Two Of Pentacles – Shadowscapes Tarot Deck

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I. The meaning of the Two of Pentacles Shadowscapes Tarot

He stood on one leg and began to dance, particularly, a newly created equilibrium on the basis of juggling disorder. Just like the God of Destruction of Hindu, Shiva, he was an individual who always harmonized in the balance of opposing forces. But to him, a normal person, not a god, so his current posture was not stable enough, the pointed peak where he stood seemed to begin to shake. With just a breeze or just a wrong move, the ability to make him fall into the abyss is something that can happen at any time.

meaning of the Two of Pentacles Shadowscapes Tarot

However, the confidence that always exists in him right now, he knows that this dance is almost perfect and can fool over any evil trick in the situation, being able to feel every wind and every movement like a silent and invisible partner, they perform this elaborate dance together. Does that confidence disappoint him? Could that confidence one day kick them into the abyss? Will the wind then discourage the wandering lifestyle and strike back before he can react and adapt to the lightning reversal of it?

The Two of Pentacles Shadowscapes Tarot is about the art of balancing action: juggling and keeping everything in a state of motion, flexibility, adaptability and direction change easily. This is a warning card that you will face with chaotic challenges in your own way with a strong spirit, but be alert, the danger is always lurking, and will be bigger if you engage in too many challenges at once.

Keywords related to the Two of Pentacles Shadowscapes Tarot: balance, steadiness, cooperation, alternative, engagement, flexibility, adaptation, happy, dilemma, multitasking, resources, creativity, manipulation, responsibility, assurance, amusement, good news, gifts, change, a new relationship, a new beginning, trip, go with the flow, jack-of-all-trades, easy come, easy go.

II. Two of Pentacles Shadowscapes Tarot in a spread

The Two of Pentacles Shadowscapes Tarot is a card about balance, often referring to the aspect of cooperative relations. You tend to want to maintain the balance of two extended areas of life, such as finance and health, love and career, etc. This card is usually considered a good sign.

There are two major matters that are important to keep in mind. You need to stop focusing on too many things. Multi-tasking is not the right thing for you right now. Perhaps, you will need to cut down on what you are doing to focus on just two main priorities. You need to pay attention and balance your financial situation.

The Two of Pentacles Shadowscapes Tarot represents management, this card appears to mark the stage when you need to rebalance every aspect of your life. All financial issues in this period should be strictly controlled. This is neither a positive nor a bad card. Everything can be put into order as long as you stay focus.

Most of the reason for the appearance of Two of Pentacles Shadowscapes Tarot is the financial problems you are encountering. It reminds you that all financial matters need to be managed. If you do not have a budget, then everything needs to be rearranged. If money is not the case, it warns you that you are wasting your time on worthless things.

Despite its negative implications, Two of Pentacles Shadowscapes Tarot asserts that financial troubles will not last too long. This is the time when you should consider and evaluate everything to create stability. When you go through this stage, you will equip yourself with money and time management skills in the smartest way.

In terms of love, the romantic and affectionate gestures of the two of you for each other gradually disappear, instead, this relationship is showing signs of deterioration. Both of you need time to balance your emotions and think about your feelings for each other, moreover, sharing responsibility with each other is necessary. Limit arguments and hurtful words to each other. If you’re still single, the Two of Pentacles Shadowscapes Tarot advises not to rush but improve and perfect yourself more, the potential partner will automatically appear.

In terms of work, it recommends that you should not do too many things at once, instead, determine the ultimate goal and categorize the priorities first. If possible, organize your work according to the level of importance and take turns. You can seek help from colleagues when you feel overloaded. Do not tie yourself into knots. If you are working as a superior, please review the compensation for your junior staff.

The sources of money and spending are not in balance. You need to reconsider and outline a more scientific spending plan, cut down on unnecessary things. In addition, Two of Pentacles Shadowscapes Tarot believes that this is a period of accumulation, save money to serve your business plans in the future. Besides, you should limit lending because the return of funds will not go smoothly, the worse thing is that the rift in the relationship may occur.

In terms of health, the Two of Pentacles Shadowscapes Tarot reminds you that you can recover everything, except your physical condition. You are in a serious imbalance between health and work. You should temporarily put aside the current task and let yourself have moments of rest. Light sports activities will help the body to be more athletic and flexible instead of sitting all day. In addition, Two of Pentacles warns that the health of your loved ones are showing signs of worsening, so take care of your family.

Overall, the Two of Pentacles Shadowscapes Tarot implies that you are trying to balance everything in your life, be it career, love or money. Thanks to the difficulties that you learn how to control all the issues around you, the matters of time management are well organized. The advice from the card is to remain to be optimistic and alert when facing difficulties, to control spending and tighten personal finances in order to overcome this stage.

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