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Longing for inner sources.
Being guided, touched, becomes the original cause.
The Light
Perception based on intuition, mental intelligence, patience.
The Shadow
Vaguely dreaming, fleeing from reality, sad state, doubtful, fake, fear of human existence.
The consciousness of the moon, the wisdom of the mother's heart.

I. Background of the Priestess Thoth Tarot card

From the depth of the image, we see a mysterious figure holding a big veil which almost covers the entire picture, causing the tension inside it to disappear. The scene reveals a part of a Goddess removing a veil to show her observer. However, her image is blurry because her bare upper body and the viewer’s eyes are still covered by “light globes” and a three-dimensional lemniscate right in front of her face.

The crown on her head symbolizes the three phases of the moon: the moon in the middle, the full moon and the crescent moon on either side; or instead, a sun is placed on the half-open moon. We can see from behind that there are seven pieces of the crescent moon. Though, the clearest picture is shown in the elliptical curves above, highlighting the release of the High Priestess Thoth Tarot in time and immortality (except the sex center, where it cannot reach). High Priestess’s lower body is completely covered by the veil. On her knees, there are a bow and an arrow, which are the symbol of the Neith Goddess of Egyptian, later named Isis of Sai. On the border below the picture (in front of the net), there are different symbols: crystals, flowers, fruits and a camel in the middle.

II. Analyze and describe the Priestess Thoth Tarot

Analyze and describe the Priestess Thoth Tarot

1. Character (mysterious person)

High Priestess

In the form of the High Priestess Thoth Tarot, we find everything beyond the thought, lie on the depths of the subconscious and linger through the messages of our dreams and illusions. Sais was worshiped as a “great weaver”, a finely woven veil that hid her secrets, rejecting even a glance at all those who do not deserve this opening ceremony. While the Magus represents the ability to make all the difference in the outside world, High Priestess’s veil hides the sacred unity that lies behind it.

The covered part (arrow)

The lower body part hidden behind the veil shows that Neith (Isis) did not reveal the secret of her eternal virginity. Every attempt to reveal her secret through physical connection or emotional integration lifts the veil. However, at the same time, it protects her from all the horrors of the occult, by one reason that the arrow for the observer is ready to lie on the Goddess’s knees.

The revealed part

In the upper part of the card, the Priestess Thoth Tarot tears the veil in half as a hymen. This is not an innocuous moment. Her secret can only be opened to those who have grown up through deep thought or other practices. Anyone who enters without permission is turned into animals (the Actacon or Apuleius’s donkey). The High Priestess is the connection with God and the mediator that the Magus needs.

2. Background (mysterious things)

The veil

If the golden rays of Magus symbolize the pattern of thoughts through which the ego measures eternity, Isis’s silver veil represents the more subtle design of feelings woven into the rough texture of thought. The veil hides feminine patterns, great mysteries, and forever closed to the sense of discovery, penetration, and awareness (masculinity). Besides, its truth can only be revealed through the expression of tolerance.

The veil that is exposed

In this card, the goddess lifted up the veil and thus, she revealed part of her secret. If someone considers part as a whole and believes that he/she has understood all of her secrets, that person has made a mistake like Oedipus. Although he has solved the puzzle given by the Sphinx, Oedipus still did not understand the mystery that the Sphinx himself represented – the mysterious femininity.

The Lemniscate

The infinity symbol in front of the Priestess Thoth Tarot is a symbol of the inner world that only the “third eye” can see. Thereby, with naked eyes, unrecognizable nights of sleep in the dark appear clearly through “glasses of endless”. Fragments of dreams and other evidence of coincidence have helped us to understand that there are many other things hidden behind human work, not just personal intentions. Not only just that, but the deepest awareness has also taught us: everything is part of the great arrangement of the Universe.

The crescent moon

The seven fragments of the crescent rose to self-renewal – corresponding to the seven planets – representing the seven levels of the alchemy; and the culmination is the successful integration of the opposite (bisexual), as expressed by the crown on which the sun merges with the moon. Thus, the Priestess Thoth Tarot shows that she is a guide, who is constantly searching for the appropriate souls to understand and initiate. Therefore, it cannot be a curious intrusion and sly into the unknown, but the rediscovery of the great mysteries that have long been seen.

Circles (ellipsoid image)

If the lemniscate line and the twisted spheres (in front of the Priestess Thoth Tarot) represent the level to which the mystery of the human being is described, then the moon and the ellipse behind Isis symbolize the key to understand or the invisible God. Vertical ellipses represent an unspeakable truth – because the truth lies right in front of Isis, and therefore also on the horizon of human consciousness, which is never the eternal reality but the reflection of the truth that cannot be understood.

3. Foreground (Spiral shape)

Flowers, fruits, crystals, camels

The High Priestess represents Isis’s spiritual side, the ability of the shape or eternity behind the veil. She is the embodiment of what has been received, imbued with the Magus’s magic and conceived. The icons that converge at the border below the picture are in front of Isis’s veil and thus, have made their appearance. Forms that are in the process (whirlwinds, crystals, seeds, beans) appear to represent material that has been fertilized and refers to the next card.

The camel – the animal carrying its own water source through the desert, is thus a member connecting the inner scope (water, soul) and the world of real forms (earth, matter). It is a symbol of moderation, calmness, and humility, whose “arrogance” has been misinterpreted as an expression of pride and stubbornness. The same thing applies to the High Priestess.

III. Interpretation of the Priestess Thoth Tarot

1. Background of the Priestess Thoth Tarot (sources of the night)

This card is a symbol that another reality awaits on the other side of consciousness that normally, we meet in dreams. It is a twisted staircase that leads us to go deeper and back to the unnamed original experiences we have collected for millions of years. It shows us the low places of the memory of our reptiles, which is the first stage in the development of mammals, at the same time, it leads us through the depths to the mysterious peak and overcomes the grasp of logical thinking analyzes.

Since all of these implicit patterns imbued with the tradition of the old patriarchal men, this masculine thinking often sees only the inherent polarization for the secret of all things in the mind of the mother’s heart allowing us to look at the faces of the white Isis and the black Isis while still wondering whether we are facing evil or good and power to heal or destroy. The High Priestess Thoth Tarot is a model of a deep desire to establish contact with our unconscious parts. She is the embodiment of that part within us, which is quickly caught in dreams and gives us amazing insight.

2. Overview of the Priestess Thoth Tarot

The Priestess Thoth Tarot governs intuitive and unconscious powers. Her world contains those powers of the moon’s wisdom. It is the level between awake consciousness and sleepiness, where experiences are being prepared in dreams before they form in reality so that we can experience. With her bright face, she is an expression of generosity and understanding while supporting unconscious powers for the good of others such as helpers, healers, or prophetic women. In contrast, her dark side corresponds to the pattern of “dark sister”, using the power of her soul to seduce, cripple or hurt others.

3. Awareness

In terms of mentality, the Priestess Thoth Tarot describes the time when we focus on the subconscious and the images of the soul, devoting our minds to the fantasies, dreams, or going down to the treasure of the deep bottom to lifting up High Priestess’s veil which is hiding her mysterious wisdom. She leads us to the gathering roots, which means going down to the lands where humanity is connected. Like C.G. Jung had pointed out, we receive not only material structures inherited from ancestors but also those contained within, which belong to the nature of the assembly.

These original images or patterns are the vivid convergence of psychological experiences collected by humanity in the development process, and unconsciously creating the behavior of every human being. They are angels and evil spirits that we face every day. The traveler in those worlds (below) should always remember that the network of the subconscious is not rigid at all but is a mirror to reflect on. Hostility gives them a frightening form while the cooperation makes those facial expressions gentle.

4. Career

In terms of career experience, the Priestess Thoth Tarot indicates that our field of activity corresponds to the theme of this card, such as healing or esoteric occupations. It is also possible that this card implies that we handle our daily tasks with patience, open-mindedness, willingness to accept new impulses and suggestions, however, we do not let the circumstances affect the final decision regarding work. This can lead to experiencing happiness led by the angel (inner voice) or lead to a moody state and unpredictable behavior.

5. Relationship

Because this Thoth card expresses the connection between reality and the inner world of emotions, we can assess how much the outside feeling penetrates into the realm of unconscious dreams.

In our personal relationship, this card symbolizes understanding, affection, intimacy, sensibility, sensitivity and deep care when dealing with each other, and especially it symbolizes the certainty of an invisible bond between the two. During a lonely time, the Priestess Thoth Tarot leads us to intimacy, which is the alliance of souls and energy exchanges.

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