinder you from enjoying yourself. You are focusing on the adversarial side rather than the positive side. Your clutter can cause you to miss out on promising opportunities. There is a reason to believe in the future. You may experience a tough time accepting the valued help and may ignore your own gold-digging.

The reversed Star Deviant Moon Tarot card shows that you are temporarily alienating your brilliance and usefulness. You may feel clumsy, unskilled, in contrast to your true nature. Perhaps you are forgetting the purpose of your soul in this life. Focus on your unique gifts and talents – their origins are divine. It’s your job to learn how to apply them in whatever situations life offers you.

IV. The guideline of The Star Deviant Moon Tarot

The Star Deviant Moon Tarot card recommends dedicating yourself to higher values, increasing spiritual cultivation, practicing meditation, and surrendering to better things. Connect with your higher self – a creature of a larger world traveling in an evolution that begins long ago and runs indefinitely into the future. This is the part you want to communicate and communicate with. Now is the time for contemplation. Listen to your inner voice. Anything that hinders this communion may not be in your best interests right now.

Your life is filled with emotions and relationships. Although they are always changing and existent, sometimes your emotions become out of rhythm, causing you to slow down and wear off even though the emotions of those around you have not changed a bit.

Daydreaming rarely brings money, this is a negative point in terms of assets for you. You work on emotions and sometimes are too arrogant, the artistic ego has to be bigger than the physical self, so you can’t have anything at hand. Still, you receive a lot of support from your family physically and mentally. A practical life with a stable income should be solid support for you.

Even though you are good at social relationships, your mood swings like a roller coaster. You are easily persuaded, praised, and influenced by others in both positive and negative ways. Since it affects the emotional side, you can become either stubborn or weak and have no opinion on everything.

Your health damage can only come from a financial problem. The thought of making money and worrying about the material too much hurts your spirit. The upside is that you have confidence in yourself to get over soon.

In terms of romantic relationships, a rational person can be the perfect partner and compatible with your dreamlike nature. However, you should pay attention to their fickleness and calculation in the relationship because your easy going temperament makes you sometimes easily taken advantage of and fooled.

The Star Deviant Moon Tarot card refers to your departure bringing about many thoughts and feelings of those around you. You are a loving person and when you leave, you still do not want to bother anyone. For you, this is common sense and is as light as a feather.

In terms of trips, they come from your own feelings and are implemented as planned. If you work in the arts field, they will happen more often and continuously, sometimes causing stress and emotional disturbances.

Your career will benefit you in terms of relationships because of your passionate and courteous personality. In your circle of friends, you are also reliable and loyal support for them. Because of that, you have quite a few friends and they will treat you as warmly as possible.

Legal problems are more likely to happen due to your obstinate personality. You may be dissatisfied with certain terms that either you cancel the contract or break the commitment. However, thanks to the relationships around you, everything will still be resolved favorably even if it takes a long time.

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