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Emotional (emotional attachment and profound closeness).
Emotional desire and creative capacity (balanced and harmonious due to the search for inner strength).
The Light
Causal rooting, emotional power (sensuality).
The Shadow
Emotional confinement (childhood) or escape from reality.
Inner is the source of emotional power.
Analyze and describe 6 of Cups Thoth Tarot

Pleasure – The water flow of enjoying life and inner harmony.

I. Analyze and describe 6 of Cups Thoth Tarot

The picture on the card shows us that the flowers form a strange shape with six blooming lotus flowers (Crowley speaks of dance), each one curling around a cup’s mouth. In this magnificent curved shape, we see the movement of the winged butterfly towards the sunlight. This is a new life sprouting from decay. This feeling is not as depicted as in 3 of Cups or 9 of Cups Thoth card because the cups are not full of water; but in contrast to the previous card (5 of Cups Thoth card), the water flow has moved again, where the balance has been restored.

II. Interpretation of 6 of Cups Thoth Tarot

1. Energy

The card shows the life cycles and changes in the world are endless as the depth of unconsciousness. This is the flow of the water of life, illuminated by the sun, releasing energy within it.

2. Inner

The card is more than a description of sexual fullness (pleasure): it represents a feminine archetypal encounter. This “standard mother” is what Faust sought and what Goethe said, “the eternal feminine leads us forward”. The light that (the Sun) shines on the unfathomable water flow (Scorpion) is an old symbol of the result of unconsciousness, at which the inner stream flows.

This refers not only to the conception of a child (3 of Cups Thoth card) but also a general sense of luminescent sexual energy through femininity. It attracts everything that is masculine to the source (sexual desire), within its flow of creative ideas are formed and never dried up.

3. Career

The card represents cheerful creative stages and deep gratifying experiences. It may show that we enjoy the mission, or it predicts a good time ahead. A necessary change in daily work or in career goals for profound truths may be a prerequisite for this to happen.

4. Sentiment

The card refers to fullness, joy, and satisfaction. It is not surprising that it also means sensual pleasure, but the inner-related experience is more important to be able to achieve deep feelings of safety, true happiness, and sincere gratitude. After many periods of intense conflict, the card represents a great opportunity for change and a real start.

III. Similar correlations of 6 of Cups Thoth Tarot

  • Astrology – Sun in Scorpion.
  • Tree of life – Tiphareth (midpoint) through water: inner.
  • I Ching – 11th hexagram (Tài) – “Peaceful”; 42th hexagram (Yì) – “Growth”.
  • Similar objects – The Golden Age was an archaic condition of paradise.
  • Image – The Venus Goddess is the symbol of the mother’s womb or the unfathomable well of the Moon Goddess (Mother Hulda) who leads into the world of dreams.
  • Keywords – Joy, fullness, and emotional innovation (also means desire, memory, and nostalgia).

IV. 6 of Cups Thoth Tarot symbolism

  • 10 lotus stems on bottom of card = Malkuth 10th Sephiroth =  grounding realizations.
  • Snakes in cup = transformation/regeneration under Scorpio; feeling revived and renewed. As a snake sheds its skin so we have moved away from that what has held us back and wounded us in the past.
  • Brass Cups = healing metal.
  • Grey color of the sea in background = After persevering through hard times, now things are gradually coming true.

V. 6 of Cups Thoth card in the upright and reverse

1. Upright 6 of Cups Thoth card

It refers to the joy of having a close and dear experience with one’s heart, something that means a great deal to that person after many difficulties (the sea in the background).

They have been or are undergoing a period of healing (brass cup) and transformation (snake).

The emphasis on this card is sexual so this is usually the basis of the divination’s meaning of this card, but it is not the uncontrollable energy we see in 7 cups. It may represent a complete relationship or desire to have a relationship that will improve both individuals. The sum of the whole is bigger than the individual parts that come to mind.

2. Reversed 6 of Cups Thoth card

Attracting the wrong people in relationships.

There is no connection with what close to your heart.

Being unable to express yourself sexually in a healthy way.

Holding the past so you cannot show yourself fully in the present (harmonious sex).

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