Eight Of Vessels – Wildwood Tarot Deck

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I. The Description of Eight of Vessels Wildwood Tarot

From the middle of the stream with a strong flow, one can see an ancient cauldron hanging high by a large chain. Branches are located above the large cauldron holding three small vessels. The water and energy flowing from the three small vessels will pour into the large cauldron, from there will continue to overflow and pour into four more vessels placed above the rocks and underneath the large cauldron and continue to flow down the stream.

II. The Meaning of Eight of Vessels Wildwood Tarot

By looking back at the past, admitting our mistakes, and learning from them, we will gradually develop and gain a new mind. The future is waiting to be revealed based on authentic actions when we become The Eight of Vessels and receive powerful fresh energy from rebirth.

Meaning of Eight of Vessels Wildwood Tarot

III. The interpretation of Eight of Vessels Wildwood Tarot

Joyful! This is the time for renewal and potential. The cycle of revival and healing brings deep trust and peace. As soon as you acknowledge that gifts and blessings from life may be yours or truly yours, the fear of petitioning disappears. This is the time to expose the past as well as accept and capitalize on the rich potentials of the present that always exist and are available to you. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Don’t be afraid to ask: “Why not me?”. Seeing potential while others see only impediments. Seeing the challenge while others only see the individual impossible.

Let’s apply all the experiences you have learned and work hard to solve any problem and you will never fail. You are always trying to survive and cultivate wisdom, you patiently endure loss to keep your integrity. All these hardships make you stronger, wiser, and more effective. Let’s enjoy new opportunities and renew your life goals. You have overcome the past and try to win a gift from it. And now, the challenge in the future is opening up. Let’s take that challenge and mold it into your hand the way you want it to, and it will appear in your life.

IV. The guideline of Eight of Vessels Wildwood Tarot

After the period of mourning the circle turns; it is time for Rebirth. The great cauldron is filled and the vessels beneath over-flow, their contents blending with the waters of the lake. And as the water flows from the lake, we see that the waters flow back into the lake from a gentle waterfall at the top of the card.

Eight of Vessels Wildwood is a reflection of the more traditional Eight of Cups from the Rider-Waite Tarot deck. Traditional meaning often provokes pain when realizing that what you put in the effort to build may not be what will ultimately please you. It involves feeling disillusioned and desiring “something” more. So it is about going on, leaving something (a relationship, an emotional attachment, a special project), and starting a journey. The journey does not have to have a clear destination or endpoint.

In fact, in many more traditional cards, the moon shines above, illuminating a path that leads through mountainous terrain; The journey is full of mystery and you will probably stumble along the way…and yet the journey is needed. There is a hint of grief that comes with realizing it is time to move, so the card is not without grief. The keyword on the card is “rebirth”. This scene shows many interpretations like the traditional Eight of Cups, but the message is encapsulated by the natural cycle of water.

In this image, the lake is just a temporary reservoir to carry water from its past to its future. It gathered for a while, but it couldn’t stay. Once the movement is separated from the water cycle, it starts to stagnate. Stagnation means growth is stopped, water is contaminated. And this is exactly what happens when we live too long in a relationship, in a particular stage of life, in a job where we spend our time and energy nurturing and fear to let go.

The release is necessary for rebirth, and rebirth is necessary for our mental and emotional health. Reincarnation is not supposed to be pleasant, but it always brings us forward to experience new things, to help us continue to flourish as human beings. Rebirth is a never-ending part of the life cycle that ultimately brings depth and richness to each passing year.

Our wheel of life is always spinning, and when one thing dies for us, another comes to life. After mourning, we can start over. Thus, Rebirth shows us that this was one such occasion – draw a straight line under the previous experience and start over; We have this option at our hands at all times! A personal, potential renewal time. Let’s accept your challenge, move forward, and at the same time, realize that what you give will come back to you at the end. Today, the Eight of Vessels asks us: Where are you ready to rebirth after mourning? What ritual can you create to celebrate this new beginning?

V. Keywords and extensions of Eight of Vessels Wildwood Tarot

The water element, Celebrate what is gone, Leave a bad habit behind, Rejoice, A time of renewal and potential, The natural cycle of water, Replenish one’s soul, Emotionally reborn.

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