Six Of Stones – Wildwood Tarot Deck

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I. The Description of Six of Stones Wildwood Tarot

Two confused and ragged figures, an old man and a girl, holding empty bowls and standing next to a row of abandoned and damaged hives. Broken and unusable implements are on the ground nearby. Through the foliage of the trees, we see the surrounding field, barren and desolate. In the distance, there is a puff of smoke from the pile of the damaged field that is burning.

II. The Meaning of Six of Stones Wildwood Tarot

Stupid and selfish misuse of non-renewable resources leads to imbalances in work and business, which in turn destroys yourself or the environment.

Meaning of Six of Stones Wildwood Tarot

III. The interpretation of Six of Stones Wildwood Tarot

The exploitation of natural resources to the point of harming ourselves is encouraged by the misconception that we have the right to do so. Even as we begin to face the far-reaching effects of global climate change and those irreversible effects that will have a direct impact on the lives of our children and grandchildren, then, humans must struggle to solve the difficult problems of how to take care of the billions of children born each year. ‘What steps must we take to meet the requirements of education, health, and social services for our descendants?’ seem to be an extremely daunting question.

With the collapse of the protective class and the world financial system and the belief in the government’s ability to speak the truth and behave with integrity completely compromised, our social ethical manifestations and cultural codes of conduct have seriously deteriorated. All we need to care about is the price our children pay for our indiscriminate and arbitrary exploitation of natural resources.

IV. The guideline of Six of Stones Wildwood Tarot

The beehives are broken and empty. A man and woman stand in the middle of this isolated and destroyed landscape grabbing empty bowls.

The ruined hives are a symbol of our relationship with our planet. The hive works well without human interference. But add the demands of people to the mix and much more effort is required to keep the hives and stocks healthy. If you plunder the hives for honey in the autumn and fail to replace this vital foodstuff for the hive, your bees will starve and die over winter.

This is always considered a controversial card. Because the traditional Six of Pentacles card in Rider-Waite is often associated with abundance, while the Six of Stones in the Wildwood Tarot shows two people begging in a wilderness and fire. The answer is actually quite simple. This card is not just about gaining wealth and abundance – it is also about what we do with it. In the present climate, it seems seldom to mention that we waste it. It is like banks taking our money and playing gambling with it that causes hundreds of people and businesses (not to mention countries) out of business; so there are countless examples in the world of people and institutions squandering the riches given us by the earth.

We are surrounded by bounty and abundance – so much so that we take our bulging shopping trolleys and brimming gas tanks for granted. But we must acknowledge that the scales must be properly balanced if we are to continue to flourish. Just as we must care and feed our bees, we must care for and tend the land: taking what you can is not the same as taking what the land can offer.

If we continue to exploit the land without replenishing what we take, the things we take for granted will disappear and our world will be broken and ruined, like hives. This card may represent poverty of the soul – some form of psychosis. In that aspect, this card can indicate depression, stress, etc., conditions that we have taken out too much and not enough to replenish.

This earth is barren with everything we have taken, but we still hold out our bowls to earn more. We ask Mother Earth to endure our sufferings, to provide us even when she has too little to give, while we continue to steal from her everything we find useful. We lose more than we need to gain wealth, but too much continues to go to waste. We burn it in the landfills. We destroy the habitats of thousands of creatures. We poison our mother. We are all responsible for this. No one is exempt, and what we have taken from here will be taken from us in time. Our children will suffer the consequences of our injustices, our greed, our selfishness.

As this card indicates, after we take everything we can, our children will be hungry, and if we do not fix these types of self-destruction then our children will fall into a similar fate, destiny will repeat until someone can influence the change, or the whole of humanity erases itself. We are endangering humanity by exploiting the only place we could call home, by pretending that her resources are limitless, and by continuing to act as though there will be no consequences for our actions.

Today, the Six of Stones ask us: How many more things do you have than you really need? Where can you stop mining the planet, even if only a tiny way? What are you taking too much of? Or are you perhaps giving too much and not replenishing yourself when you have given? Are you taking too much and taking advantage?

V. Keywords and extensions of Six of Stones Wildwood Tarot

The earth element, Everything its place, Everything working according to its kind, Take the riches and plenty offered by the earth and make good and wise use of them, To put our resources to the best possible use, To build on the fortunate things that come our way, Refill what we need to use.

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