The Woodward – Wildwood Tarot Deck

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I. The position of The Woodward Wildwood Tarot on the Wheel of the Year

The Woodward stands at Lammas point – August 1, when the summer is over. He holds the element of fire and water, intimately connected to the full moon when it is about to become a crescent moon.

II. The Description of The Woodward Wildwood Tarot

A hunting man wearing a hat made of mountain lion skin. He holds a bloody spear in one hand and a glass of wine of compassion in the other. The spear’s trunk is engraved with humanoid symbols that once found in Europe. It is thought that this symbol is 30 thousand years old. A lynx is lying on a stone slab while an eagle is flying on the sky on The Woodward’s right shoulder. In the distance, Silbury hill appears, symbolizing the crop associated with the sun in the Lammas season. The summer sun rises after The Woodward, spreading the brilliant yellow color all over the world.

Description of The Woodward Wildwood Tarot
Description of The Woodward Wildwood Tarot

III. The Meaning of The Woodward Wildwood Tarot

The ancient Tarot image for The Strength is a strong and mature woman controlling a lion. The inherent balance in that image depicts the tranquil beauty of patience and love, in contrast to the out-of-control feelings of anger and hatred.

The Woodward, an ancient guardian of the Wildwood, symbolizes the inner strength, helping people face fear to understand the nature of darkness. The power of this awareness will bring body language that is rich in emotion and humility instead of blaming. This card says: treat me with respect; do not confuse my passivity with my weaknesses.

In The Wildwood Tarot, The Woodward’s prey is temporary solutions to the crisis. He is the firm emotional support when we fall into a state of out of control, out of reason, when we encounter destructive challenges.

When individuals are pulled out of their comfort zone, they will be deprived of every emotion they once had when they were in a stable state. During that depriving process, individuals will have to seek within them their own true strength. When traveling through The Wheel of The Year, individuals will possess a great deal of wisdom needed to understand the nature of patience and perseverance.

However, these qualities are not enough for hunters to become more courageous. The intensity, of course, is very necessary. Hunters must be as strong and clever as the creature they are following. They need to be consistent with their goals as the lioness protecting and raising their children. This is not unreasonable or thoughtless aggression but an expression of patience and determination. The Woodward’s power balances the energy of a hunter and a guardian, who inspires ecstatic dance and drumming. His energy honors the quality of protection and inspiration.

IV. The guideline of The Woodward Wildwood Tarot

Through adversity, we find our courage in uncertainty and rebalance in life. Sometimes, that courage faces the inevitable truth. We have to deal with situations that seem to be physically or mentally unbearable. And The Woodward will give us the power to regenerate and overcome challenges. He helps us see what is coming and waits for us during the season change. Sometimes, when faced with a new challenge, we need to find our own support, which is is absolutely safe and secure. The ancient practices of The Wildwood have a lot to teach us about humanity, calmness, and inner strength.

V. Keywords and extensions of The Woodward Wildwood Tarot

Lughnasadh, Ller or Lugh, “Many skills” – Guardian of the holy spear, Durga, Compassion that is blessed, Noble instinct for protection and tolerance, Maturity in the will and emotions, Sekhmet, Freya.

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