The No Thingness – Osho Zen Tarot Deck

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I. The commentary of the No Thingness Osho Zen

Being in “nothingness” can cause disorientation and even fear. The No Thingness Osho Zen could not capture anything, and there is no direction, even a chosen sign or the existence of possibilities. However, it was a simple situation, existing before the universe was created.

All you can do now is: relax in this endless of nothingness … immerse yourself in the silence between countless words … observe this “nothingness”, then every time you should inhale and exhale. You should cherish every empty of this experiencing moment due to something scary is about to form.

commentary of the No Thingness Osho Zen

II. The Meaning of No Thingness Osho Zen Tarot Card

Buddha chose one of the real potential words – shunyata. The equivalent English word of it is “nothingness”.

Accordingly, I want to call it “no-thingness” – because “nothing” is not just “nothing”. It is everything. The “nothingness” exists with every possibility lively. It has no potential, but it has absolute potential.

The No Thingness Osho Zen is not obvious while contains everything. The beginning is natural, the ending is natural, what people are causing so much fuss in the middle of the thing. And why, in the middle of the road, becomes so nervous, confused, ambitious – why that such despair is created.

To summerise, from nothingness to nothingness is the journey of fullness and happiness.

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