The Death – Shadowscapes Tarot Deck

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I. Description of the Death Man Shadowscapes Tarot

It is said that swans remain silent throughout its life. However, at the threshold of death, it hummed a beautiful but painful melody, which took the last breath from its chest, and then ended up with a final sigh. This is one of the most miserable and separable songs about ending.

Description of the Death Man Shadowscapes

But there is seemingly no comparison between the song of the phoenix and the swan. At the moment when phoenix saw the sign of death, she pushed her voice to a tragic song about pain, torment, melancholy, and this still could not be enough to express the most intense joy because she knew that when the fire reached her heart, the temperature would promote the transformation into an egg, hidden inside was the successor who was still asleep.

The flames of destruction are also the rays of life; both are closely linked together. And so, she was associated with her predecessor, and so on, the beginning was continued. She sat on the coffin, close to her nest, and gently grasped the hands of fate that could not be denied. With a blazing white fire, she spread her wings and sang the song with her last breath.

II. The meaning of the Death Shadowscapes Tarot

The Death Shadowscapes Tarot mentions closing the door of the past and opening a new door, transcending the path of transformation, changing the state, removing old and redundant things, bowing to the unshakable power and widespread changes. What belongs to the past, let them sink into a deep sleep and let’s burn away the remnants of the past to receive new coming things.

The ancient story of the phoenix is transmitted and repeated in dozens of different cultures. It is death, rebirth and the whole life, shelled with a simple symbol. The iris is tied to death, like the Goddess of the rainbow – Iris of Greece, who used to get down to earth to bring the message from the Gods and full of women spirits to hell. Poisonous Plants of the Solanaceae family exude a taste of death, a symbol of deception, danger, and death. And the salt plants, in the Victorian language of flowers, said, “I will survive the change.”

Keywords related to the Death Shadowscapes Tarot: liberation, empowerment, resurgence, innovation, transformation, purification, rebirth, marriage, resettle, reincarnation.

III. The Death Shadowscapes Tarot in a spread

Comparing to other decks of the Rider-Waite-Smith standard, the Death of Shadowscapes Tarot is radiantly gorgeous. Its dazzling bright yellow makes the Sun unable to keep up with making us forget that this is a literally negative card. In this series, Stephenie is very humane when emphasizing the meaning of revival, new things that a new process brings, not about losses, injuries, pain, heavy pain, and extremes like the Death of other decks.

On the card, there is an image of a gorgeous Phoenix painfully burning herself. The phoenix is a magnificent beautiful image in myths, legends, and the story of witches. It lived for a long time, and it seemed that immortality with its strange character was to burn itself and begin to return to the life cycle of a new Phoenix. From that creative and unique image, Stephenie wanted to emphasize two things: first, death is always associated with life and cannot be separated; second, we must accept to let go and end what is old, corrupt, outdated to accept and move forward with more new things waiting ahead.

At the same time, Death Shadowscapes Tarot also wants to warn that when it comes to ending a process, an event or something that has become a habit will cause a lot of mental losses.

Corresponding to Death is the Scorpion zodiac, a zodiac sign of death, strength, charm, and extremism. Scorpion, like the Death, shows a terrifying conservative extreme. When an event has come to an end, you should not try to save, but to accept it as gently as possible and slowly recover and start the better. People can only be calmed when they accept. We will never find peace and balance when we keep complaining and blaming.

The Death Shadowscapes Tarot card announces a transformation in life. This card marks an end in your life, love, and career. The meaning of the Death card often causes many people to be quite worried when it means literally death. However, the hidden meanings inside are the positive ones.

The most basic meaning of Death is still to accept and strongly overcome everything even if it is the worst. The card brings a painful but necessary ending. You have to go through major changes in life, but they will make you stronger.

The death that this Shadowscapes Tarot card mentions here is not necessarily physically dead. You are not satisfied with the change of the present, the torment and the regret of the past that make you sink into grief. Maybe, an inevitable ending in love will happen to cause you to lose all of your energy. The suggestion for you is that you should believe in the future and try to get out of past torments. The postponement at the moment can open a new period of prosperity.

On the other hand, though not expecting, Death also predicts death and loss. You may experience a heavy loss but when you look back, this is a must and you can do nothing but accept it.

Death Shadowscapes Tarot also announces that the time of exhaustion in life is about to end and a new circle of life will begin. No one has dared to make sure that change and transition are favorable, but if you leave the tired past behind you, good days will come. Besides, it implies that the current period needs to “die” and you may be afraid of the loss you have to bear. However, if you open your heart, a new door will be opened. You need to end all unhealthy habits in order to reach a more perfect destination.

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1. The Death Rider Waite Tarot Deck

In the card, The Death Rider Waite is riding on a white horse, holding a flag with two main colors, white and black. He appears as a skeleton because it is the rest of the body after death. The armor he wore symbolizes invincible and indomitable.

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2. The Death Thoth Tarot Deck

thoth tarot death

The Thoth Tarot Death card shows the dance of death, representing the eternal cycle of the principle of “dying and giving birth” in its mutual impact. We see a skeleton kneeling, holding a scythe to harvest all withered things falling through a cloth of fate.

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3. The Death – La Mort Tarot De Marseille

Death – La Mort Tarot de Marseille requires a subtlety of interpretation. Negative predictions will be harmful and useless: there is no need to read this card in the sense of death, crippling or disease. 

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