The Ancestor – Wildwood Tarot Deck

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I. The position of The Ancestor Wildwood Tarot on the Wheel of the Year

Located at the time of the transition from winter to spring, The Ancestor appeared on Imbolc, February 1. She was intimately attached to the new moon. Her elements are Air and Earth.

II. The Description of The Ancestor Wildwood Tarot

The Ancestor has a human body and a deer head. She put on a cloak made of deerskin and evergreen leaves and stood at the gate to The Wildwood. The gate frame is made of birch trees, covered in the white shade of winter. These trees grew during the Ice Age and were one the first inhabitants of the wood to revive in the spring.

The deer have been wandering in the birch forests that existed before the Ice Age. And so far, they still go through the forest to migrate to a new place. Taking advantage of this, hunters in the Ice Age followed their migration path from year to year, hunting for large sources of food. They even recorded and predicted the time of regular migration before the deer realized it. When the deer leave the North during the ice melting season, one can see a glimpse of white male deer as told in ancient legend.

Any path through the gate of The Ancestor will lead to The Wildwood. A fresh and chilly morning is coming with the shimmering rays of dawn shining on the horizon. The new moon is slowly setting off with the stars at dawn. The beginning of the day is a metaphorical image for the awakening of the soul.

Description of The Ancestor Wildwood Tarot
Description of The Ancestor Wildwood Tarot

III. The Meaning of The Ancestor Wildwood Tarot

The Ancestor welcomes you as you walk up the path to the wildwood. She is a creature of mystery, half-human, half-animal. She carries with her a shield of wisdom and a drum to gather all those who could hear the drum coming and watching the sunrise. The Ancestor is blessed by the holy land. In addition, she possesses a treasure of divine knowledge from the stars. Her coat is made of animal fur in the white winter and evergreen leaves.

The gate and walkway made of birch trees mark the beginning of new commitments. This is the point at which you cannot go back. Birch forest reminds you to stick to it. And they know: you’re on a journey with a beginning and an end. The route is marked by a lot of special signs to lead you forward. While the New Moon symbolizes the end and the beginning of the journey; Venus, the brightest star in the sky, represents the dawn of the rays of hope.

The Ancestor has always been intimately connected to the part of our soul that is the oldest and the closest to the natural prototype. She is the sacred guardian of the center of the holy land. She summons you with drums – the pulse of the earth. A part of you has unconsciously heard that drum and stirred up your inner desires to walk the path that already exists there. It is the overwhelming power and patience of nature, together with the wonderful cycle of life that brings spring and warmth, ends a hibernation, and revitalizes abundant vitality for everything.

The Ancestor stands at the gate of nature that leads to the wood far away. She brings a whole new beginning. When you pass through the gate, you must try to stay on the chosen path. Only that, you will see the true journey to the end.

IV. The guideline of The Ancestor Wildwood Tarot

You may have taken the first steps and started a new life. Your instincts tell you that you need to go through the gate to reach a new path. You may feel hesitant or anxious at first but whether you notice the instinctive call or not, a change has already happened. You feel wary of the strange things that await you in the wood. But be assured.

The Ancestor in you will guarantee and guide you that you will be welcomed and learn interesting experiences on the path chosen. Believe in your inner call. Listen to your original instincts and stimulate your curiosity. The Ancestor Wildwood in you is strong, patient, and wise. Let them lead you into The Wildwood with a fresh perspective and an upbeat heart.

V. Keywords and extensions of The Ancestor Wildwood Tarot

Ancient memories, Path seeker, Elen, The leading goddess, The soul of nature in human’s subconsciousness, The call from the wilderness.

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