The Great Bear – Wildwood Tarot Deck

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I. The position of The Great Bear Wildwood Tarot on the Wheel of the Year

The Great Bear is located in the winter solstice on December 21. The element of this card is Earth. The Great Bear is associated with the image of the dark sun, guarding the gate between death and revival. The card also holds the secret of rebirth and healing.

II. The Description of The Great Bear Wildwood Tarot

Between the two yew trees, there is an ancient tomb known as a connecting path. Above it, there is a polar bear cowering and observing. The missionaries were taken to a resting place, buried in rocky soil and protected by the magical guards of the tomb. They, now, are waiting to be reborn. The concept of traditional and political religion has no existence between right and wrong, between innocence and guilt for any judgment that takes place during the time of rebirth, regardless of inner judgment or inner thought, as well as the outward and universal manifestation of all people, far beyond the confines of human civilization and customs. The constellation of The Great Bear stands out against the sky, indicating the entrance to another world, where the individual begins his search journey.

Description of The Great Bear Wildwood Tarot
Description of The Great Bear Wildwood Tarot

III. The Meaning of The Great Bear Wildwood Tarot

Fear of death and tribulation has transformed and created a misleading view of this card, a card that symbolizes judgment, as the call of angel leads the righteous souls from their graves on the day of judgment. The universe is much simpler than the religious theories have told about it. The law of evolution and cause and effect affect the judgment of God much more than the influence of human morality. If, individually, life is wasted in pursuit of glory and boastful desire to leave, leaving a painful void in the soul of each person, known through despair and indignation. On the whole, if we misuse the ecosystem and waste the world’s resources, nature will find a way to regain balance in its own way. Nature does not hate anyone, on the contrary, it is extremely fair. Therefore, if we take the time to educate and understand ourselves, we will know how to live elegantly and respect humanity and nature. Life, then, will be enriched by the joy and beauty of the universe.

The Great Bear Wildwood Tarot is the guard of the forest path, holding the power of life and death over those who break its laws. After experiencing challenges and adversity, the missionary will gain new strength and wisdom. They will be taken to a quiet, peaceful, and restful place to complete the healing process. A new, whole, resurrected person is hibernating, waiting for the opportunity to meet the oncoming spring with full of energy and joy.

IV. The guideline of The Great Bear Wildwood Tarot

The only thing that is certain in life is that, if you wait long enough, everything will change. The way you survive that change and who you are after that change is up to you. The key to this transformation process is the judgment of oneself and others. This can lead to an assessment involving a problem or personal situation that can be associated with the process of forgiveness. It may also be related to the decision of a group or society. In the judgment process, on an individual and as a whole, honesty is essential. Be frank, altruistic, and patient, but above all, make sure that change is within reach. Remember, the universe has a very long memory. Nothing is forgotten.

V. Keywords and extensions of The Great Bear Wildwood Tarot

The rebirth, Memory of the universe, The truth cannot be denied, Fair hands, Rules of the galaxy, Reincarnation, Sleep of justice, Retribution, Nothing is forgotten, Prison of sin, What goes around comes around, The holiness of altruism.

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