Knight Of Bows – Wildwood Tarot Deck

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I. The Position of Knight of Bows Wildwood Tarot on The Wheel

Move over the summer solstice point.

II. The Meaning of Knight of Bows Wildwood Tarot

Cleverness, agility, prowess, and great curiosity have turned the Fox into a sneaky night predator. They are often seen at dawn. The Fox holds an interesting mix of intellect and cynicism.

Meaning of Knight of Bows Wildwood Tarot

III. The interpretation of Knight of Bows Wildwood Tarot

The assertiveness that leads you to success is sometimes based on personal losses. Your life can change or switch to a new direction at any moment. Instinctive agility and intelligence will lead you to fullness, as a predictable future gift.

As someone who is present in your life: An impulsive and energetic person who has an exaggerated and admired style. He/she dares to venture boldly into places that other people are afraid of. A trendsetter or motivator. Can be quite aggressive, demanding, or showing off. Like a rebel without a cause, he can interrupt or disturb others. A person who stands out from the crowd in a dramatic or commanding manner. He put his special and creative imprint on everything. He has a strong sense of self-esteem and has a flair for establishing a presence, so he is often a market leader or an entrepreneur. This is a friend you who is in charge when there is no clear presence of a leader or a charismatic partner. It could be a person who avoids leadership positions, or who needs to brand things with their mark, whether they originate the job or not. The Fox is cunning, determined, resourceful, clever and innovative, quick-witted, and dynamic. Impulsive, impatient, reckless.

As an aspect or process: Agile and intelligent. Leaving trails behind, innovating creatively, and improvising a path ahead. Bold and overly competitive.

As an event/situation: Implies a trip. Impatience and a chance to change everything. Plans suddenly flashed and then disappeared. Separated by distance. Implications of collective violence.

Question: What opportunities are you taking in this situation? Where do you need to make haste more slowly? What details are you ignoring?

IV. The guideline of Knight of Bows Wildwood Tarot

Beside the nodding foxglove heads sits Fox, our Knight of Bows and our guide until The Page of Bows energies begin to gather strength at the end of the month.

Fox says: “With my half-closed eyes, you may think that I was caught off guard and am immersed in the warmth of this summer day. But my ears are always alert; every cry of a tree branch, every chirping alarm of each blackbird keeps me self-assured and ready to take action. My cunning is legendary! I am an opportunist and can take advantage of rapidly changing situations. See how at home I can make myself in your cities and towns! I am a sprinter, not an endurance runner. I like to play, but when the situation makes me depressed, I will wander in search of something new to excite me.”

Just as the drugs from digitalis make our hearts beat stronger, so does Fox! He is interesting, charming, quick to change direction, and delightfully playful. Endurance isn’t part of his vocabulary though.

As far as relationships go, the Knight of Bows Wildwood is just as playful as a fox and just as likely to wander off when things become less interesting.

How is Fox appearing in your life?

How playful are you?

V. Keywords and extensions of Knight of Bows Wildwood Tarot

Fire element, Separation, Moving house, Migration, Leaving the trails behind, Separated by distance, Navigation, Cleverness,  Anticipating the future, Fulfillment, Travel is implied, A rebel without a cause.

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