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I. Background of the Fool Thoth Tarot card

Curious, interested in experimentation, looking for a change.
Planning in life (a new round in the circle of eternity).
The Light
The positive disintegration of structures and confinement, altruistic idealism, infinite imagination, perception of the universe.
The Shadow
The negative disintegration of structures and imperative, ambiguous in goals, illusory fantasies, childish, irresponsible.
No bias, strange openness.

1. Symbol of the Fool Thoth Tarot

When looking at this card, we can see a monstrous green character wrapped by four spirals, divided into four circles (on the mental level). Different symbols can be seen on the colorful rainbow strips. The green Fool (Bacchus – the Roman God of wine, Dionysus – the god of the grape-harvest, April Fool) takes up all the space with the tips of his shoes pointing out. It shows he does not interact directly with the earth.

Bacchus - the Roman God of wine

Bacchus – the Roman God of wine

At first glance, he seems to hold the sky with his arms outstretched and raised high (the four corners of the Fool Thoth Tarot card represent endless space). His lustful expression was exalted with a pair of horns on his head, and in the middle, there is a cone diamond rising and touching the top of the pyramid of light around him. His fierce gaze glides over the observer (we cannot see the Fool’s eyes because his vision shaft shifts to one side). He is holding an inverted chalice in his right hand and a burning pine cone with sparks forming an arc in his left hand.

A bunch of grapes falls on his left shoulder, below which are coins with astrological symbols pouring down like the rain. There is the shape of an uncanny flower between his thighs; and in the middle of a human figure, at the center of reproductive energy, the sun is exposing.

2. The beginning of the Fool Thoth tarot

The trump card 0, the Fool Thoth Tarot, symbolizes a new phase of life that is gradually emerging from the mist of the subconscious, entering the realm of plans waiting to be made. The Fool is just a seed foreseeing the image of a perfect flower living inside it because this corresponds to the goal of the creative arrangement within but still needs some time to let the finished product be sprouted. He not only appears at the beginning but also at the end of an old cycle of creation. We can see how the causes of the past reflect in the results of the future because they are already in the form of the future that can occur in the vibe of its karma. This is the same as the physical gene of the parent tree telling the subsidiary branch the way it will bloom someday.

II. Analyze and describe the Fool Thoth Tarot

1. Character (crazy man)

a. Fool

The Fool, the character that occupies the entire space, not standing on the ground but hanging in the air, is a symbol of the loss of goal or lack of direction. Incidentally, a path is always available at his feet, and the goal is the direction of unintended movement. The Fool Thoth Tarot represents the unintentional without a firm stance. So, he did not stand on the ground, but the sole of his shoe turned towards the observer as if saying: nothing is the goal!

b. The stare

His gaze that glides through everything is an expression of a state of not looking. In the curse of this look, the Fool is experiencing himself beyond all forms of space and time of thought. He becomes accustomed to his deep inner existence, which cannot be understood by words and carrying within it the possibilities that have not yet formed.

c. The head

He has horns on his head and a crystal pyramid of light in the middle of the horns. The horns symbolize the desire for a life without enlightenment. It is also the desire to find a connection with the universe that is expressed in the form of the crystal pyramid of light. However, the Fool Thoth Tarot could only express this desire through ego and he could only get the manna from heaven in nowhere or in a suspended state. The territory of the Gods, which goes beyond all visualizations and concepts, rises inside the pyramid behind him.

d. The hand

The inverted chalice (water) in his right hand and the fire in his left hand are symbols of alchemy. The alchemist’s highest goal is to transform the basic into something more advanced through the connection of things that seem completely opposed.

2. Background (Elements)

a. Fire

The scene is set up (incomplete) by the collision between water and fire. The fire surrounding the green character (the Fool Thoth Tarot) is bigger than life when it emerges from space. They focus on a radiant sun in the sexual center of the April Goddess.

b. Water

The water that flows from above descends on the lower boundary forming the Water of Life (the Nile river with the lotuses), from which original prototype instincts are crawling (crocodile). Only when the mind merges with the soul (the highest level of the Fool) will people no longer need physical partners. Now, he or she had directly participated in the original source with all its life, found in the gesture of undying love. The glowing rose from the deepest level (in the crocodile) symbolizes this.

3. Foreground (Spiral shape)

a. The first spiral (a bunch of grapes)

The first heart-shaped circle shows the desire for inclusion and to break all limits. The stem of the grape bunch reaches out that circle (around the Fool Thoth Tarot neck). This corresponds to the ecstasy (the grape symbolizing drunkenness) is flowing into eternity, and the desire is flowing into the cycles of development and decay in the context of immortality.

b. The second spiral (pigeon, butterfly, two snakes wrapping around each other)

The second circle represents a level in which our logical thinking is no longer valid. This area represents the cycle of life and death. In an old-fashioned way, a dove embodies the spirit of fertility and a vulture is a virgin mating with the east wind. Butterflies show the need for development (from pupae to butterflies). It symbolizes the immortal soul that leaves the body and then reincarnates. The snake-shaped stick, which is called caduceus, represents the power of rising, receding or appearing and then disappearing: the snakes of life and death in eternity. The Egyptian sun symbol lurks in the wings at the top of the stick.

c. The third spiral (babies, flowers, sun)

At this level, we can see two babies wrapped around each other creating a physical bridge on the whirlpool of eternity. This is equivalent to expressing eternity in time and space. Above them (between the legs of the Fool Thoth Tarot), there is an exotic flower with 3 maces, symbolizing the transfer of energy of existence (babies) to the creative realm of emergence (the sun in the middle of the card representing the genital organ of the Fool).

The sequence of babies/flowers/sun must correspond to what the esoteric called the desire to have the light of the universe or the divine. Physicists call it an electromagnetic vibration region while the psychoanalysis considers sexuality. This trio shows the desire to integrate with eternity, which corresponds to Cupid or kundalini energy in Yoga, leading to the conception of nature.

d. The fourth spiral (crocodile, tiger)

This circle represents the brilliant light on the boundary of appearance, where the collective images of the past dream about their future before entering the new era. It corresponds to the creative will that until then has not been intended.

The crocodile from the deepest level reflects original instincts or primitive circles, which connect to our nervous system through the brain. This is equivalent to a child’s instinctive reaction to show a connection to the original forms of life through emotional greed – its instincts. The tiger is a symbol of instinctive aggression that once protected the survival of primitive human beings, but was later repressed into the roots of fears in our subconscious mind as something that is not accepted by society.

III. Interpretation of the Fool Thoth Tarot

1. Background of the Fool Thoth Tarot (cycle of creation)

The Fool is the symbol of the first creative urge, initiated by Lord’s soul. He symbolizes the rotating disk in the sacred arrangement of creation: on the one hand, the Fool embodies nowhere on the boundary of appearance; on the other hand, it was completely the result of the appearance of something that belonged to him, which caused him to return to paradise. He is the thought of God emerging from nothingness, where he must return; and so, we face an eternal question concerning the ultimate importance from the beginning: why does something have to appear only to identify itself, then disappear, and then renew from itself?

To the Fool Thoth Tarot, it is not only the beginning that must come but also the end that will have to go through to become new again. At the end of each cycle, the universe dissolves into the forgetfulness of the Fool. Until then, he still has no personal plans, and within himself, he represents the authority of the first emptiness before it merges into a new development spiral.

2. Overview of the Fool Thoth Tarot

So, the Fool Thoth is an undisclosed condition, either primitive or a state before the beginning of time. He shows that we are entering a new field of life which is full of surprise and has no clear expectations, and we often even unaware of it. We have the opportunity to start over, and this opportunity can be fulfilled in all areas of life.

From the psychological perspective, the Fool represents the inner urge to explode into an unknown; therefore, he follows the desires of his soul, which at the same time, carry the incomprehensible thing as a starting point as well as the final direction of entering a new cycle of life. The Fool’s impartiality corresponds to the trust of the soul of a child who still remembers the laws of the Universe and still does not understand the rational explanation of the world.

3. Awareness

In the field of awareness, the Fool Thoth Tarot embodies the surprise that, according to Plato, is the beginning of all knowledge. He is in the beginning and in nowhere his whole being is still filled with the experiences of the Universe, but the rational basis of the material world along with its functional behavior is ignored. His conscious experience is influenced by dreams and fantasy world because the connection with the mysteries still dominates.

Although the Fool’s intelligence represents the maturest, that does not mean that all of them are mature. This character stands before the starting line of a journey that will lead him back to himself at the end of the path. But in this journey, he will have to experience reality and will become more mature to return to his childhood. Even if instinctively we feel that the goal lies right on the way there, there is no shortcut to help us get rid of the difficult pathways.

4. Career

Occupationally, this card means that we enter a new field of experience and open ourselves to an opportunity to welcome the unknown. The situations involved in life can be either destructive or creative, or both at the same time.

The Fool Thoth Tarot always represents refreshing experiences. Even though these experiences are chaotic, they do not mean real dangers. This card’s deeper meaning is found in the insight of things that the usual concepts of safety and success are just the misleading promise. Also, the splendor has faded, which never gives us the key to open the door to success and contentment.

5. Relationship

In the field of personal relationship, the Fool Thoth Tarot primarily shows his happiness and passion because of the factors of intrigue, conspiracy, and socialism that do not penetrate this card. The quality of the Fool is expressed in feelings that are flowing spontaneously and in the openness of the heart. This not only expands the space of the inner experience but also brings a moment of joy.

Although it may represent irresponsibility and impartiality that leads to lack of trust, the Fool often shows that we live in a lively, exhilarating and uncomplicated community. Here, we face each other without reservation, always ready for a new discovery about another person, experience and learn to love him with many aspects of him. In terms of events, this card can represent the new beginning of a renewed relationship or a step that creates excitement in an existing relationship, such as conception.

IV. More The Fool Cards from Famous Tarot Decks

1. The Fool Rider Waite

the fool

The Fool Rider Waite: As the card number 0, the Fool starts the Major Arcana, but it is a bit isolated from the other cards. In the Middle Ages, clowns were the one who did not follow the rules like the other. He can observe and then make people laugh.

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2. The Fool Osho Zen

The Fool osho zen tarot will always believe in others profoundly in spite of any challenges. You had tricked him once, he trusted you; and you tricked him twice, he still believed in you. Even though you keep cheating on him continuously.

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