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Deep will, seeking harmony through mastery of reality.
Responsible, self-awareness, objectivity.
The Light
Balance, fairness, deep awareness, maximum objectivity as possible, rational decisions.
The Shadow
Self-righteousness, hypocritical.
Justice, law, structure.

I. Background of Adjustment Thoth Tarot card

1. Adjustment Thoth Tarot card

This is a picture of the most attractive and exaggerated harmony, opened from the center and gradually expanded into the surrounding space, complementing the image of the Fool and corresponding to the High Priestess. The Fool Thoth, who avoids the contradictions of reality and escapes himself into the deep subconscious world, is expressed as the opposite of card number VIII, Adjustment Thoth Tarot.

This card represents a fully controlled offset that helps maintain harmony through concentration. We see a young woman wearing a mask and standing with her toes. She was adorned with ostrich feathers of Maat – the Justice Goddess of Egypt – and the cane she used to balance her body was a magic sword which was placed between her thighs and facing the ground. When she did like that, her eyes were covered by a mask. This meant she could not see the outside world, but she drew herself a picture of the inner world. The internal calibration of the world is shown in the image of two giant scales, at which “Alpha” and “Omega” achieve perfect balance. Because these two scales are fastened to the deep crown of wisdom, we can see how the whole character is held up by the internal balance.

2. The harmony of the world

The Adjustment Thoth Tarot standing in the rhombus frame reflects the image of Lambdoma, that basic arrangement also reminiscent of the hypothetical Pythagorean theory or Abax. This pattern can be derived from the world of numbers as well as the world of musical notes. It is the symbol of the harmony of the world and the key to understanding the images of the souls and the myths hidden in them. Symmetrical lines (running along with the sword) represent solid sticks, also known as signs, as well as represent the spine of humans and the axis of the spine, the “spine” of the zodiac line and the universe of the human being.

II. Analyze and describe Adjustment Thoth Tarot

Analyze and describe Adjustment Thoth Tarot

1. Shape (Justitia)

a. Adjustment

The image of a self-balancing character is a mixture of three cards. At the Adjustment Thoth Tarot card, we can see the pure mind of the Fool immersing himself in the frame of the ruler, explaining the symmetrical arrangement of the card. However, since the card cannot be explained only by the ruler’s social justice perspective – it corresponds to the feminine rule that is in harmony with masculinity – it represents the balance of things. It is the inner creative emotions that rise from the depths, depicting the gentle expression of the enigmatic feminine wisdom expressed in the pristine symbol of the High Priestess Thoth.

b. Crown (vertical)

The scale was hung from her crown on the chains, called Chain of origin by Crowley. In the middle is the crown worn on the head of the Goddess, Crowley said that “she is so sensitive, that even one breath of the slightest thought can disturb it.” And he raised the notion that all actions, even the most discreet, evoke an echo that divine rules are responsible for, constantly being aware of having to keep the balance in the best way. If that is not the case – as a chaotic researcher has confirmed, the beating of the butterfly’s wings in Peking will cause storms on the West Coast of the United States.

c. Scale (horizontal)

Balance is a symbol of balancing internal and external forces. When Adjustment Thoth Tarot card describes the internal emotions that are seeking the inner clarity of its external expressions, then two scales represent the width of space and time or the beginning and end; in which the time axis is on the axis on which the sphere “moves” at the time axis.

d. Mask (lying on the eyes)

Justitia’s mask emphasized that she practiced justice without even looking at her status, appearance or any other tangible element. She did this to a more advanced level through direct attention inside and instinctively reacted to each impulse, so she maintained a harmonious order.

2. Center and Background of Adjustment Thoth Tarot

a. Rhombus

When we consider the masked woman expressing herself in the diagonal of the rhombus the symbol of the harmony of the Universe, then we can see her as mental tranquility (sword tip) that helps “balance” itself through its own balance. All matter is energy. Considering this light, the Adjustment Thoth Tarot is a symbol of great interaction between opposites, revolving around themselves and thus, creating space and time.

b. The tip of the sword

We can see a sword here – symbolic of action and strength, with the sword tip stuck to the ground (In the old Tarot cards, the sword is directed towards the sky, carrying characteristics of masculine reason which tends to separate everything, while feminine emotions attempt to connect extremes). This indicates an imbalance in the feminine element (the “linga” of the sword is planted on the “yoni” of the ground), and it not only achieves a harmonious balance in wise acts, through which also discovered the deepest layers of the subconscious.

c. Four and eight circles (throne)

In the background, we can see that the throne is made up of spheres and pyramids (there are four, denoting Law and Limits). They retain the equality that Adjustment Thoth Tarot is expressing, through a non-personal realm and in a framework where every activity takes place. So, Crowley wanted to reveal the nature that Sphinx exists within the card, where structures only achieve existence by supporting a framework on which they rely. Outside it, at the corner of the card, there are balanced spheres of light and darkness, and the rays that are constantly balanced from those spheres form a curtain. The mutual influence of those resources is synthesized and calibrated by her.

III. Interpretation of Adjustment Thoth Tarot

1. Background of Adjustment Thoth Tarot (Justice Goddess)

In Egyptian mythology, Maat is the Goddess of Justice, she is often represented by ostrich feathers. The hall of hell was named after her, and the heart of the dead is measured in comparison with her feather. If the heart is heavier, that person is committing a wrong thing. That heart has been devastated by demons. If it is lighter or heavy as a feather, the dead person will be saved and allowed to meet Osiris, the ruler of the Western Kingdom. This is the kingdom of the dead.

In Greek mythology, Maat divided herself into Nemesis and Themis. Of the two, Nemesis (Waite calls her Dike in his version) embodies divine justice and Themis will immediately enforce the punishment as soon as justice is violated. However, at the end of the Golden Age, the situation became worse, and they could not continue to maintain their jobs. So, they left the earth and turned into the Virgo Zodiac in the sky. Since then, divine justice no longer exists on the earth.

2. Overview of Adjustment Thoth Tarot

Adjustment Thoth Tarot card contains different topics. It represents objective and clear perception, consciousness, making judgments judiciously, immortality, balance, and fairness. It also shows that we will get what we deserve.

On a daily level, it tells us that we are facing results from our own actions, both good and bad. On a higher level, it means that this is the moment that we should turn our backs from outside actions and become clearer with our inner motivations, which is manifested by the sword pointing down. If we look at the “Fool” (Alpha) as a pure embodiment and the “Universe” (Omega) as the final panorama, “Adjustment” shows us the deep insight of our fate. And the prerequisite for gaining this insight is perception.

3. Awareness

Provided that we still believe that we are completely independent of the constituent molecules and atoms and do not see that it is our immortal body, and through it, we can observe matter (changing itself according to the perspective we used to evaluate it); we will not be responsible for our fate and lack the understanding of what is concealed as a balance based on karma behind the eternal flow. At that time, all assessments will depend on our personal experiences, so in the process of understanding something, we never perceive ourselves but always capture them selectively, according to their subjectivity. On the contrary, when we are willing to receive heartily all values, ourselves and even those we do not like to listen to, only then will we be able to experience something by its very nature.

At that time, all assessments will depend on our personal experiences, so in the process of understanding something, we never perceive ourselves but always capture them selectively, according to their subjectivity. On the contrary, when we are willing to receive heartily all values, ourselves and even those we do not like to listen to, only then will we be able to experience something by its very nature.

4. Career

In the field of career, the Adjustment Thoth Tarot implies that we are becoming more clear with our tasks and goals. Outside of this seriousness, even with our own self-criticism ideas, we will have a clear view of how we should develop ourselves. This may be a problem in finding an appropriate balance between work and rest time or having clear goals in our activities and the resources we should apply to our process. In any case, this card means that we will definitely reap what we have sown.

5. Relationship

In terms of love and colleagues, the Adjustment Thoth Tarot card mainly emphasizes the principle of fairness and balance. It represents the ideal of a relationship based on equality and fairness rules. However, it is not necessarily about rest and calmness, but also about rigid sides. Instead of deep feelings, this card emphasizes more on the balance of principles in relationships. This even shows an excessively perfect model for the relationship which is being controlled by reason, in which one person spoils the other too much.

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