Three Of Bows – Wildwood Tarot Deck

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I. The Description of Three of Bows Wildwood Tarot

A person in a robe is standing between the intersection of the two roads. This person holds a longbow in one hand, her other hand raises as if blessing. There are two curved arches made from newly cut tree branches, which have been trimmed but still quite rough. They are embedded in the ground on each side of the road, forming a gate, through which this hooded figure greeted the oncoming travelers.

II. The Meaning of Three of Bows Wildwood Tarot

Nourishment by the energy from the soul brings peace and inner joy. The goals and aspirations are fulfilled, enriching life with the care of emotions and the feeling of fullness.

Meaning of Three of Bows Wildwood Tarot

III. The interpretation of Three of Bows Wildwood Tarot

The Archer must be united with the bow to direct its entire energy source. Just as the arrow is launched through the bow, flying towards the target with unstrained elegance, the curious heart of the seeker of knowledge will make the energy flow in him. The combination of balanced energy and concentration of knowledge will enable control in any situation. It will enrich the success by becoming one with the environment and its inhabitants.

To build a fortress of inner strength and tranquility, we need to reevaluate continuously, be prudent, and committed, not only with your goals but also by allowing the power to flow in you and put your trust in the flying arrow so that it completes the invisible rotation of the universe. From there, peace and concentration will be produced clearly and conspicuously. They will create a feeling of trust, confidence, and well-being towards the people you are worried about. This flow of positive energy will inspire those who want to start their own path, to discover and reach perfection.

IV. The guideline of Three of Bows Wildwood Tarot

Three of Bows Wildwood Tarot Card gives us fulfillment. The archer is standing with her back facing an old tree and we see that there are zigzag roads into the distance on either side of her. Between the archer and us stand two rough-hewn bows – a gateway. This is our second gateway card for Bows and we are immediately reminded of the two fiery bows and arrows that we stepped between in Decision and the sentinel birches of Imbolc’s Stag. There are indeed many things about this number that seem familiar to us: We were reminded of our meeting with another Archer, deep in the Wildwood, who showed us the importance of concentration and intent when we are setting loose our arrows – aim well and shoot right into the target.

The red and white snakes of Balance decorate the robe of this archer, reminding us that balance and patience are important in finding that focus. The cloud rising from afar also connects us to the Breath of Life in Ace of Arbow and Hawk’s laser vision and clarity.

The Three of Bows Wildwood Tarot reminds us that we need the skillful focus of Archer and the balanced energy of red and white snakes to go beyond this point on our journey. Today, the archer of the Three of Bows asks: Which symbol have you forgotten or misplaced since you started your journey through Wildwood? Did you forget about Hawk or the promise of Breath of Life?

V. Keywords and extensions of Three of Bows Wildwood Tarot

Completion of a prototype, Achievement, First efforts pay off, Understand an unfinished project when the pressure is off, The first idea is not the finished thing.

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