Ace of Vessels – Wildwood Tarot Deck

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I. The Description of Ace of Vessels Wildwood Tarot

The horned deer lowers its noble head to drink water from the stream – the shelter of the swan, along with the crescent-shaped boat. The water flowing from the large stone cauldron merges with the stream, supporting the swan, the semicircular cup, and nurturing the forest deer.

II. The Meaning of Ace of Vessels Wildwood Tarot

The stream of life preserves ancient wisdom to prepare for a new awakening. The moonlit pool of the soul of all things stores all memories, ready for an inspiring new search.

Meaning of Ace of Vessels Wildwood Tarot

III. The interpretation of Ace of Vessels Wildwood Tarot

The Vessels reveals the primitive mystery of human emotions and Ace focuses on explaining the nature of outstanding but elusive traits. Right from prehistoric times, emotions were represented by the element Water and, no matter how much we developed, we were still greatly influenced by emotions and instincts. The sources of energy from reason, wisdom, and science will help us to clearly understand the ocean and the sky, but no matter how much we discover, inventions and constructions are always the curiosity and human desires. Many biologists argue that our emotions are simply a manifestation of ancient evolution and governed by the hemisphere along with the brains of mammals.

The way reptiles’ brains influence our emotional responses remains a mystery. Emotions need to be exploited with positive intentions, and the denial of basic emotional needs will make us rebellious and gradually become indifferent. Gather your emotional energies and keep them balanced in healthy, creative, and loving interaction with all other identities, including sources of energy of humans that are sometimes unreasonable or destructive-oriented.

IV. The guideline of Ace of Vessels Wildwood Tarot

We see in the Ace of Vessels a great stone cauldron, the source of a slender waterfall that dashes into a pool. We see our old Imbolc friend, The Stag and the Queen of Arrows, Swan, enjoying the life-giving water and a little boat, shaped like the crescent moon, floats serenely onwards.

All that we need to nourish us on our journey is within this pool. It symbolizes the deep pool that is the universal soul and will be available to us throughout our quest to explore within the Time of Vessels.

To ignore the power of our emotions is to ignore a vital balancing element in our subconscious. You can squash every emotion away into a tiny corner and rely on the neat logic of Arrows, or the sheer physicality of Bows, but sooner or later, the dam will burst and the tide of emotional waters will make you fall into a mess. Balance is key.

Within the Ace’s cauldron lies all the bounty of the suit of Vessels. Here we will encounter Attraction and Ecstasy, Joy and Mourning, Rebirth and Reunion, Generosity, and Happiness.

Ace of Vessels Wildwood Tarot asks us to be ready for the next stage of the journey: Do you trust your emotions or exert iron control? Do you understand your Vessels power?

V. Keywords and extensions of Ace of Vessels Wildwood Tarot

The water element, New emotional beginnings and experiences, Friendship, New employment opportunities, Finding new grounds, Emotional support, Nourishment of Water.

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