The Balance – Wildwood Tarot Deck

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I. The position of The Balance Wildwood Tarot on the Wheel of the Year

The Balance is located at the Beltane day, May 1st. The card is intimately linked to the new moon and the source of cosmic knowledge. It guards the gates of life, balancing elements of Fire and Air.

II. The Description of The Balance Wildwood Tarot

The polarizing energies of the holy place are intertwined and blended around the pillar of heaven, releasing the stimuli of life. Two red and white snakes are wrapped around the great old tree – the heart of The Wildwood. Red and white are the primary colors of the early world: red from blood, fire, and steel; White from milk, ash, and bones. These colors are particularly suitable for the Beltane day because it is located at the intersection on The Wheel between the element Air (white) and Fire (red). And from here, the interaction of energy creates creative stimuli.

The Balance Wildwood presents ancient symbols such as serpent-entwined staff or the twisting and turning of the human genome – the source of life. There is a human face appearing in the Wildwood with two halves: light and dark – carved deeply into the trunk. Light and dark are both natural and indispensable elements in every human being.

Description of The Balance Wildwood Tarot
Description of The Balance Wildwood Tarot

III. The Meaning of The Balance Wildwood Tarot

The balance between mankind and nature is necessary. The Earth operates under the same sensitive and complex mechanism as any other living cell. But unfortunately, we have “successfully” replaced the delicate balance of nature with malicious acts of destruction that pollute the environment. Our ancestors have long recognized their dependence on the planet’s ecosystem. However, modern society is completely separated from reality and believes that this planet serves only for our greedy and selfish consumption. While everything is given unconditionally, we continually pour toxic substances into the ocean and on the continent so our descendants will face destruction for another thousand years. Our abuse of the natural environment destroys all living things and punctures the atmosphere, the source of life on Earth. This is a crime far beyond human sympathy and humanity. Our next generations will pay for what we’ve been doing.

Temperance is the traditional name of this Wildwood Tarot card, it represents the peaceful state of inner strength, from which we better understand ourselves and the universe. This is the key to perfecting the supreme being. We must strive to achieve a balance whether on an individual or social level.

IV. The guideline of The Balance Wildwood Tarot

You must balance and be patient. This is the right time to take a break and consider all the personalities that exist in you. To keep walking, you must now stay calm and still. Finding inner balance will help you understand yourself, be confident in your own strengths. Your personalities may include the dark corners you don’t want to face, but you need to accept and control them. Balance is absolutely essential to freeing the individual self from fear and self-doubt, which makes us emotionally and spiritually dead, dumb, and blind. Once the natural equilibrium is reached, the path to your supreme being will automatically be opened.

V. Keywords and extensions of The Balance Wildwood Tarot

Caduceus, Inner harmony, The balance of the forces, The synthesis of ideas, The inner world and higher consciousness merge into one, An extremist relationship in nature.

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thoth art

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