Seven Of Stones – Wildwood Tarot Deck

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I. The Description of Seven of Stones Wildwood Tarot

Green Woman sits cross-legged in the center of a circle of seven low rocks and withstands many rain and wind. In front of her is a man in a hunter’s outfit lying on the ground. Green Woman holds out her hands, palms down, over the body, streams of energy shooting along her fingers.

II. The Meaning of Seven of Stones Wildwood Tarot

After physical or mental illness and injury, it takes some time to really rest and overhaul your health. Patient and peaceful healing is rooted in spirit. The recovery and complete health will support for serious physical or emotional harm.

Meaning of Seven of Stones Wildwood Tarot

III. The interpretation of Seven of Stones Wildwood Tarot

One of the most profound stages of healing and recovery from any mental injury or physical injury is forgiveness. If the healing process is rooted in a problem of association, we often focus too much on pain, with the false belief that it will bring us closer to the root cause of pain. From time to time, we also overestimate our feelings of loss, loneliness, and betrayal along with failures in relationships. Regret can also be linked to these feelings when a person wonders about his own actions and motivations.

If you act honestly and straightforward, there is no need to regret it, that will only waste energy and attention in healing. If you truly regret it, it will take more work to understand the underlying causes. One of the inseparable factors in the process of healing and ending any condition is acceptance along with self-forgiveness. We have no one who is perfect and no one is almighty, and because of that, we also make mistakes. Accepting those simple truths can bring healing to a suffering soul.

IV. The guideline of Seven of Stones Wildwood Tarot

The Seven of Stones is the card that corresponds to the Seven of Pentacles from the Rider-Waite Tarot deck. Here we find ourselves in a lonely setting, where seven standing stones silently testify to the healing process being carried out among them. As you can see from the picture, there is a healer (Green Woman) and a man, injured in the arm due to a spear. The sun rises above the head, giving hope and giving life. Green Woman sits in meditation posture, next to the fallen hunter, invisible power emanating from her outstretched fingers and into his body.

So what will you be healing today? Which part of you needs healing? Do your soul and your heart need it? How is your mental state? How will you heal yourself? Are you ready to get started? Is it time to forgive, even if you cannot forget? Or are you a person trying to heal old wounds?

The wound can take many forms; physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual. Some are done intentionally, some not on purpose. Some wounds have visited you, some have visited others.

This is the turn of year time, the time to forgive others and also forgive oneself; let go of resentment, hatred, and especially self-attack that we often find it difficult to give up.

The pain that builds up after these old wounds needs to be let go of, like lancing a sore. Only when the old toxins are eliminated from your body will the healing process begin. Your path to recovery and wellness will be supported by the peace that such healing brings. Today, Seven of Stones asks you: Which old wound makes you most uncomfortable? What small steps can you take to relieve the pain?

Let’s try to heal ourselves and those around you. Try to see things from their point of view and stay in their place. Any wound could be caused by some sort of innocent act of someone. Isn’t that how most things start?

V. Keywords and extensions of Seven of Stones Wildwood Tarot

Give our minds a break, Calmness, Meditation, Stillness, Healing, Reevaluation, Patience, Perseverance, State of stability, Attentive care, Take time to relax and unwind, Connection to the source energy.

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