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Strive for light, reconcile with the dark side and realize the deepest self (highest).
Strive for light, reconcile with the dark side and realize the deepest self (highest).
The Light
Exciting, accepting life, full of life, spacious, warm, fresh, confident.
The Shadow
Self-satisfaction, personal worship, illusions of authority (dazzling, scorching, dry).
Looking up at the light.

I. Background of the Sun Thoth Tarot card

The sun that shines on all things is an image of fire as a symbol of life energy. It is the center of creation, its rays penetrate everything, and on its wings, people can be carried away beyond themselves because the sun within them has become an outside source of light, which is everywhere. It also symbolizes the enlightening energies of consciousness with which we get clarity and can overcome all the confusion, all the discomforts, and all the vague fears. The nightmares of the previous card have backed away because the Sun Thoth card is constant energy that gives itself indefinitely and unconditionally. Its light and warmth help to cover our shadow.

A rose blooms from its innermost part as a symbol of its association with light. The sun with the position of the center of the Zodiac represents the Divine Self. That is the purpose of our journey into ourselves and represents the conscious part of the mysterious secret in life. Just like Appolo, the God of Sun, born from Latone, Mother of the Night, children with butterfly wings that are created by the connection between day and night, from the red early morning sky. The glowing heat, however, is also burning; we see this on the green hill and on the top of the hill that built a red wall. If there is no proper opening ceremony, passing through it is a dangerous thing.

II. Analyze and describe the Sun Thoth Tarot

Analyze and describe the Sun Thoth Tarot

1. Motif (the dancing thing of the sun)

a. Two babies

The image of two children dancing, joyfully celebrating, and full of happiness when welcoming the sun and light is the expression of vibrant energy with new cognitive behavior. The dance of the sun, as a manifestation of tolerance, is conscious of God as a precondition, which comes from the stream of fathers and wells of mothers. Two children celebrating light are the expression of creative energy in a spontaneous moment. Crowley commented:

They represent men and women, forever young, shameless and innocent. They dance under the light, and they live on the earth. They symbolize the next phase that human beings achieve, in which freedom is exactly the same as the cause and result of solar’s new approach to the earth.

b. Butterfly wings, medals

Butterfly wings are the expression of light and symbolic of transformation, similar to the Phoenix striving towards heaven after being transformed from ashes. Striving for unity with the Gods raises babies up. They represent the potential of the future soaring from the roots of the past at the moment of the present. Under the feet of the two children, we see two figures depicting symbiosis between Rose and Cross. Crowley wrote:

Under their feet, there are the signs of the ancient Aeon, a combination of the Rose and the Cross from which it arises, but still, forms their pedestal. The Sun Thoth card itself represents an extension of the meaning of the Rose and the Cross. The cross is now expanded into the Sun, of course, where it was born.

c. Center (sun rose)

The symbolism of the Cross comes from the Sun: in the cycle of each year, they move through the surrounding zodiac on the Sun Thoth card and in the process of dividing this cycle into four equal parts at four sacred stations. Lice points are formed through the longest and shortest days; spring equinox and autumnal equinox create equal days and nights. If this cycle represents the absolute or sacred hemisphere as a cycle of the universe and the division into four parts each year in the form of four seasons that determines life on earth, the circle with the cross became a symbol of the divine rule on earth.

Since four points can be spliced naturally into a square, the symbol has been created, derived from the image of the “square formation of a circle”. The reversed cross symbolizes the path of the sun. The swastika originates from the four diagonal crosses connected with the burning torches that turned around. The burning wheels rolling down the mountain on the day of the solstice, which is similar to the sun. In the same way, the twelve curving rays of the Sun imply a rotation of life power.

d. Rose

The old legend tells of a red rose born from the blood of Adonis, the irresistible and handsome lover of the Goddess Aphrodite. He had been killed by his jealous and frantic rival, Ares, in the form of a black wild boat. Red rose will later be seen as God’s blood. This blood represents the principle of love and thorns that symbolize death. In other legends, it is described as the sprouting of the Tree of Life, and therefore, the symbol of rebirth. The central point of the cross represents the point of contact and the unity of the four elements.

e. Rose – Sun and Cross – Rose (the unity of contrasts)

While the sun, as a shining principle that radiates all of itself and flows through all things, is a symbol of masculinity, the rose with its charming fragrance and devotional power opens to welcome Sunlight, on the other hand, symbolizes femininity. The unity of both into a Sun – Rose symbol expresses the combination of contrasts. The same thing is shown in Rose – Cross at the feet of two children. In the symbolism of Rosicrucians, the mysterious rose drawn symbolizes the wheel and the cross. At the same time, rose (wheel) represents the divine and cosmic light, while the cross represents the mundane world of suffering.

The unity of the two opposite is expressed through the Sun Thoth card in a completely different light. When some cards (Atu I to IX) show the masculine path to consciousness at the highest peak of the Hermit, the trump cards have two numbers that correspond to the ones through the composition of the total crossover (from X to XVIII), representing the hidden, mysterious, dark and deep feminine path: hence, the Moon card (18 = 1 + 8 = 9) is equivalent to Hermit (9), which shows the deep exploration of the subconscious.

The Sun Thoth card now shows that the unity of these contraries has been completed in alchemy as well as in myth. These two twins, which come in different forms, have the same nature (this, according to the myths, corresponds to reconciliation between brothers and sisters who hate each other). The same thing is expressed through the ellipse around the sun: It is the perfect circle that unifies the two focal points in itself (“Zodiac”).

2. The hill and wall

In the story of the Egyptian city of On, which the Greeks named Heliopolis (the city of the sun), it is said that at first, the God of Sun, Atum – the “perfection”, has risen from the original water and first created the original hill here, which later built Heliopolis temple. The wall makes a difference to the temple area and represents the ideal wall that separates humanity, which has fallen into a polarization from the unified peak in another symbolic aspect. Because of Nikolaus von Kues, the ideal wall that hides God from this human eye exists in “the fall of the contrary, and its gates are guarded by the deepest soul of wisdom. If it is not conquered, the gate will not open.

3. The inner God (future paradise)

In the alchemist image of a divine marriage from “Rose Garden Philosophy” (1550), Sol and Luna are melted into a bisexual creature, one side is male and the other is female. It has two ends of two different sexes, one to look at the outside world, and one to look inside. But that bisexual creature must die too: At this time, the soul flew out of the bisexual character as a girl, and its wisdom was a boy. Those are the children of the Sun, these characters were not yet called “Universe” (card number XXI).

Thus, the soul and the mind must transform before they find the sun within them. They must rise above the separation to feel God within themselves and at the same time, produce a free creative spirit (a bisexual creature) in a new “Aeon”, that is in the Garden of Eden, its walls (on the Sun Thoth card) collapse through the trumpets of “The Last Judgment” (the traditional drawing of the trump card XX).

III. Interpretation of the Sun Thoth Tarot

1. Background of the Sun Thoth Tarot (Zodiac)

From the early days of mankind, we have received the strong principle of the sun, as it fights against dark forces every night to rise up every morning with intact strength and walks on its winning path across the sky. Its quality is the boundless vitality that it draws from the universe. At its ray’s center (energy channels), the zodiac is formed, which symbolizes the divine will placed in the center of the universe: “It represents Heru-ra-ha”, Lord of New Aeon, in its manifestation in front of mankind, just like the Sun in its spiritual, moral and material aspects. While the circle represents an individual, the ellipse is the symbol of the whole because it unifies two focal points in a perfect loop. The law of the circle is, every center of gravity emitted from the center is reflected back to the center from the edge of the circle. However, according to the rules of the ellipse, each center of gravity that emanates from a focal point is thrown to another focus point from its edge. As a symbol of the whole, it shows the constant change between consciousness and subconscious.

2. Overview of the Sun Thoth Tarot

In the Sun Thoth card, we find a strong principle of accepting life and illuminating everything, showing the love of life, the excitement and freshness of youth. This applies to external experiences that lead us to the bright side of life, as well as the inner processes of awareness in which we “see the light”, or through which we overcome the limitations as well as the types of acts of mundane and narrow while preparing for noble reconciliation gestures.

3. Awareness

In terms of consciousness, the Sun Thoth card has special importance. It shows the awakening, blossoming and maturity of our radiant nature and reconciliation with the dark part. It is the time for the development of the nature of every human being and no longer plays the role of giving in to society. Thus, this card implies a strong increase in self-confidence and self-reliance while leading to a whole new sense of life. On the cognitive side, it represents a pleasant experience that a Nigerian physician once described: “When the truth reveals within you, it is like the sun rising and every gray wall will be painted in pink. “

4. Career

Occupationally, the Sun Thoth card represents confidence in a good prospect, fun experiences, promising new beginnings and a “thawing period” in a situation that had previously been frozen. It shows that generosity is often the best approach when stark faces have been overcome by a gesture of reconciliation, and an end to controversy and disagreement. It also symbolizes a sense of confidence, positive, warm, powerful prestige, and the power to motivate others and gain their trust.

5. Relationship

In the field of personal relations, the Sun Thoth card is a sign of positive generosity. It often has a reconciliation nature, allowing us to bury the frictions to find a new and pleasant start like the sun emerging after the cool rain of the night. Even if there is no bridge built, this card still represents a gentle warmth, mutual trust and the prospect of experiencing the bright side of the relationship. The Sun shows really great nature in this area: It is the energy of infinite giving and not giving up during that process.

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