The Star – Shadowscapes Tarot Deck

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I. Description of the Star Shadowscapes Tarot

Sparkling footsteps of gold and silver glided lightly on the silver stream, along with the dazzling stars, carved into the night sky with protruding scars exuding magnificent colors.

Description of the Star Shadowscapes Tarot

There is no sun or moon. In the quiet secrecy of the dark night, there was only a long and sparkling trail of stars like destiny hidden in diamonds that embedded in the black velvet carpet of the sky. The murky white river that flowed from the celestial realm was like a glittering thousand-star galactic waterfall, and she came, along with the dance where the waterfall flew into the silver waters of the mundane world.

The earth, water, and air merged into a single element at the moment when she was present. Through this, skimming over that, it really did not matter what its nature was because everything would voluntarily change according to what she wished for.

She danced, her legs glowing, creating waves rolling on the water floor. She swayed her body to the dance in a sinusoidal graph of hundreds of thousands of glittering constellations that lasted for millennia. This was like the secret respect for the burned souls they have witnessed, the dance like a stream of ups and downs of a person.

She kept dancing until her body began to tighten and fell into a state of fatigue, swinging and bending, in a blink of an eye, she jumped to an unbelievable height following the throbbing emotions of the stars above. A cascade of droplets of water shot forward from her whirling posture. In places where dust and rain fell, there is a seed slowly growing and blooming pure white flowers.

She danced continuously for a long night, breaking the limit of a person. She was the embodiment of the human being in the divine body. When the light of dawn touched the eastern horizon, she tightened the silver cloak. Suddenly, a look of exhausted eyes popped up, but the spirit still has not faded. She stepped on the carpet that slowly rolled up creating an Opaque Road, returning to the stellar sisters in the night sky, where they flickered weakly and waited until the next prom night.

II. The meaning of the Star Shadowscapes Tarot

The Star Shadowscapes Tarot card refers to holding on to hope, a firm belief in the future, inspiration, finding tranquility and calmness of one’s own, finding serenity amid difficult times, harmony integration, sharing, and tolerance.

The roughness of daylight or even the moonlight has completely disappeared, there is nothing but the stillness and unbiased eyes of the stars. There is only peace, the void that seems to be widened, preparing and gathering souls. She advises you to cease worry and fear to embrace the night. The stars are always the symbol of the guide and hope, the light that leads to home. There is a carp in the card, a symbol of strength, perseverance, courage and the fulfillment of the spirit. Chrysanthemums, which often represent longevity, are also another symbol of hope.

Keywords related to the Star Shadowscapes Tarot: inspiration, peace, optimism, faith, enjoyment, confidence, comfort, relief, renewal, happiness, promise, help, protection, restoration, altruism, wisdom, enlightenment, contemplation, harmony, enthusiasm, creativity, fertility, prestige, grace, beauty, wellbeing, balance, meditation, astrology.

III. The Star Shadowscapes Tarot in a spread

The Star Shadowscapes Tarot is a card of hope. The card predicts that your dreams and wishes will come true. If you are going to give up, then stop that intention because you are about to reap the fruitful results.

This card says that your deepest wish will soon be fulfilled. Even if you are longing for sweet love, a favorable life or a promotion at work, everything can come true if you are constantly carrying on. The card predicts that you are very promising and have the nature of a successful person, you have a wise intellect to distinguish everything. But sometimes, it warns you that you are shining like a star and expressing yourself too much, which makes you the target of the onslaught and brings you unnecessary trouble.

If you are in a relationship, you may find that your partner is outstanding and successful, which makes you feel inferior. All relationships are not durable if either reserved and closed with the other. Both should be honest with their own feelings and share small stories that help you two get closer. The moment the Star Shadowscapes Tarot appears in a spread, it predicts the relationship that needs to be renewed, it may be a change in date or a little surprise to spice up your relationship.

You are fortunate to get this card because it carries a positive and bright meaning in terms of work. Do not give up because all of your efforts will be rewarded promptly. You should plan for the upcoming work schedule so as not to be overloaded. Every business case or new creative idea at this time will progress smoothly. However, the Star Shadowscapes Tarot alludes to the bragging of achievements and being proud of yourself that may cause unpredictable consequences. You should not express yourself excessively to avoid gratuitous envy and jealousy. Also, be cautious of what you plan to share on social networks because this is a sensitive time.

Lucrative business opportunities will bring you a lot of money. The investment plans are quite favorable, and business partners also offer terms that are beneficial to you. New projects and new contracts are attractive money-making opportunities during this period. However, things that go too smoothly can be a sign of fraud. It advises you to beware of opportunities that require too much capital or a huge profit. The Star Shadowscapes Tarot also reminds you of spending appropriately, wasting and boasting about financial strength will have negative consequences.

The Star gives hope and the strength to continue in life. It shows what you expect is coming true. It is like a message that if you have faith and strength, good luck will come naturally.

Sometimes, the Star Shadowscapes Tarot carries the message that you have just experienced a difficult period. In some cases, it seems that you will not be aware of your strength. You should trust and properly analyze your situation to promote your ability in the best way.

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