The Wheel – Wildwood Tarot Deck

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I. The position of The Wheel Wildwood Tarot on the Wheel of the Year

The Wheel is located at the autumn equinox, September 21. This card is connected to the Water element and the moment the sun goes down, noticing that the day is getting shorter and winter is coming.

II. The Description of The Wheel Wildwood Tarot

A stone Age woven loom is built between two chestnut trees, on a calm lake. The loom is weaving a shirt with The Wheel’s pattern of fate and nature. The sleeves are studded with the feathers of many birds: hawk, linnet, swan, and kingfisher. These are all sacred creatures of the Wildwood. On the distant sky above, the moon and the sun appear together. The three storks standing at the edge of the lake look like people wearing hoods. They represent fate, waiting for the completion of the shirt as well as the appearance of the owner of the shirt. The loom is looking forward to the skillful hands of the weaver to accomplish the capabilities and potentials, building destiny and opportunities.

Description of The Wheel Wildwood Tarot
Description of The Wheel Wildwood Tarot

III. The Meaning of The Wheel Wildwood Tarot

The traditional Wheel is the image that symbolizes the cycle of eternal law and the evolution of creatures. Change is inevitable and necessary because The Wheel of Nature is constantly moving. On a personal level, we are the ones weaving our destiny. Whether consciously or unconsciously, we have planted seeds to mark the path of destiny. We weave our destiny like weaving a shirt, incorporating all the potential and cosmic power that has been given to us. Sometimes, everything happens randomly, beyond our ability to predict, but the universe has its own reasons. We influence our lives and influence the world by controlling our own destiny. Many people believe that fate has been arranged in advance and can’t be changed. But the truth is, “weavers” can always influence fate to create new opportunities. We have the ability to control the thread of fate and weave on our own unique destiny.

Events in the universe are governed by abilities and the law of cause and effect. However, nothing is certain when speculating on upcoming events. Proactively seeking questions about life creates integral beginnings and promising results. However, be careful because we have the ability to control our own destiny, we have to be responsible for it. Our actions are not risk-free. If everything falls out of the equilibrium of the universe, The Wheel will bring about changes that re-establish the thread of fate and natural harmony.

IV. The guideline of The Wheel Wildwood Tarot

The Wheel Wildwood has started to spin, the change is within reach. The laws of the cycle of life, death, and rebirth always evolve steadily. You should learn to adapt to the changes here. Beyond the tangled and intertwined threads of fate, you have the power to make a difference. By your own actions, you can change your life. You are not a prisoner of fate, but an inseparable part of it. Remember, this is not a rehearsal. Life is what is happening to you when you are waiting for it to begin. Though on the surface, change can be better or worse, embrace it, learn to live peacefully with it, and control your actions to adapt to it. Everything will be okay.

V. Keywords and extensions of The Wheel Wildwood Tarot

The Wheel of Fortune, Reincarnation, The law of cause and effect and the law of the universe, The Wheel of The Life, Arianrhod of The Silver Wheel, The one that weaves destiny.

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