The Forest Lovers – Wildwood Tarot Deck

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I. The position of The Forest Lovers Wildwood Tarot on the Wheel of the Year

The Forest Lovers represents Beltane Day, May 1 – a beautiful day in the warmth of midsummer – about halfway between the spring equinox and the summer solstice. In this position, they balance Fire and Air elements, Arrows and Bows suit. The Forest Lovers symbolizes the positive transformations of energy at the time of season changes, which brings a wealth of knowledge.

II. The Description of The Forest Lovers Wildwood Tarot

In the card, there are a man and a woman standing side by side. They wear blue and brown to symbolize The Wildwood. They are Robin and Maid Marian. The Forest Lovers are reborn from one life to another and known under different names. Between them is a birch tree in new leaf, born of the energy exchange of the two. The tree touches the sky and represents the rising energy of the earth meeting the falling energy of the sky.

The Forest Lovers Wildwood create rays of life, releasing abundant energy. White lilies (also known as “Lords and Ladies”) are typical flowers of the Beltane season. It symbolizes the harmony between men and women during the season, which has created exciting sources of energy, bringing fertility and harmony to The Wheel of The Year.

Description of The Forest Lovers Wildwood Tarot
Description of The Forest Lovers Wildwood Tarot

III. The Meaning of The Forest Lovers Wildwood Tarot

The Forest Lovers represent balance in the relationship and the gender link between the two heterosexuals. This Wildwood Tarot card contains the love of nature for humans, of both the ecosystem and each individual. We are the mysterious fractions of the universe. We are the entire work of creation and the prototype of the Major Arcana, no matter how much or less. As we enter the wood of life, we seek the emotional abundance and harmony at the deepest level. From there, love blooms and wraps us with life where the difference disappears, and the residue of greed and possession is burned in the sweet firelight of life.

True love comes from the harmony of two opposite energies, forming a new source of energy or bringing about new insights. It is the intersection point of energy and passion, not prominence or dominance of each. But this is also a harmony based on respect and strong will from each side. We must learn to cherish and make friends with every state of our character, whether it is masculine or feminine, light or dark, to become a complete individual. This process helps smooth the flow of our natural energy. If we fail to receive all emotional energy, they will become difficult to control and troublesome. These bizarre psychological states continuously patted our minds, demanding to be known.

There is no gender bias here. We seek balance in our character through relationships as we nurture them. Creative and sensitive men will be balanced by active and strong girls. Thoughtful and skillful women will be balanced by motivated boys. Physical gender can be extremely diverse but gender polarization has only two states: exist or not.

Before we can find true love, we have to improve ourselves first. We must learn to accept every aspect of us as well as accept the whole personality of others. Gender polarization can vary day by day, moment to moment, but an integrity person will see every polarizing element in their individuality and in others. Joy will be extremely simple and lasting if we know how to harmonize those aspects. Finally, true love will come as a gift.

IV. The guideline of The Forest Lovers Wildwood Tarot

On a personal level, the person who seeks spiritual balance through inner harmony and healing will have an extremely generous heart. And the universe will give them the gift of love. Polarization is the deciding factor that creates tides in nature, as well as the flow of emotions.

The Forest Lovers Wildwood represent the Yin energy of the creative source of emotion and a cosmic desire to achieve harmony in the soul. Residents of the wildwood worship and respect the rituals of love as a motive to ensure emotions and creativity are always circulating and stable. Always let the light of love reach you, allow it to shine in the darkest corner of your soul, and support you to achieve your goals.

V. Keywords and extensions of The Forest Lovers Wildwood Tarot

The harmony that is blessed, Friendship, Ritual of spring, The balance between the extremes in the soul, Longing, The white male deer of Arthurian, Endless Love, Sacred vows.

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