Knight Of Stones – Wildwood Tarot Deck

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I. The Position of Knight of Stones Wildwood Tarot on The Wheel

Through the East solstice point.

II. The Meaning of Knight of Stones Wildwood Tarot

The prehistoric Horse – very familiar in Europe and is often depicted in old stone cave carvings. The Uffington White Horse chalk figure holds a wagon with its mouth, symbolizing the breath of life and protection for the dead. The thirty thousand-year-old carvings of the horse walking without a shadow are identified to represent both the vulva (new life) and the first steps showing traces across the forest.

Meaning of Knight of Stones Wildwood Tarot

III. The interpretation of Knight of Stones Wildwood Tarot

Healthy activity and independence adorn your path. Physical strength will support decisions and satisfaction is very important. Boldness, pride, and love for the land lead you to strive towards more incredible success. Let the Horse take you away.

Mentally, you may suddenly find yourself overwhelmed for no specific reason. You can try to control each issue at a time. You are going through half a mental change when this happens. Remember that you change for the better.

You could have a new or unexpected source of wealth coming up. Money can come from many sources. A permanent building or business will reach a new level of profit. A slow but sure process leads to success. Your hard work will pay off. However, you still need to work hard and do not invest more than you can afford. A loyal friend can help you or you may have to help others.

As someone in your life: a well-built and trustworthy person who cares about detail and gets the job done. He/she is very adept and has experienced skills. He is a good man who is on your side when considering all the possibilities. He may also be stubborn in the pursuit of hard work and material pursuances, and may not know when is enough.

As an aspect or process: Examine the details. Maintain a steady push. The ability to see through everything. Force others. Pride at work. Giving up easily.

As an event or a situation: land management, industry, or employment. A security company. Patience, unemployment, and low self-worth.

This card reminds us to focus on the problems of the physical world and the ordinary spheres of life. There is a saying, “Practice makes perfect”. So this Knight card asks you to consider and examine the ways you are using to solve your problem. When this card appears, you are more likely to get the news that you have been waiting for, which is good news. This is a card about reality.

Question: What point will motivate you to the end? What type of service is required by you? How does tenacity keep you going?

IV. The guideline of Knight of Stones Wildwood Tarot

There is evidence that horses have been in England since about 700,000 BC. At that time, horses were purely predators and were not domesticated until the Bronze Age. So Horse becomes a perfect ambassador for the Knight of Stones. Of all the Knights, this wild character is the only one who can truly be exploited and trained.

The Horse passed a barren landscape under a cloudy sky. The Przewalski, with its distinctive back stripe, is a return to the early prehistoric horses that once roamed the UK. Thirteen of these horses were rediscovered in the late 19th century near the Chinese border, and thousands of Przewalski still alive were their descendants. These wild horses use their hooves to remove water from the ground; herds of cattle graze on the grasslands. Smaller than the domestic horse at 13 hands high, they are a vivid reminder of the herds that once covered all over Europe.

This wild Horse’s color suggests it is healthy. Since he was wild and strong, it showed self-reliance and function well. He is very physical, very powerful, and any decisions this Knight makes is because he is fit enough to make those decisions. Is joy important to this Horse? He is a Knight or representative of a person, so he can only do things because it makes him feel good, like running for a while or enjoying listening to something. He is bold, proud, and loves Earth and will try almost anything at least once.

Horse says: “I am a reliable person and extremely useful to have around – everything about me – even my manure – is useful! People who are like me are physically strong and active, unafraid of hard work, and able to knuckle down (with a little persuasion) to get on with the job in hand. I can also be a bit frugal and cautious – certainly compared to the other Knights!

People say that I can be quite stubborn, and I get frustrated with my lack of experience. I’m not hugely adventurous, but I am dogged and determined. Once I start, I usually finish.”

Someone that shows powerful Knight of Stones tendencies that are not too emotional but tend to be practical support. As we moved through Yule, Horse asked us: Are you physically active? Can you exercise more? How can you give service to the land?

V. Keywords and extensions of Knight of Stones Wildwood Tarot

The earth element, Work, Kindness, Helpful, Patience, Benefit, A good ally, Benefit, Quick understanding of nature, Stubbornness, Headstrong, Stand firmly in the chosen direction, Maintain personal values, Focus on work, Hardworking, Diligent, Create double productivity, Evaluate the situation in a straightforward way, Material matters, New experiences, Assurance, Dependence, Perseverance, Prudent measures, Practice, ritual, Wise awareness, Profoundness, Trustworthiness, Safety, Methodical work, Pay attention to details, Caution, Calmness, Seriousness, Loyalty, Maturity, Consideration, Orientation.

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