King Of Arrows – Wildwood Tarot Deck

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I. The Position of King of Arrows Wildwood Tarot on The Wheel

Depart from Imboli day and head towards the Spring equinox point.

II. The Meaning of King of Arrows Wildwood Tarot

This little bird with rainbow feathers, whether male or female, is always able to maintain balance in the air and on the water. With its remarkable ability to dive deep into the water to catch fish, the Kingfisher has become a symbol of ancient wisdom and education for centuries.

Meaning of King of Arrows Wildwood Tarot

III. The interpretation of King of Arrows Wildwood Tarot

The kingfisher can quickly and accurately identify a fish in the water and drive it straight to grab it. This is like being able to quickly perceive the truth of an issue. Kingfisher has a clear mind, careful, intelligent. It uses its judgment and strength. It is equally at home in the air and the water – this shows that it has the ability to control both thoughts and emotions. It is meticulous and cautious.

You need to practice your judgmental abilities, skills, and willpower. The King has always been very righteous and he will help you understand: what is something you don’t need to stick to. Use your strength, freeing yourself from the burden that is on you.

As someone in your life: Communicate clearly and fairly, this is a virtuous leader who is upholding standards. Impartiality and justice are the hallmarks of this person. His research and understanding are profound and well-known. He has a principled insight, which helps him see into the nature of all matters. He will present you with many potential prospects. He is someone who can properly identify and evaluate a situation.

As an aspect or process: Finding a path through the chaos with calm insight. Be very careful. Need reasonable consultation. Distinguish two sides of a situation. Find a clear stance. Become fair/biased. An urge to resist old practices.

As an event / situation: Advice/guidance. A trial or argument requires arbitration. Verified information. Disciplined approach. A harsh, ruthless situation.

Question: What is it that you should explicitly focus on? Who gives you the right advice? What wise words will help resolve the situation? What is your social responsibility?

IV. The guideline of King of Arrows Wildwood Tarot

The Wildwood’s Court cards all hail from the animal kingdom – land, sea, and sky. Representing the energy of the King of Arrows we meet our first Courtly representative, the dazzling Kingfisher. The Court of Arrows covers the period from Imbolc to Beltane. The Energy of the King of Arrows supports us as we leave Imbolc and head towards the Spring Equinox.

This is the Wildwood Tarot version of the King of Swords card from the Rider-Waite. Here we see him flying high above a mass of clear water, its surface so pristine that it looks like a mirror. This matches the King of Arrows/Kingfisher’s penchant for clarity and height, as well as the harsh precision needed to chase down prey.

He flies high enough to get a clear overview of all the fish below the water’s surface and when he finds what he is looking for, he will follow it with his nose, pecking it from depth without leaving a slight ripple when awakened.

King of Swords is traditionally a stoic individual. He is smart, clear, ethical, fair, and upright. He does not restrict words and he does not tolerate any idiots. He has honor, integrity, and principles, all of which he can hardly give up.

Since the suit of Arrows is associated with knowledge and the Kingfisher is a symbol for ancient wisdom, it is appropriate to see him allocated the swift, intellectual energy of the King of Arrows. The Kingfisher’s judgment is not obscured by the waters of emotion.

The great Kingfisher sits and examines the river, observing intently for the signals that mean there is a fish to be taken. The King of Arrows’s movements is fast-paced and decisive. He appears like a brilliantly-colored arrow, cutting through the mire with insight and intelligence. The King of Arrows watches from his perch, and moves with rainbow clarity of mind and purpose into the water, under the water, catching his prey and returning to his perch.

Kingfisher asked us to consider: How do you move between open and watery realms? What can you learn from this figure about being purposeful of putting intellectual insight into the game with your feelings? This could be like maintaining one’s composure and mind when someone is wrecking you with their emotion. This may be like practicing mindfulness, creating little rituals or moments of witnessing from your perch, right in your busy day, and sharpen your concentration. This could be like remembering to pause any emotion, pausing to take a deep breath, considering what you need at the moment, having a snack, and using whatever support system you have before diving. deep again.

This may be like starting a dream exercise, starting to write down the adventure fragments you remember when you break the surface of sleep, bringing something back when you start awake during the day. How does your mentality support your emotions? What tools or tricks do you rely on when you need a little more Air in your Water World?

As a person, The King of Arrows is a skillful communicator and his innate sense of fairness attracts many who value his objective opinion. His desire for truth and his need to demonstrate honesty in his actions can make him seem a severe and indifferent figure. He can be critical, but this criticism is not given from a need to wound or hurt, it simply arises from the high standards that he sets. And since those standards apply to himself as much as anyone around him, he can be equally critical of himself.

If this is someone in your life (boss, mentor, parent, etc.), take his advice. He may just give you a point of view that you have not considered before. But it can also show the qualities you need to embrace. What about Kingfisher that you can incorporate into your decision-making choices today? What about clarity, accuracy, and elevation? How about flying high, having an overall view, and seeing things from a different angle?

Let’s meditate on the Kingfisher’s energy until the Queen’s energy takes over at the end of the month. Are you critical of other people? Are you hard on yourself? Do you value honesty?

V. Keywords and extensions of King of Arrows Wildwood Tarot

The air element, Intelligence, Power, Caution, Counseling, The ability to judge true from and false, Watchfulness.

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