The World Tree – Wildwood Tarot Deck

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I. The position of The World Tree Wildwood Tarot on the Wheel of the Year

The World Tree is located at the center of the cycle and belongs to the element of Fire. It summarizes all the different aspects of The Wheel and human being in the Major Arcana.

II. The Description of The World Tree Wildwood Tarot

The great The World Tree marks the end of The Wanderer’s journey. The four seasons are depicted on tree branches. On the ground, there is a maze, which is found in many parts of the world and date back to prehistoric times.

Description of The World Tree Wildwood Tarot
Description of The World Tree Wildwood Tarot

III. The Meaning of The World Tree Wildwood Tarot

As a symbol of the bridge of consciousness between the great universe in outer space and the small universe inside every human mind. The World Tree marks the end of The Wanderer’s trip and the starting point for another journey. The Wanderer began his journey around The Wheel with an innocent, passionate curiosity. It is the journey that has brought wise experiences, along with the gift of knowledge. Now, The Wander is taking the final steps along the path of the maze of life, entering the heart of The World Tree to become an integral whole with the cosmic memory.

Nothing treacherous, deceiving, or manipulative happens on that path, but in order to get into the heart of The World Tree, one has to be brave to walk on the path and complete the journey. The maze of life has no dead ends or wrong paths but only souls wandering straight to the center. This symbol is sometimes considered the path of the sun or meant to protect the souls of human ancestors, however, in fact, it also symbolizes the journey of discovering the mysterious things of man. Whether the door on the trunk is clearly visible or not, nothing can prevent the traveler from touching it. The journey through the maze is a ritual that requires patience and a deep understanding of the meaning of the trip.

Behind the door, you will see things that are personal and cosmic. The four seasons representing the cosmic cycle are represented on the branches. From the healing rest of winter to the richness and freshness of spring, from the excitement and joy of summer to the maturity and wisdom of autumn, the light of the galaxy always shines from within the nature of the tree, creating a bridge that leads to knowledge and life.

The World Tree Wildwood represents every individual living and knowledge in a single image, showing the unity and integrity of the universe. This image is not only strange but also more complex than we think.

IV. The guideline of The World Tree Wildwood Tarot

The universe blesses anyone who seeks knowledge and wisdom with a sincere heart. The universe has an absolutely generous heart, giving its richness and beauty unconditionally. No matter how long life can be and no matter how difficult, challenging, and harsh it is, if we persevere, integrity and success will come to us. The blessing is bestowed materially or spiritually. After a long process of learning and being suppressed by responsibility, now is the time to immerse yourself in the light of revival and enjoy your own glory. Take a breath of fresh air, drink fresh water, and warmly rejoice in the infinite energy of the universe.

V. Keywords and extensions of The World Tree Wildwood Tarot

Memory – the mind of the universe, Recognition, The basic source of creativity, Accumulated knowledge of human beings, Natural balance, Rewards and wealth in the material through creative labor, The tree of life and death.

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