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The Instinct
To search for the mysterious truth.
Knowledge and understanding are the independent experiences of science and dogma religious.
The Light
To find the meanings, truth, and discover.
The Shadow
Ungenerous, esoteric, arrogant.
Belief, trust, illumination (lead to salvation).

I. Background of the Hierophant Thoth Tarot

There are many triangles that are intertwined in the middle of the Hierophant Thoth Tarot, we can call them the aggregated cells, creating a maze of space and time on the surface of the card. Crowley called it the beginning of a newly born Chronicle: the god Horus (see the card XX). The complex morphological forms surrounding Hierophant are pentagonal and pentagrams, symbolizing the essence and the discovery of meaning. As part of differences dimension and time, the flame of desire in the pattern of suppressed consciousness, or in a state where emotions cannot be touched, the shadow Goddess stands at the foot. Immersed into the light at a brighter angle of the card, she is the Great Mother, who never abandons her child. Crowley himself linked Hierophant with brutal qualities and copied the Devil’s image, who had defiled the image of the Father.

As part of differences dimension and time, the flame of desire in the pattern of suppressed consciousness, or in a state where emotions cannot be touched, the shadow Goddess stands at the foot. Immersed into the light at a brighter angle of the card, she is the Great Mother, who never abandons her child. Crowley himself linked Hierophant with brutal qualities and copied the Devil’s image, who had defiled the image of the Father.

There is a panorama of the pattern around the priest character (the cow, the elephant, and the symbol of the four miniatures). In the ” salvation serpent” (kundalini), closed with nine nails around the head like a holy ring, we can see the mind and spirit which is rolling around his head with pleasure feelings but also shows the high heaven and the presence of the gods at the tip of the dove. Crowley writes: The symbolic image of the snake and the dove refers to this verse in the “Book of the Law” – chapter 1, verse 57: “Where there are love and passion. There are doves and snakes. ”

II. Analyze And Describe The Hierophant Thoth Tarot

Analyze And Describe The Hierophant Thoth Tarot

1. The shape (The Metropolitan)

a. The Hierophant Thoth Tarot (pentagram)

The Hierophant Thoth Tarot represents the world of faith and a deep belief in life comes from the certainty faith. To find the hidden meanings is his deep motivation, the strong belief in being a part of the higher level was developed from his knowledge. This is reflected in the upward five-pointed star, the symbol of humanity. He hid the Pentagon in which another five-pointed star was inside. This image can expand or shrink forever without losing its structure or balance. Thus, it is a symbol of the law of correlation “macro = micro”, and symbolizes the harmonious integration of people in the universe.

The largest Pentagon is filled by Hierophant, he understands the fifth element through the largest possible prism.

b. The priest’s stick (three epochs)

The three circles at the tail of the stick, which is the key-shaped, is the combination of the past, present, and future harmoniously. The Hierophant Thoth Tarot shows the representative of the three corresponding eras respectively, Crowley wrote:

The small form of the green goddess representing the era of Isis for a long time, Hierophant embodies the Osiris era which is including the past 2000 years and ending hours, and the child Horus in the middle shows the age The original Horus, is about to be born. The essential for innovation is reflected in Hierophant’s face but it is empty and lifeless, and the four little angels flying around him. They represent the old beliefs that have condensed into the lack of vitality in his own faith since the power of the new in the child is reflected in the hidden pentagram.

c. The Devil Horn (evil submitters)

The sealed part of the doctrine is shown in the priest’s left hand, he threatens those who do not deserve the two extended fingers that form the devil’s horns. Through that action, he protected them from exposure when they were not strong enough to receive. This is the reason why we can also recognize the “advocatus diaboli” (the evil submitters) in Hierophant, misleading those who seek knowledge and perceptions through intellectual symbols and characters. When religious and mythical knowledge and symbols are analyzed wisely based on the method “this is nothing more than …”, life will escape from them and they will become barren like the temple was broken and put into the museum.

2. The aura on the head (human depravity)

a. Serpent

The windows, the serpent and the dove around Hierophant’s head allude to the story of the Fall of Man on his way. The role of the snake is known after Adam blamed Eve, she dumped it on the snake, who still carries it with her so far. It was then that we were informed, from the years of wandering the desert, that the snake not only had the power of killing but also could save people – although looking at it, we saw the image of the sinner. It is just as the impudent snake was hung by Moses on the cross, the snake was hung on nine Hierophant’s nails (which is the number of the moon representing wisdom, the main element of the feminine).

b. Doves

The dove is known as the symbol of the Divine Soul, so we easily forget that it also carries the female gender in Hebrew. It is the power that goes through the water and contains the feminine potential of creation within it. In neighboring religions, doves are symbols of Aruru, Ishtar, Astarte, Aphrodite, or any supreme Goddess identified with Venus, and those who resemble Eve, bearing the title “mother of lives”. Her Roman name is Juno, meaning dove. She was portrayed as a dove with a branch in the beak. It is symbolized her newborn and a promised child, who would free mankind from sin.

3. The window (interwoven pentagons)

a. The Pentangle (the entire cross-section)

With the snake and the dove, Eve has two people involved in the Fall of Human. We will meet them again in the XVI card – Tower. The forbidden fruit itself (traditionally an apple) is hidden behind the window. Apple fruit is a symbol of Venus. If you cut the apple horizontally, the apple core will form a five-pointed star, also a symbol of Venus. Every eight years, Venus will transport between the Earth and the Sun for five times. These five points are identified as a pentagram, drawn by Venus on the zodiac.

The two halves of the apple were drawn on the window to reflect the two sides of Venus: known as Hesperus and phosphorus, grow and dive, the joy and affliction of Venus, the charming woman and “Belle Dame sans Merci” (cruel beauty). According to Robert Graves, a famous mythologist, the apple is a gift (in the matriarchy era) that the nun and ruler of the apple forest (Avalon), used to tempt the king to catastrophic death at the end of his reign by love songs.

The apple is the symbol of death (at least half the apple that Snow White had eaten), but it is also the statue of immortality and eternity because of its round shape. With the same sign, it is also a powerful feminine symbol to create life, but in the end, it regains that life (Mother Earth). These two extremes are reflected in Eve: with her dark side (snake), she is the one who brings death to humanity; with her bright face (dove), she brings the savior to the world. As biting the apple, mankind knows the difference between good and evil. Accurately, this quality is expressed through Hierophant. However, the secret message of this card is that the promised Savior was born. That is Venus’s green child, appearing in the middle of the card, is the Horus child. Knowing this birth was one of the secrets that ancient mysteries opened up to humanity. Hippolytus, one of the few who broke the oath of secrecy said:

When the Hierophant Thoth Tarot himself performed great mysteries at night in Eleusis, a huge fire beneath, he shouted and left echoes: the ruler (female) gave birth to a child of the Gods, Brimo the Brimos (power of strength).

b. The outside pentagon  (Hierophant)

The Hierophant stands in a large pentagon with a spherical angle, surrounded by ancient power symbols (bull and elephant). The pentagram is protecting him out of the threaten magical powers outside, which cannot penetrate it.

c. The middle pentagon ( The Green Venus)

The pentagonal shape has a spherical corner in the middle, which is nested in the direction of an upside-down mirror inside a large pentagon and illuminates the mysterious woman’s face, who is holding a sharp sword in her right hand vertically, symbolizing for the Great Mother, who castrated her son. “GreenVenus” is the Emperor’s restrained femininity (see page 41, “Darkness”), and is now present in Hierophant. Once again she is Hierophant’s greatest, but also the most difficult, task because between opening Venus legs is  “wounds” that taught him, without suffering and the acceptance of a person’s incompleteness, it only exists secrets and knowledge without the empathy and wisdom.

d. The inside pentagon (the Horus child)

In the middle of interwoven pentagon shapes, in the middle of Hierophant’s chest, it portrayed Horus the divine child. It symbolizes a new source of strength formed with the Great Mother. This new person formed himself through a continuous process of alchemy so something could probably be created from that platform. Horus wholeheartedly lays in the five-pointed of the Pentagon of a larger five-pointed star, which symbolizes how the smallest things affect the greatest things – and contrast.

3. Surrounding things(the extra symbols)

 Four Little Angels

At the four corners of the Hierophant Thoth Tarot card, there are four angels, representing four elements, symbolizing eternal creation. They are those winged children, carry the throne of the Gods and guard the heavens. They correspond to the four zodiac signs appearing in four main spots in the sky in the bible-mythical era of Taurus (from 3275-1325 BC): the spring equinox – Taurus, the summer solstice – Leo, the autumn manure – Scorpion (eagle), the winter solstice – Aquarius (human).

However, they were always an overview symbol of all four things, it was only drawn into masks, and showed the martial art of rigid religions from the Osiris era. Only until the last card (XXI – The Universe) will they appear again and be filled with pure vitality from the Horus era.

II. The explanation of The Hierophant Thoth Tarot

1. Context (Horus child)

The Hierophant Thoth Tarot describes the birth of the divine baby Horus. It denotes the process of finding the consciousness of mankind (the symbol of a human reflects on the child itself, it is the path which the child must face and the world). It not only embodies the connection between ideas and reality but also a moment of transitional time so that we can see “the past is the future of the present”, unfolded in “the five-pointed star inside the Pentagon, which is included another larger pentagram”. At a deeper level, Horus is also a symbol to initially create from the end, and the ending will germinate from the beginning: a symbol of eternity.

2. Overview of the Hierophant Thoth Tarot

Hierophant represents the world of faith and profound beliefs that emerged from certain beliefs. He searches for hidden meanings and teaches us how to discover higher purposes that we can recognize in everything while striving for materiality.

3. Awareness

At a conscious level, the Hierophant Thoth Tarot shows that we are always busy finding meaning and exploring our principles of belief, values. According to that action, we gradually lose interest in objective results. In contrast, Hierophant accurately embodies our highest level of personal experience, which exceeds the general ability to verify without losing the meaning or accuracy. This is a matter of finding a higher ego, as a strong judgment, that we can strive to live harmoniously.

4. Career

In the field of work, the Hierophant Thoth Tarot means that we are struggling with questions about the meaning that is already out of the typical daily topics of assurance, success, income, and recognition. Hierophant represents the search for deeper things, completed tasks, and real calling. Thus, he happily accepted the tasks involved in expanding one’s consciousness and seeking one’s ego. Moreover, he can also be a challenge for us to be careful with the content and ways of our work, and harmoniously, we need to maintain the moral rules and self-conscience.

5. Relationship

In personal relationships, the Hierophant Thoth Tarot shows that we will find ourselves in the time when we develop mutual feelings and beliefs, in which moral values, as well as personal strengths, will become definitive with the behavior of our colleagues. Then, we know the profound purpose of love and realize the power that drives us to divine experiences.

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