The Fool – Shadowscapes Tarot Deck

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I. Description of the Fool Shadowscapes Tarot

Everything starts with whispers. That melodious voice kept gradually slowly penetrating deep into her thoughts. It ordered: “Come here, come here with me”, “But where?” She wondered, but there was no reply.

shadowscapes the fools

She gradually forgot that, until one day, the song suddenly sounded more and more clear, the melody was like exploding inside her ears and the melody became overwhelmed, massive, and flooded into her mind. The rhythm, bustling, charming and infatuated, making her sobbed and could not refuse anymore. It urged her to be irresistible, “Where is that place?” She asked again, and this time, her heart wavered as if she had an answer inside herself.

The Fool Shadowscapes Tarot has come a long way, traveling from far away before arriving at the highest part of the world, her journey now truly began. She sensed everything with her instincts, then tiptoed, taking the breathtakingly tight grip of the wind, the moment right before her reckless decision. The heart throbbed like the strength of hundreds of wings struggling to find freedom outside the cage of the ego until she realized that she needed to grow wings on her shoulders to be able to leave here and to change.

“Wait! Don’t! ”- The weak call from deep inside – “Be careful! Are you not afraid?” – It yells – “Back up!” But without much concern, she kept going forward, and then…

II. The meaning of the Fool Shadowscapes Tarot

She stood at the top of a towering cliff; ribbons and pigeons that were the only thing keeping her if she desperately made the next step. The fox is always there and observing it all. This animal manifests cleverness, but it still cannot help to understand thoroughly about a fool on any aspect. Thus, it still cannot comprehend the desperate and hopeful dance which she is about to implement. So, who is the fool? Is it her that stepped into the unknown with the choice of seemingly lacking in thought or the fox because it was so sure to believe the truth created by inner thoughts?

The Fool is a symbol for new beginnings, adventures, satisfaction, and passion. She rushed forward, unconcerned and hurried, acting without thinking. She obeyed the instinctive call.

Like the Fool Shadowscapes Tarot, you can stand on the cliff, intently heading towards the unknown. The wide green space opened endlessly, nothing can fill the gap between the broad sky and the ground deep down. Maybe, you will experience the forgotten stupidity by a terribly reckless action or a wild soul of adventure, of great faith and knowledge that will welcome and lead you in the upcoming time. Endless opportunities are always there to those who seek.

Like the Fool of Rider-Waite-Smith, the Fool’s image of Shadowscapes is also a young person who is free to walk towards without caring about what awaits him. The Fool Shadowscapes Tarot is naked and primitive, only wearing white cloths, implying that this is a completely pure body, has not been stained by anything and has never had any life skills. Following after her, there are the dovish pigeons expressing a spirit of freedom and desire to live and a clever small fox which is ready to help her. It all seemed primitive and new for the young lady.

High above, the sky is clear and cloudless. It is a vast horizon which is full of hope for the Fool. It seems that the new world is ready to welcome her.

We can pay attention to the image of three monkeys under the stone. Monkeys are like the early primitive nature of humans, they always act instinctively and are always full of excitement. They embrace the heart, red rose, and butterfly. All of those things are beautiful and charming. It is either the motivation for the Fool to move forward or the trap of tempting and dangerous places.

The keywords of the Fool Shadowscapes Tarot: spontaneity, primitive, potential, new starting point, new opportunity, thrilling experience, major decisions, unexpected solutions, starting points, surprising situations, changing times, originals, open mind.

III. The Fool Shadowscapes Tarot in a spread

The Fool is tiptoeing on the cliff, preparing for a shot into space ahead. She just follows her instinct and the urging call in her heart with an absolutely free and boundless will. The planet corresponds to this card is Uranus – the planet of freedom, innovation, rebellion, and reform.

When we start a plan, go on a new road, or decide on new things, we often do not understand it yet or do not have the skills to deal with what happens unexpectedly throughout the journey. The thing awaits us ahead are always full of surprises and challenges, even temptations.

When the Fool Shadowscapes Tarot appears in every spread, it could show that you are starting an exciting and totally strange challenge for you at work, in a new project, a difficult subject or a new relationship. It also shows your recklessness. You can have two paths, either rush into an unknown place stupidly and receive bad things – it will be a life experience for you or you will start the adventure with carefree spirit and beliefs. The inner potentials will guide you in the future and opens up unlimited possibilities for those who find their way.

The Fool Shadowscapes Tarot predicts challenges that appear right in the opportunity that life brings. This card does not make sure that what you get will lead to success or failure, it is merely a premonition at that time you have to take major steps in your life. Besides, it also implies your fears in daily life, the card gives you the will to cope with the challenge.

If you are hesitant or indecisive when making choices, this card will motivate you to act consciously. Stepping forward, either to reach a potential land or to fall to the abyss. But you are not afraid of anything! You dare to think and dare to do! Just remember to slow down a bit to be more careful in every step, you will achieve the results that you are always looking forward to.

IV. More The Fool Cards from Famous Tarot Decks

1. The Fool Rider Waite

The Fool Rider Waite is always the one who points out new things, just like the purity and openness of a child. This card is generally considered a positive card, with the prediction that taking the time to make sure you are “looking where you are going” is very important.

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2. The Fool Thoth

the fool thoth

The Fool Thoth is an undisclosed condition, either primitive or a state before the beginning of time. He shows that we are entering a new field of life which is full of surprise and has no clear expectations, and we often even unaware of it.

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