Queen Of Arrows – Wildwood Tarot Deck

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I. The Position of Queen of Arrows Wildwood Tarot on The Wheel

The Spring equinox point.

II. The Meaning of Queen of Arrows Wildwood Tarot

This elegant and charismatic bird has always had a long connection with myths and mysteries. From the story of Zeus transformed into a swan to be in love with Leda to the story of Princess Elsa of Brabant and the Holy Grail knight Lohengrin, the swan has become a symbol of power and regal.

Meaning of Queen of Arrows Wildwood Tarot

III. The interpretation of Queen of Arrows Wildwood Tarot

Dividing will happen, bringing sadness, inadequacy, and bad luck. You need to break the old bonds and go with new flows if you want to get out of the darkness and loss.

As someone in your life: Someone who is honest, sincere, and absolutely pure, someone who is sharp and hard to deceive. A woman or man dedicated wholeheartedly to her/his career. A simple and outspoken person. This person can show what is happening quickly. Intelligence and independence give them the ability to overcome adversity, making others jealous and envious.

As an aspect or process: Dealing with the unpleasant truth. It is not happy to endure idiots. The sadness of the loss. Evaluate everything exquisitely. Scientific view or rational explanation. Reach the nature of things. Persistent sadness.

As a fact/situation: The truth needs to be clarified to avoid any misunderstanding. Set clear foundational principles. Separation, division, or need. Find freedom in self-control. The ideals gradually become deteriorated.

Question: What help do you need to accept or ask for? What frank approach is needed here? How to troubleshoot?

IV. The guideline of Queen of Arrows Wildwood Tarot

As we move towards the Spring equinox, the fast-paced brilliance of the King of Arrows has transformed into the power and grace of the Queen of Arrows: Swan. The Queen’s energies are great, up to and through the Spring equinox, when the Knight takes over.

Here a lonely Swan is depicted, swimming calmly through the weeds and spring blossoms, towards an ancient willow. White has long been associated with purity and, in some cultures, of mourning. In the Wildwood, the magnificent Queen of Arrows is associated with the idea of separation and its attendant sorrows. This is sounded in the willow, a symbol of mourning and sadness.

The Queen of Arrows in this deck seems more gentle than the Queen of Swords from Rider-Waite. Swan is associated with regal. In the UK, the Swans are legally protected by the orders of the Queen (she officially owns any Swans in the UK) and it has links with the Knights of the Holy Grail. In Shamanic terms, Swans are about developing a sense of self, awakening your intuition, and a graceful disposition to others.

But within the card lies the promise of rebirth and creativity – the tiny primrose peeping through the long grass. Willow is also more than a symbol of sorrow, it also promotes great healing and relief of pain. If the Queen prepares to undo old bonds and work hard to find new rivers, she can overcome the sadness of loneliness and experience a renewal of friendship.

Queen of Arrows is completely independent, but she loves groups that bring like-minded people together. She is a witty and graceful companion who loves puns and has a discussion spirit. However, Arrow’s traits are logical and honest which means she doesn’t happily tolerate idiots and so she may well be known for being a bit sarcastic and sharp. Swan can be frank to the point of rudeness if she fails to bear in mind that other people have feelings too.

Instead of rolling out ugly criticism to people, hold your tongue for a little longer, think about what you want to say and convey it like the Swan that commands attention and admiration. This card promises to be insightful and helpful, but be careful not to flaunt it too quickly or harshly. If you do, people are liable to pull back from the bite instead of taking in the elegance of the solution.

Today this Queen asks us to take a moment. Be still. Sit on the riverbank, warmed in the spring sunlight – reach out and touch the primrose. Listen to the water flowing, hear the swan’s great wings beating, and the sigh of a breeze through the willow’s branches.

Using our own Queen of Arrows reserves of power and grace, meditate upon those areas of your life where there is separation – not just from other people, but within yourself: Where do you feel on your own, without like-minded souls? What parts of your nature do you deny?

V. Keywords and extensions of Queen of Arrows Wildwood Tarot

The air element, Purity, Loss, Change, Suffer, Subtlety, Lack, Scarcity, Freedom after a dispute, Migration, A sympathetic and responsive listener.

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