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Protective instincts, emotional strength, the devotion of the mother.
The ideal standards of the family (safety, prosperity, affection).
The Light
Love, emotion (emotional platform).
The Shadow
The tendency to possess (bind others with excessive love).
Stability of emotion and emotional control (maternal love).
Analyze and describe 4 of Cups Thoth Tarot

Luxury – The flow of feminine maturity

I. Analyze and describe 4 of Cups Thoth Tarot

On the card, the energies have balanced themselves – as we see in the orderly balance of the cups – but at the same time, they also separate themselves from the water because the “water of life” no longer flows from two lower cups to the sea. The lotus grows from the water with four branches from which powerful crowns bloom. It symbolizes the condensation of 2 of Cups Thoth card that has gained achievement on this card, but to that extent, it also shows restraint since this stability eliminates the possibility of higher development. The sea was silent because the cycle had reached its end; however, the balance (still) is established through the stability of the cups.

II. Interpretation of 4 of Cups Thoth Tarot

1. Energy

The card describes the soul of the mother, representing the inner development foundation. Reproduction is in the process of self-improvement, and we find ourselves in the realm of physical form. This is a time of gentle unity, gentle care, and powerful transformation.

However, this is also a period of emotional possession (the child grows in the womb) because “the blockade of card 5” lurks in the “stability of card 4”, there is also the exhaustion of the origin of life. According to legend, Demeter (Mother Earth) threatened to destroy (causing the earth to dry up) if Persephone, her missing child, did not return (5 of Cups Thoth card).

2. Inner

The card shows our wishes for stable emotions, emotional safety, and risk-free love, which makes us live with a normal feeling, not with intense emotions. The tendency that the mind wants to intervene in the world of emotions in a controlled manner can demonstrate richness in some cases, but this attitude will often quickly lead to real empathy, making love fade away and causing inner emptiness.

3. Career

We have overcome the culmination of development. Happiness still makes us cheerful, but it must be acknowledged that this is truly a maximum enjoyment (using all old goods). If you do not want to become a slave of boredom, quickly develop new ideas and launch tasks and projects that bring us new challenges.

4. Sentiment

The card represents the family, despite its level of safety seems to be small. Its deeper meaning is perhaps that we should cherish inner peace, but at the same time, understand that satisfaction can be dangerous and therefore, new development processes are essential, although they bring insecurity. On the other hand, the water flow (emotion) will become dry.

III. Similar correlations of 4 of Cups Thoth

  • Astrology – Moon in the Cancer.
  • Tree of life – Chesed (crystallized) through water: the source of life through the symbol of reproduction.
  • I Ching – 8th hexagram (Bỉ) – “Combined”; 48th hexagram (Jǐng) – “The well”.
  • Similar objects – Great Mother.
  • Image – The spring which is full of passion, lush green grass, fruitful trees or a wheat field blooming on the banks of the water.
  • Keywords – Care, love, fullness, emotional stability.

IV. 4 of Cups Thoth Tarot symbolism

The main weakness of the card is that most of its main attributes are linked to the water:

Chesed = ruled by Jupiter (Zeus). Poseidon (Neptune) is his brother and the God of Sea (water).

Briah = associated with Hē of Tetragrammaton which represents the suitability of the cup and the water element.

Moon = control the tide.

Cancer = feminine and easy to receptive.

The square base on the lower cup = represents the stability of Chesed but as can be seen in this card, they lack a stable base and therefore, we have inherent instability in the card.

The dark background and agitated sea = there may be trouble.

Infinity Sign in the Sea = hidden between lotus stems = infinite potential in each of us.

There is no water from the lower cup = our joy is over and we are no longer satisfied in life. Everything is emotionally stagnating for us.

V. 4 of Cups Thoth card in the upright and reverse

1. Upright 4 of Cups Thoth card

Depression and dissatisfaction in life. Perhaps, we are too familiar with our environment.

The need to seek new goals and lack of motivation.

Search for material things for happiness.

Seek temporary pleasure as an escape for feelings of discontent (alcohol and drugs abuse in extreme cases).

The card is a reminder to recognize what we have and appreciate it when we are in the worst situation.

2. Reversed 4 of Cups Thoth card

Rejection of new opportunities

Long-term plans lack motivation and stay in comfort zone/depression.

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