Five Of Vessels – Wildwood Tarot Deck

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I. The Description of Five of Vessels Wildwood Tarot

On the card is the image of a woman dancing passionately under the starry sky, in the shape of a pentagram drawn on the earth. One hand holds the mandrel, the other hand holds the shaking drum with its leather-covered head, stylizing a face. The necklace made of animal teeth flows in front of her chest. At the top of the star, five cups of water are placed, each surrounded by light even though it is lit only by candlelight.

II. The Meaning of Five of Vessels Wildwood Tarot

The rhythm of the universe’s drumbeat is felt by the soul and the rhythm is steady enough to stop for a moment and continue to participate in the dance. The source of energy is renewed by washing in the great power of sincere and joyful ecstasy.

Meaning of Five of Vessels Wildwood Tarot

III. The interpretation of Five of Vessels Wildwood Tarot

There are many open ways Wanderer can talk intimately and fall in love with great beauty or revel in the intense direct connection with God. Music, meditation, art, dance or a hidden sexual experience can inspire and lead to spiritual fascination in illuminating ecstasy. This strong and refreshing consciousness is completely natural and conforms to the Shamanic tradition. The state of delirium is sometimes derived from extreme physical activity or from the passivity in initial less profound awareness, thereby gaining a deeper and profound understanding of all matters.

Sadly, the concept of mental ecstasy has been compromised by the frequent use of drugs, which simulate (in a short period of time) the endorphin’s influence of the natural and true ecstatic feeling. The sense of ecstasy is described as a passionate possession or the magical harmony with infinite affection. A warm emotion with profound thought and love of all things lift the soul through the void, where poetry passes by you, and joy and stillness coexist easily.

IV. The guideline of Five of Vessels Wildwood Tarot

Under a star-filled sky, a young shaman dances ecstatically in the center of her pentagram. On each of the five arms sits a vessel and they glow like candles.

We have moved from the stalled and complacent energy of the Four of Vessels to the energetic and ecstatic unity of the divine spark. There are many ways to achieve the trance-like state of ecstasy – from the frenetic exertions of dance and drumming to the quiet contemplation of deep meditation, music, and art. The Five of Vessels is one of the many great cards in the Wildwood Tarot (Mark Ryan, John Matthews, Will Worthington; Sterling Ethos 2011), often tends to confuse readers when first surfing the deck. This card correlates with the traditional Five of Cups, which we tend to think of as mourning, sadness, regret, and the challenge of recognizing the good things in our lives.

So Wildwood’s images and keywords don’t seem to be so much involved in this understanding that readers may not initially know how to wrap their minds around it. There are many reasons to go into ecstasy, but the main reason is for healing – spiritual healing from the pain that can be brought about by the experience of physical and mental loss. Ecstasy is the recognition of pain as well as the recognition of “two cups still full”. It is a conscious move toward healing, an understanding that pain is part of the process of love and of life.

The Five of Vessels Wildwood focuses on turning pain into transformation. It emphasizes the profound healing available to all those who suffer, a process facilitated by a connection with the truest form of love that flows through all of us. When we understand the true meaning of Ecstasy, it becomes clear that it is not really different from 5 of Cups, instead, it gives us another perspective on the loss and the strong and positive change that is inherent in recovery.

Today this card asks us to seek and surrender to the cosmic life force, thus renewing ourselves for our journey onwards. When do you feel at one with the universe? How do you reach this ecstatic state?

V. Keywords and extensions of Five of Vessels Wildwood Tarot

The water element, Divine love, Ecstatic healing, The universal energies uniting us all, Prosperity, Fertility, Pleasure, Enjoyment, Inspiration, Connect with the source of all, A spontaneous rush of joy.

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