Two Of Arrows – Wildwood Tarot Deck

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I. The Description of Two of Arrows Wildwood Tarot

On the card, one can see a blindfolded girl sitting on the throne. Her feet are placed on an ancient long wooden bow. Her eyes are covered. She wears a simple long white robe. On her head is an unbalanced scale, one side is filled with a feather, the other is filled with a few gold coins. She holds an arrow in each hand.

II. The Meaning of Two of Arrows Wildwood Tarot

Nature’s balance of justice has been skewed by erroneous judgments, indifference, and aggression. If we sit in a judging position with a tilted balance and make false assumptions, no matter how enthusiastic and sincere we are, we will never win. The broken bow has become useless due to prejudice and abuse.

Meaning of Two of Arrows Wildwood Tarot

III. The interpretation of Two of Arrows Wildwood Tarot

False conclusions and irrational decisions, based on incorrect information, or encouraged by fear, greed, and prejudice, will cause a multitude of problems. Whether they accidentally or deliberately spread rumors, to distort the nature of justice or avoid the truth being revealed, in order to manipulate the situation for personal gain, this behavior will not survive honesty, wisdom, and the ability to scrutinize it in a right way.

In so many situations in the world, the truth can be stolen, bent to turn into false signals, creating confusion, and arousing fear for those who are looking for real insight. Intelligent truth-seekers always ask questions to check for false information. And from there, the values are distinguished from malicious allegations. Distorting the truth will always bring anger and bitterness to individuals or groups of people who dare to play cunning tricks. The perpetrators of falsehoods and lies will always be judged as untrustworthy, always trying to create threats or disruptions. Let’s dedicate a word to victims of injustice, the best defense for a reason – that is to always be honest.

IV. The guideline of Two of Arrows Wildwood Tarot

We see the blindfolded figure of Justice sitting with a bow under her heel. She holds an arrow in each hand across her chest and sits beneath a pair of scales that are balanced, however, it is balanced unfairly – how can the feather of truth weigh the same as the coins?

Today you may be faced with a situation at work or in your private life that seems unfair. You may have felt personally underestimated by someone, or you may have witnessed an injustice that you cannot turn your back on. But rather than coming to conclusions, this card encourages you to sit back and consider each side of the situation before making a decision. Two of Arrows refers to the feeling of injustice that you may have to witness, whether you are personally addressing the issue or not.

In this deck, Two of Arrows Wildwood refer to Spring and to the astrological element Air. Twos always relate to inequity, encouraging you to strike a balance, right a wrong, or find a compromise.

In keeping with the traditional meanings of this card, you may have made a decision about what to think and what to believe. If you are forced to act as a mediator between the two friends, which side would you choose? Perhaps both arguments are valid (often they are) and you must stay away from any prejudice to decide.

Notice that the woman in this card is blindfolded and her scales had two very different attributes: a pile of coins in one and a feather on the other. Although the coins must be heavier, the scales are relatively balanced. This is a symbolic reference to the concept of “mind over matter”. What is heavier physically is not necessarily more important.

Also, note that she has put down her weapon. She knows that nothing can be determined through aggression or violence, and so should you. Today, let’s pay attention to misconceptions, biases, prejudices, or ignorance. Whether you are on the receiving end or just an objective witness, it is up to you to make things right.

Just as we believe that the feather and the gold coins cannot weigh the same, therefore, it is impossible to make clever judgments and decisions if we are attached to a wrong idea or thought.

Why did that guy cut you up in traffic? “He is an idiot” you shout over the steering wheel. But it could be grief. It could be fear for his job and how he will look after his family. Maybe his wife is sick. Maybe he just did not see your car! Two of Arrows, Injustice, encourage us to be less judgmental and critical of the motives of others. We rarely know what is going on and why someone is doing what they do. Today the Two of Arrows asks us to step out of time for a moment. Orientate ourselves with the Wildwood: question our beliefs and seek out the truth of a situation.

V. Keywords and extensions of Two of Arrows Wildwood Tarot

The air element, Cutting ties and moving on, Keep the true balance of life, Speak from a logic stand-point, Find harmony between two disparate things.

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