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Destruction of shape, nullification, and variation of values.
In fact, enlightenment in awareness is struck like a lightning stream and destroying lies and rigid thoughts.
The Light
Overcome ourselves (for the soul to be free).
The Shadow
Blind destruction.
Breaking the outer coating, experiencing the pain to produce new things. (every ending is a new start!).

I. Background of the Tower Thoth Tarot card

1. The Tower Thoth Tarot Card

The Tower Thoth Tarot symbolizes the rigidity and hard shell of the human soul, or a consciousness stuck in rigid thoughts; whereas lightning and fire are the embodiment of the explosive power that breaks the boundaries or old standards. Human figures fall from the tower in the geometric form (uniform), showing the state of being paralyzed by external pressure to reach the result. Horus’s eyes light up on everything, corresponding to Shiva’s eyes that if it opened, the universe would be destroyed. There is a white dove clad in olive trees facing the lion and the snake – an ancient Gnostic and Egyptian symbol of protection that against evil. Any collapse can prove it useful once the destruction is accepted as an opportunity to innovate.

2. Graphic design

The Tower of art is undoubtedly the most interesting card of the deck, even if at first, it makes the observer uncomfortable because of its chaos. Here, the demolition process is not only described but it is also expressed in the destructive power of the painting itself. The card has a disproportionate effect through a mix of different styles: the lowest part of the card has a description style, the middle part is stereoscopic, the top part is symbolic. In other Tarot decks, the representative of the Tower are always the most attractive, but there are no other cards in which destruction can illustrate the crux of the problem so appropriately.

II. Analyze and describe the Tower Thoth Tarot

Analyze and describe the Tower Thoth Tarot

1. Motif (destruction)

a. The tower

The Tower Thoth Tarot card is a perfect example of rigid safety, refusing to search for transcendent and shocking thoughts, but only seeking material in the promise of safety, according to which ideas strive, hopes and desires reduced to a level that was just enough to do and wear away. It is a symbol of an inappropriate effort to control the unpredictable nature of fate, to ensure and protect oneself through structures. However, the price to pay for that wall is that we continue to be prisoners of our concepts and constantly worry about our safety.

b. The flames

If the Tower Thoth Tarot represents the order and structure of life, the gigantic mouth that is fire-breathing is the embodiment of the creative dynamism of throwing away what is existing: at the bottom of the card, thus, showing the destruction of the old Aeon with lightning, fire, the motive of war. In the right corner of the card is Dis’s pair of jaws, fire-breathing at the root of the structure (Crowley). Dis Pater (Rich father) is a Roman God of the underworld and of wealth, corresponding to the Greek God Pluto. Within the soul, this giant mouth is not outside the tower but in it.

When we accept the structures of the tower that people use to “protect” themselves from their own development, it is clear that the Tower is a prison that people impose on themselves, created not only by the struggle for physical safety but also for our isolation through fear of being hurt. Only by breaking this structure, an experience like a danger, can we open up the hidden wealth (Pluto, Di Pater) that we had never been realized before because of the great fear of life.

c. The walls collapsed

The Tower Thoth Tarot symbolizes the useless effort to interrupt the constant changes and the necessary transformation of all things. Because of this procrastination, the forces that pushed for change exploded. The collapsing walls signify the fulfillment of natural laws and the end of the belief that a person finds intentionally, as well as ending security through physical attachment.

d. Human figures are falling

The separation from the outside world, and thus, also separates from the brilliance and variety of life, is too sudden and impenetrable. Its result is that the souls locked in hardened bodies that have been distorted into forms that are no longer human. Disaster has always provided an opportunity for the new to begin when the pressures accumulated within the eruption can lead to liberation and development. However, if a person does not accept destruction as an opportunity to innovate, their experience may be like dissipation, paralysis, and disintegration.

2. The Eye of God (symbols)

a. The eye of God

When looking at the Tower Thoth Tarot card, we see a very complex frame of inconsistencies, perspectives, and discrete views. In the upper edge of the card, we recognize Horus’s eyes, which explains why this card is also called “The Eye of God.” This eye shines over the picture, and the best way to approach the card is to imagine the chains of events that being cut off (a stance that is hidden behind the card) into the whole. The eyes represent independence in the observation of creation, seeing it in the way of looking and creating it in a creative way because only through this recognition is consciousness established and therefore, is a prerequisite for the inner eye to make the outside.

b. Dove

The dove is always connected to the Goddess of Love: Ianna, Astarte, Semiramis, Aphrodite, and Isis. The value of the symbol is probably mainly in the sexual lust attributed to women, doves and sensual Goddesses of Love. There is evidence that the easy-going women in Babylon were formerly called “little doves”. Because Venus is also the Goddess of peace, Doves are increasingly becoming symbols of peace – an image that does not fit very well with its nature. In many drawings, the branch of the tree in its mouth symbolizes the child of the Mother Goddess, for her beloved son, or just represents a new life in general.

c. The pair of Lion – Snake

On the other side, we see the pair of Lions – Snake Abraxxa or Xnoubis (Khnoumis). It corresponds to a Gnostic-Manichean concept, which combines both aspects of darkness and light in the image of God. The Manichean first believed that the world was created by mixing the Lord and the Devil (God gave people the soul, and the Devil gave them bodies, etc).

Khnoumis, originating from the primitive God of Egypt, or Father God, the Kematef snake, makes a combination inside it: a bright face in the form of a lion and a sun with a dark face in the form of a snake and a moon. Abraxas is another name for this Lion-Snake pair, known as a mysterious source from the oldest Persian, combining its inner energy of seven planets (corresponding to the seven letters in its name and appearing under 365 expressions).

In the Greek alphabet, this is equivalent to the numerical value of the letters of the number 365, and therefore, also the calendar days of the year. This value itself comes from the Hebrew “Arba K’se” which means “four thrones” and therefore, indicates four animals in Ezekiel’s view. They are combined to create the image of God that corresponds to Aion – God of Art and wise spirit in Gnostic view. It is thought that the word “Abracadabra” comes from the name Abraxas.

d. New Age

On the Tower Thoth Tarot card, Lion-Snake pair shows the consolidation effect of two bright and dark poles creating volatility. The protective nature of symbols is a manifestation of a trend that is likely to become popular, and it is also represented by a dove, with an olive branch in its mouth, declaring the flood has ended and a new beginning is coming. At the same time, in relation to Abraxas and Aion, there is an implication that a new age is being opened through the complete collapse of values, structures, and the old things as they should be (“Aeon” XX).

3. Note about the House of God

In ancient esoteric customs, we read that sacred illumination – when it comes – is like a stream of lightning, destroying all illusions in a single light, as well as the enlightenment of Buddha and Prophet Mohammed, St. Paul’s conversion to Christianity through Lord’s gaze, or during the Feast of the Tranquility poured down from the Holy Spirit. In another form, this iconic content is reflected in the image of Prometheus, who destroyed the old order by lighting the torch on the path of the sun on Mount Olympus, through it, steals fire from the gods and brings it down to mankind.

III. Interpretation of the Tower Thoth Tarot

1. Background of the Tower Thoth Tarot (purpose of destruction)

Lightning and fire are external signs of internal intentions to break the armor when it is time for it. The Tower Thoth Tarot, which seems to be the place to protect when we believe that every threat is in the outside world, is no longer necessary as soon as we realize the problems are inside the tower. This has turned the walls that connect the outside image of the world in our imaginations into enemies, preventing our inner development.

Now, the mission is to overcome the guard of the Tower. However, because every practical point of view and reasoning is interlinked, which means to make the sequence of normal events reversed. We have to cope with spiritual upheaval as if walking on a rope without a secured net, only with a firm belief in our inner growth. It is not evil, but a necessary development, when the change under the mask of destruction is on our path.

2. Overview of the Tower Thoth Tarot

The Tower Thoth Tarot shows that the field in which we still think is safe and has built the surrounding wall suddenly fluctuates. The tower, which represents the value of old and outdated concepts, will collapse, and with it, our vision of the world is now too small. Since then, the beliefs and principles of our lives can also fall, as well as our thoughts on professional, financial, and emotional safety. It is what once gave us a comfortable sense of security, is now only a ruined citadel, preventing us from coming to receive a new perspective on the world.

In everyday life, this involves rapid successful experiences, making old conceptions broken. From the perspective of realistic thoughts, such sudden changes are considered disasters. However, it may be more useful if we understand that it is the price to pay for the inability to give up existing things. It is presented as in the I Ching: “The storm with lightning overcomes the disturbing tension in nature”.

3. Awareness

This Tower Thoth Tarot card represents sudden, somewhat painful perceptions, which have made our concepts, beliefs, perhaps even all of our visualizations of the world have formed firmly before become shaken or turn upside down. However, if we believe that forward-looking elements cannot be destroyed, we can also accept the breakthrough that collapses things and opens new forms of life. So, through loss and pain, we make room for something new in areas beyond the fear that we still hid behind old discarded things until now.

4. Career

In terms of career experience, the Tower Thoth Tarot card shows that we are freed from circumstances are already too cramped for us, through a sudden termination notice, through the disintegration of a company, or through the breakdown of photos of fixed expectations. The things that we accidentally lose is the result of this: those outbreaks at the same time liberate us from the rigid familiar circumstances that are too much to bear. As soon as we liberate ourselves from the wreckage and finally when “dust has settled,” we can breathe a sigh of relief that we have escaped from prison, even if it is a familiar place.

5. Relationship

In terms of personal relationships, here are the big changes that are waiting for us: the fluctuations that make the conclusions and concepts that have solidly formed before start to waver. It may be that emotional breakdown is available but repressed many times. The Tower Thoth Tarot shows the radical change that occurs when we try to hold or hold on to a relationship with the wrong effort, eventually becoming a prison. In any case, this card represents the breakdown of deadlocked circumstances and rigid structures, showing a breakthrough for a new and more liberal form of life, something that comes from the old relationship’s rubble or may lead to a new experience.

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