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The unity of the universe (the symbiosis of Cupid and the spirituality).
The unity of the universe (the symbiosis of Cupid and the spirituality).
The Light
Solution for confinement, conclusions of karma (karma).
The shadow
The road to nowhere, the deceiving world of externality, endogenous depression.
Completed and returned home (the traveler in front of the throne of God).

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I. Background of the Universe Thoth Tarot card

1. The Universe Thoth card

In the center of the Universe Thoth card, we see a virgin God dancing with a snake in front of the background which is a paradise wheel that symbolizes the eternal coming and going, this image is just like a possible return of the sacred installation of creation. She is the Naked Goddess Eurynome that the Pelasgians say she danced with the Ophion snake right from the beginning and brought the egg to this world. Just as her dance constantly leads to new images that replace the image right in front of them and make it disappear, the whole life follows the continuous process of transformation.

The four angels at the four corners carry the opened vulva (female genitalia) of the universe – or Shiva’s Eye, when observing it from the perspective of the horizon – from where a new universe emerges, and it also ends with destruction again. The light shines on the snake which is equivalent to the eye that opens in the upper line of the circle. This last trump card shows us that the goal will have to end without being revived again.

2. At the end (end and start)

Because the end gives birth to the beginning, and the beginning will have to prepare for the precondition of the end, the Universe Thoth card is the purpose that was introduced by the Fool Thoth as a mental arrangement. Let’s imagine the flower that has been used as an example for the Fool: through our spatial and temporal perspective, the seedlings and flowers that exist one after another, which means the flowers grow from the seedlings but mentally, they exist at the same time. In other words, how can the seedling know when and how it blooms if it does not carry within the “flower experience”?

About the seedling itself, it is absolutely not the beginning, but rather the fruit of the previous flower. In the same way, the “Fool” knew that the “Universe” lived inside him because it corresponded to the inner purpose, however, he still needed a time measure to depart from within himself on the way to the destination.

II. Analyze and describe the Universe Thoth Tarot

Analyze and describe the Universe Thoth Tarot

1. Motif (Universe is dancing)

a. Virgin

In the center of the Universe Thoth card, we see an erotic theme: the virgin Goddess (Eve) is reconciling with the sinful serpent in a dance. The road from the Fool was completed in her place to finally open a new path, and so the question of its meaning proved inappropriate. The meaning lies within it, in liberation from meaning because the path is the goal. This is the paradox of all beginnings, and it appears in this card with a virgin, who combines herself and the universe together in a dance. When we recognize the eye as a rule of the universe (in the upper right of the picture), we also see the snake crawling out of it (it can be said as an open view), and how a woman frees herself from the original sin by reconciling with the snake.

b. Snake

The serpent can also be seen as a symbol of life as well as death (the snake of heaven), in this card, it is not understood in its dark side. Crowley interpreted it as the child of Nut and Hadit – as we see – there is an implication of the dark nature of this creature. So, the snake is not the opposite of God but is the dark part of the Lord that we have separated to make God exist only with the good side for us. The problem is in repressing our evil because we are always looking for motivation for the good and refusing to believe that the more lights there are, the more darkness will be created. Only when we know that each bright side can represent only the true unity in its dark polar opposite, can we understand the message of the Universe Thoth Tarot.

c. The dancing couple

The Goddess and the snake represent the opposite of human experience. Through their dance, they stopped the separation between light and darkness to give birth to a new spiritual soul in it, and thus, returned to heaven. The return to the beginning has happened and the ultimate goal has been achieved: “You and the Father are one”. Crowley wrote: The image of the Universe in this sense, according to it, is a virgin. The control of the luminous force in her hand, both active and passive, each contains its bipolarity. Her partner is known as Heru-Ra-Ha of Atu XI.

d. Center (stone circle)

The center of the Universe Thoth card is surrounded by a circle made of stones. More precisely: one of the seventy-two circles constitutes a circle that describes the world’s space, galaxies, and stones, developing into a unified whole, all are on the way of their destination. The number of seventy-two is a one-fifth of the circle. At the same time, it also represents the accuracy because the fixed starry sky moves an extra degree after every seventy-two years, so each new era begins after 2160 years. For the Cabalists, seventy-two is the number of the divine name made up of seventy-two letters or appears in seventy-two forms. The entire chain is called Shemhamphorasch (Hebrew = “the name is correctly pronounced”)

e. Inside the circle

“At the center, a wheel of Light is starting the form of the Tree of Life,” Crowley wrote, “showing the ten major celestial bodies of the solar system. But this tree cannot be seen except those who have a completely pure heart”. Instead, we see an entangled noose or an abyss, the symbol of birth and destruction cannot be understood. Because what is born struggles for rotting, but at the same time with decay, what is born grows up, and that is bound to rotting: The continuous creation itself does not make things small to infinite levels, but rather to form new and growing forms of creation. It is constantly expanding, and opposing energy is everywhere, it recognizes itself in the eternal “Death and Born”. We call it the universe.

2. Surrounding circumstances (other symbols)

a. The house of material

In the middle of the lower part of the card, there is a construction drawing of the house of matter, described as an expression of the arrangement of creation and the structure given as the basis of each new discovery.

b. Four sub-angel

In the four corners of the Universe Thoth card, there are four existing sub angels surround the universe. In “the Hierophant”, we encounter them like veils of the principles of the old age that have been hardened into creeds. Now, they are filled with a new life. They are winged creatures that carry four sacred altars, which represent the presence of God.

3. Note

1. Background of the Universe Thoth Tarot (work completed) God’s workplace

The birth is made up of itself, it is time belongs to the trump card XX – the Universe Thoth Tarot. However, God is invisible, who controls time (the theory of Bigbang, Einstein’s theory of relativity), so that immortality sees its path in space and in the course of time, is saved for the ultimate help. It outlines the most abstract concept of the highest creative energy that operates in secret, the vibration of the soul based on emptiness, and creates a dream of eternity (time and space) in nothingness.

So, there is no beginning and no end. Just like the egg in its experience, every birth contains the experience of death within it. All forms of development exist at the same time and are separated only by the understanding of space and time in our consciousness because the universe represents the end that marks its experiences from the future to the past, and in understanding the end, transform itself into a new round.

Crowley writes: “The Fool is the negative that is put into expression; the Universe Thoth card is that expression, its goal is complete and it is ready to come back. Twenty cards between these two cards represent the Great Works and its substances in different stages.

Astronomers have long studied how the universe can move and how large distances can be overcome. Albert Einstein and Nathan Rosen developed the theory of time-space moves. They are based on the model in which space is mixed with cross connections of the next life or endless cross connections, and that, there is a multidimensional space. In it, one can advance in space and at the same time, go back in time and go to another part of the universe without losing time.

III. Interpretation of the Universe Thoth Tarot card

1. Background of the Universe Thoth Tarot (work completed)

When we look at the second decade of the Major Arcana, we realize that there is a clear manifestation of the stages in alchemy in the development of cards from thirteen to twenty-one. These cards represent the release of “anima mundi” from “Prima matteria” in alchemy work (13), the alchemy work begins, (14) in “Rosarium”, Hermes talks about himself: (15) “I (the stone) bring the light, but darkness is my nature”.

From number sixteen to nineteen we have four classical stages of the alchemy process, corresponding to the original four colors of the artist mentioned by Heraklit: melanosis (nigredo, blackening), leukosis (albedo, whitening), xanthosis (citrinitas, yellowing), iosis (rubedo, redness). Blackening (16) is equivalent to the beginning condition, the darkness of Mercurius senex, from which “spiritus” and “anima” escape.

From blackening, the cleansing (ablutio, baptisma) leads both straight to the whitening or to the soul (anima), which escapes from the body when it dies and then merges with it again to give it new life (17). The whitening, in a certain aspect, is about dawn; the first reddening brings sunrise (19). The yellow making changes into red making (18). The Aeon gave birth to “the Phoenix flew out from the ashes” and the great work was thus, completed (21).

2. Overview of the Universe Thoth Tarot

The Universe Thoth card is an expression of integrity, in which divinity with its three aspects harmoniously connects with worldliness such as the eyes, virgin, and snake, through which four sub angels are manifested. The number seven, which is the sum of the above, is an expression of the time limit contained three times in the numerical value of the card (21). So, the card represents the achieved goal, for the height of development, and therefore, in some cases, for the very purpose in our lives and our position in this world, where we belong to.

3. Awareness

From the psychological corner, the Universe Thoth card embodies the awake consciousness and self-regulation of the creative self. This allows us to act in a sociable way in our community environment and emotionally deal with the creative reduction of eternal transformation.

Self-experience means that we are always aware of our own identities, so we understand that we can never be something other than our self, that we will never lose it, and can never be alien to it. It is so because we realize that the self is indestructible, that it is always one and does not change, that it cannot disintegrate or communicate with another. The self makes us remain the same in every situation of life (C.G.- Jung).

4. Career

The Universe signals success, the achievement of a goal, or at least, a recently processed project that will lead to a good result. Moreover, there is a harmonious agreement between the external activities and the inner goals of life. In a career experience, this means that we have found a position in which our mission is to recognize our tendency. In terms of inner experience, this card shows that we have begun an important step, perhaps, the decisive step of bringing our self to reach the authentic and integrity. In terms of facts, it signals happy times in which we enjoy our existence with openness and lively vitality, which can also mean keeping international contacts or movement.

5. Relationship

In terms of personal ties, the importance of the Universe Thoth card lies in the expression within the relationship, or in the announcement that we are about to undergo a decisive event when meeting a person who will co-practice with us all of our lives. Collaboration becomes a cosmic experience, regardless of what we want to achieve in it, unyielding voluntary love will connect us in the universe’s dance. Mentally, the final step of development always represents the door to liberation with the meaning of liberation by reincarnation. However, physically, this card may imply a birth like an elixir for the connection between men and women.

IV. Symbolism and Archetypes in the Universe Thoth Tarot

1. The Fool’s Journey and its representation in the Universe Thoth card

The Fool’s Journey is a profound concept in Tarot symbolism, representing the transformative and cyclical nature of human experience. It is a narrative arc that unfolds throughout the Major Arcana cards, guiding the seeker on a path of self-discovery and spiritual evolution. The Universe Thoth card, also known as The World card in other Tarot decks, serves as a culmination of this journey.

In the Fool’s Journey, the Fool card represents the beginning of an individual’s quest, embarking on a path of exploration and growth. As the Fool progresses through the Tarot, encountering various archetypal figures and challenges, they acquire wisdom, insight, and self-awareness. The Universe Thoth card embodies the ultimate achievement and fulfillment of this journey, symbolizing unity, completion, and divine harmony.

The Universe Thoth card depicts a dancing figure at the center, surrounded by esoteric symbols and cosmic elements. This representation signifies the Fool’s integration and alignment with the cosmic forces, achieving a state of enlightenment and transcendence. It reflects the Fool’s transformation from a naive wanderer to a wise and enlightened being, having successfully navigated the trials and lessons of the Tarot’s archetypal landscape.

The Universe Thoth card reminds us that the journey of life is a continuous cycle of growth, with each ending leading to a new beginning. It invites us to embrace our own Fool’s Journey, recognizing that through self-discovery and spiritual evolution, we can attain a profound sense of fulfillment and oneness with the universe.

2. The symbolism of the dancer as a representation of divine movement and energy

The dancer, as a symbol in various cultures and spiritual traditions, represents more than just physical movement. In the context of the Universe Thoth Tarot card, the dancer embodies the essence of divine movement and energy. The dancer’s graceful and fluid motions symbolize the harmonious interplay between the spiritual and physical realms.

The dancer represents the dynamic and ever-changing nature of existence, reminding us that life itself is a dance—a constant interplay of energies and forces. It signifies the interconnectedness of all things and the rhythmic flow of the universe. The dancer’s movements reflect the cosmic dance of creation, destruction, and transformation.

Moreover, the dancer in the Universe Thoth card represents the embodiment of divine energy. It signifies the activation and alignment of one’s own inner divine spark. By connecting with the dancer’s energy, we tap into our own inherent creativity and vitality, allowing us to move through life with grace, purpose, and passion.

The symbolism of the dancer as a representation of divine movement and energy invites us to embrace the fluidity and beauty of life, to surrender to the cosmic rhythm, and to become active participants in the dance of existence.

3. Exploring archetypal themes in the Universe Thoth Tarot: The Hero’s Journey, the Cosmic Balance, and the Infinite Potential

The Universe Thoth Tarot card is a rich tapestry of archetypal themes that resonate deeply within the human psyche. Three prominent archetypes found in the card are the Hero’s Journey, the Cosmic Balance, and the Infinite Potential.

The Hero’s Journey, a universal narrative pattern, symbolizes the transformative path of self-discovery and growth. The Universe Thoth card encapsulates the culmination of this journey, where the seeker emerges triumphant, having overcome obstacles and integrated newfound wisdom.

The Cosmic Balance archetype reflects the harmonious interplay of opposing forces within the universe. The card portrays a delicate balance between masculine and feminine energies, symbolized by the dancing couple. This archetype reminds us of the need to find equilibrium within ourselves and in our interactions with the world.

The Universe Thoth card also represents infinite potential—the boundless creative power that resides within each individual. It signifies the vast possibilities and untapped resources that await those who embrace their divine essence and embrace the cosmic flow.

Exploring these archetypal themes in the Universe Thoth Tarot card deepens our understanding of the human experience and offers insights into our own personal journeys. It invites us to embark on a quest of self-discovery, find balance in all aspects of our lives, and tap into our limitless potential.

V. The Spiritual Significance of the Universe Thoth Tarot

1. The Universe as a symbol of cosmic consciousness and enlightenment

The Universe card in the Thoth tarot is a symbol of cosmic consciousness and enlightenment. It depicts a woman sitting in a lotus flower, surrounded by stars and planets. She is holding a globe in her hands, and her face is serene and peaceful. The card represents the highest level of spiritual attainment, when the individual has achieved union with the divine. It is a time of great peace and joy, when all is seen as perfect and complete. The Universe card is a reminder that we are all connected to something greater than ourselves, and that we are all capable of achieving enlightenment.

Here are some keywords associated with the Universe card:

  • Cosmic consciousness;
  • Enlightenment;
  • Unity;
  • Perfection;
  • Completion;
  • Peace;
  • Joy;
  • Transcendence.

If you draw the Universe card in a reading, it is a sign that you are on the right path to spiritual enlightenment. It is a time to trust your intuition and to let go of any fears or doubts. The Universe is supporting you, and you are on your way to a higher level of consciousness.

2. Transcending limitations: Exploring the transformative power of the Universe card

The Universe card is one of the most powerful cards in the tarot deck. It represents the completion of a cycle, the attainment of a goal, and the transcendence of limitations. When this card appears in a reading, it is a sign that you are on the cusp of a major breakthrough. You have been working hard, and your efforts are finally paying off. The 

Universe is supporting you, and you are on the right path to success.

The Universe card can also be a reminder that we are all connected to something greater than ourselves. We are all part of a larger whole, and we are all capable of achieving great things. When we let go of our limitations and open ourselves up to the possibilities, anything is possible.

If you are feeling stuck or limited in your life, the Universe card is a sign that it is time to transcend your limitations. Believe in yourself and your abilities, and trust that the Universe is supporting you. You are on the right path to success.

Here are some keywords associated with the Universe card:

  • Completion
  • Breakthrough
  • Success
  • Transcendence
  • Connection
  • Unity
  • Potential
  • Infinite possibilities

If you draw the Universe card in a reading, it is a sign that you are on the right path to success. It is a time to trust your intuition and to let go of any fears or doubts. The Universe is supporting you, and you are on your way to achieving your goals.

3. Aligning with universal forces: The role of the Universe Thoth Tarot in spiritual growth and self-realization

The Universe Thoth Tarot card holds a profound role in facilitating spiritual growth and self-realization. It serves as a powerful tool for aligning with universal forces and deepening one’s connection to the divine. Through its symbolic imagery and archetypal themes, the card invites individuals to embark on a journey of self-discovery, unlocking their inner wisdom and expanding their spiritual awareness.

By working with the Universe Thoth Tarot, individuals can tap into the cosmic energies and gain insights into their purpose and path. It offers guidance, clarity, and inspiration, enabling seekers to navigate life’s challenges and make empowered choices. Through contemplation and reflection on the card’s symbolism, individuals can align themselves with the universal flow and access higher realms of consciousness.

Ultimately, the Universe Thoth Tarot serves as a catalyst for spiritual growth and self-realization, helping individuals uncover their true essence and embrace their spiritual potential. It encourages seekers to embrace their interconnectedness with the universe, fostering a sense of unity, harmony, and alignment with the greater cosmic forces at play.

VI. Historical Influences and Cultural References in the Universe Thoth Tarot

1. The influence of ancient Egyptian mythology on the Universe Thoth card

The influence of ancient Egyptian mythology on the Universe Thoth card is significant and profound. Thoth, the Egyptian god of wisdom and knowledge, plays a central role in the Tarot deck’s creation and symbolism. Thoth is associated with writing, magic, and the mysteries of the universe, making him a fitting archetype for the card representing cosmic harmony and enlightenment.

The Universe Thoth card draws upon Egyptian mythology to convey its message. The stone circle at the center of the card reflects the ancient Egyptian concept of Maat, symbolizing cosmic order and balance. The dancing figures within the circle embody the Egyptian belief in the cyclical nature of existence and the interconnectedness of all things.

By incorporating ancient Egyptian mythology, the Universe Thoth card taps into the rich spiritual heritage and wisdom of this ancient civilization. It invites seekers to explore the depths of Egyptian cosmology and connect with the profound teachings of Thoth, fostering a deeper understanding of the universe and our place within it.

2. The Tarot’s connection to Hermeticism and the teachings of Thoth, the Egyptian god of wisdom

The tarot is a deck of 78 cards that has been used for centuries for divination, self-reflection, and spiritual growth. The cards are based on the Egyptian Book of Thoth, which is a collection of sacred texts that were believed to have been written by the god Thoth. Thoth was the Egyptian god of wisdom, magic, and writing, and he was said to be the inventor of the hieroglyphic writing system.

The tarot deck is divided into two parts: the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana. The Major Arcana consists of 22 cards that represent major life lessons and archetypes. The Minor Arcana consists of 56 cards that represent the everyday challenges and opportunities that we face in life.

The tarot is a powerful tool that can be used to gain insights into our lives and to help us make better choices. It is a system of correspondences that can be used to connect with our inner wisdom and to tap into the power of the universe.

Cross-cultural interpretations: Comparing the Universe Thoth Tarot with similar symbols in different mystical traditions

Cross-cultural interpretations of the Universe Thoth Tarot card offer a fascinating exploration of its symbolism and meaning. By comparing it with similar symbols in different mystical traditions, we gain a broader perspective on its universal significance.

For instance, we can draw parallels between the Universe Thoth card and the concept of “Tao” in Chinese philosophy, representing the ultimate harmony and balance in the cosmos. Similarly, in Hinduism, the card aligns with the idea of “Brahman,” the supreme reality that encompasses all existence.

By delving into these cross-cultural interpretations, we unveil common threads that connect diverse spiritual and mystical traditions. This comparative approach enhances our understanding of the card’s archetypal essence and highlights the universal principles underlying different paths to spiritual awakening. It encourages us to appreciate the shared wisdom of humanity and embrace the interconnectedness of mystical traditions in our quest for deeper meaning and self-realization.

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