Page Of Vessels – Wildwood Tarot Deck

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I. The Position of Page of Vessels Wildwood Tarot on The Wheel

Towards Samhain day.

II. The Meaning of Page of Vessels Wildwood Tarot

Being able to live both on land and underwater, the otters’ ability to move between these areas is also seen as a way of traveling between worlds. That makes otters especially revered by the Celts. The otters are also sometimes listed as one of the oldest animals in the rescue story of Mabon ap Modron.

Meaning of Page of Vessels Wildwood Tarot

III. The interpretation of Page of Vessels Wildwood Tarot

As a dreamer and a fantasist, you weave a passionate word that few people can resist. Loyalty, devotion, and sincere virtue have fixed you as a willed person restrained by a profound understanding of another world.

As someone in your life: A person who shares a great deal of how to put herself in situations with deep insight through intuition. She is excited and knows how to think in accordance with the situation, which makes it fun to befriend her. She can help facilitate problems while acting as a mediator. Or as a loyal friend – someone who is both cooperative and supportive, she may be emotionally vulnerable, or hesitant or selfish in her own affairs.

As an aspect or process: Think of things with a thoughtful attitude. Learn how to trust. Treat with love. Refuse to listen. Just live in illusion.

As an event/situation: Mediation. Forgiveness. Lucky thing. Stories that cheer the soul. Resolve conflicts, keep fairness, jealousy, or flattery.

Question: Where do you need to express your feelings? Who is becoming closer to you? What is the deeper credibility required of you?

IV. The guideline of Page of Vessels Wildwood Tarot

As the Knight of Vessels swims on its voyage to the sea, our final guardian for the suit appears: The Page of Vessels, Otter. It is another Court card yet another Shamanic trip for us. He sits in front of us at the edge of the river under a willow tree, sleek and shining in the October sunlight. We recognize him from our previous encounter in Six of Vessels.

Despite being a timid creature, he is curious and extremely playful – creating slides and playing with pebbles to entertain himself. This innovative element is a key ingredient in Otter’s personality. Otters are featured in mythology in many cultures around the world. In Druidic mythology, for example, the otters are one of the shapes that the Goddess Cerridwen took while chasing the thief Gwion.

The terrestrial otter is just as comfortable as underwater (and can be found in both fresh and saltwater) and is therefore considered to be a pedestrian between worlds. This attribute is reinforced by the presence of willow trees that are involved in the development of psychic abilities. Hence, Otter’s open-minded and curious nature allows him to penetrate his subconscious life in another world as easily as his routine.

As a person, Page of Vessels represents someone with an open and youthful approach to life. They are imaginative and playful characters. Otters may be mischievous, but their hearts are not malicious. Expect a surprise when Otter shows up to say hello!

As the Wheel turns towards Samhain and the time of Stones, the Page of Vessels urges us: Be playfully creative! Explore your dreams! Have an open heart! Go deep into your subconscious! How can you bring Otter’s energy into your life?

V. Keywords and extensions of Page of Vessels Wildwood Tarot

The water element, Loyalty, Devotion, Learning, Respond happily, Imagination and contemplation, Guidance in unmasking talents, Understanding the value of playtime,  Cooperation, Visibility, Playfulness, Psychic awareness, Sensibility without suspicion, Faithfulness.

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