Ten Of Stones – Wildwood Tarot Deck

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I. The Description of Ten of Stones Wildwood Tarot

A large dome made of ten rain-resistant rocks has framed the picture. Through that stone gate, we see the roundhouse from the Iron Age and a road leading to it. From the thatched roof comes a huge apple tree. The two lowest stone pillars of the large dome are sketchily carved with the image of a woman and a man.

II. The Meaning of Ten of Stones Wildwood Tarot

The close ones and the society outside all strengthen and support each individual, not necessarily a family of the same bloodline, but maybe true friends, comrades or lovers, who bring safety and affection.

Meaning of Ten of Stones Wildwood Tarot

III. The interpretation of Ten of Stones Wildwood Tarot

Traditional conceptions of family and home have gradually changed and evolved over the last few decades, but the core, the fundamental concept still seems to have not changed. In traditional British families where the father works to make money and the mother stays at home to take care of the children and to manage the family, the home is the place we always return, where stability and a range of valid rules and social conduct applied. It is both protected and molded with love, respect, and sincerity.

For young children, the home is like a safe and caring place. For a teen exploring the world, it could be anywhere you can put a hat and guitar case. In later life, it can become a sanctuary and a stronghold that protects your own heart. For some, the concept of a home is as simple as an idea, a hope, a dream, not a shelter under all circumstances, or just an investment. For others, a home is truly a place where love exists and is the final destination after a glorious or an arduous journey.

IV. The guideline of Ten of Stones Wildwood Tarot

The circle of the year has turned completely and we find ourselves back where we started, back to Imbolc, where we came together as new Wanderers. Together we explored the outer and inner fields of Wildwood and chatted with ancient spirits that dwell in its summer meadows and winter caves.

Now we turn our faces in the direction of Home. Each stone carefully placed in the arch that welcomes us as we get home and reminds us how important we are in the larger whole. Without the foundation of the stones below, the arch cannot stand.

The great tree that forms the backbone of the home demonstrates the strength and steadfastness of our tribes. And while our tribe is usually our family, it is not limited to the family – closely linked friends of common purpose are also a strong tribe. Where we feel familiar is Home.

Carved into the stones, we see The Shaman, the representative of magic and power in the world around us, along with The Seer, his addition. She represents magic and the power that comes from the stillness and contemplation of the inner world. Together they unite and enable us to integrate everything we have experienced in our external and internal worlds over the past year on Wildwood roads.

The year has turned full circle. We are back where we began, but we are changed by our adventures. And we know that our journey is not over yet. Now is the time to sit by the campfire and share our stories about the mysterious creatures and ancient powers of the land. And when we are ready, we will begin our journey around the Wheel of the Year again.

In the days when people lived in homes as depicted in this card (Iron Age), life was fairly simple. It was a society where everybody knew his place and did what was expected. The house is a refuge of the cold and dangerous. There is a fire, a source of food, and a place to sleep. But the most important thing, what makes this house a home is family, the bonds of those who love each other. A family of emotional care and protection; stability and tradition.

Life is much more complicated these days. Families are smaller and more popular and are sometimes extended with or replaced with friends. Families are left behind to make room for new families. More and more people are living alone and looking for a home of their own. Security and stability have to be worked hard for. Sometimes, it seems like home is literally where your heart is.

When you feel at home with yourself, you can carry your fire and shelter wherever you go. You can even invite and warm others with your flare. It can be as simple as an idea of your own security or as detailed as visualizing a home with everything you need to feel comfortable and peaceful or everything in between.

The Ten of Stones Wildwood Tarot speaks up the important role the home environment plays in nurturing your spirit and creative energy. When your home is a comfortable place to relax, it acts as a recharge station for your soul, helping you feel safe, inspired, and excited about the work you do in the world.

Don’t ignore the strength of your habitat! If the energy of your home is circulating well, this will spill over into every area of your life. So take a few minutes to evaluate your home life. When at home, do you feel calm, happy, and secure? Or do you feel stressed, tired, and depressed? Sometimes, just making a few small changes (like cleaning up the mess) can make a difference!

V. Keywords and extensions of Ten of Stones Wildwood Tarot

Trust your choice, live your life, and celebrate your revival; Look for a long-term solution, Create a sustainable foundation, Have a stable family life, Maintain available rules, Participate in traditions, Conservation, Family engagement, The solid bond of family, Comfort, Stability, The connection among generations, Recognition, Prestige, Attachment to a traditional lifestyle.

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