The Wanderer – Wildwood Tarot Deck

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I. The position of The Wanderer Wildwood Tarot on the Wheel of the Year

The Wanderer is at the center of the human life cycle, within the innermost circle of The Wheel, balancing the starting and ending points. The figure on the card waits for instructions to overcome the abyss of awareness and enter the realm of prototype consciousness.

II. The Description of The Wanderer Wildwood Tarot

Wandering on the edge of the white chalk cliff, The Wanderer was about to cross the abyss and into The Wildwood on the other side. The rainbow appears in front of the character as a vague hint: walking on it. Footsteps through space will be energized by open arms, with deep trust: The honesty and wings of imagination will take The Wanderer on the green soil of a new road.

The Wanderer is neither entirely male nor female. The characteristics of both sexes are combined in this slender body. The Wanderer covered with soft phloem, foliage, and green moss carpet, symbolizing the protection and healing of nature. The Wanderer’s bare feet walked softly on warm and sweet grass on the rocks. In the distance, deep black forests are waiting for the new resident of The Wildwood. Among the intertwined tree leaves, there was a vague face – it was probably the spirit of the forest.

Description of The Wanderer Wildwood Tarot
Description of The Wanderer Wildwood Tarot

III. The Meaning of The Wanderer Wildwood Tarot

At this point, the burden of the past should be set aside, as it was too heavy for The Wanderer to carry. The Wheel of The Year began its great cycle, bringing a whole range of new challenges and possibilities. The Wanderer is ready to take a leap and discover the unknown – the only thing needed is faith.

The Wanderer represents wisdom and the courage to leave, to engage in new perspectives. There is something conceived to instinctively walk through the abyss of consciousness but you are unaware. However, you may feel: this is the time to walk. Sometimes, the fear of loss or failure will make you doubt the value of change. You may want to wait for more or hesitate at this important moment because you want to be safe. However, the momentum of the great Wheel has sent the true heart of The Wanderer to the future, overcome the abyss with courage and joy. So, now, The Wanderer is forced to throw away the burden – the figure has been oppressed for too long and began to believe in the wings of imagination.

The Wanderer covers both the end and the starting point. Once the journey completes its cycle, when you distill the experience of living into sacred memories and leave behind the past and the burden, you will see the future patiently waiting for you to take the first steps.

Remember that your intellect, strength, experience, or personal skills no longer help you. The curious instinct of a human being is leading you to overcome yourself and enter a new life. It is this unconscious energy that created the rainbow to welcome your footsteps. The rainbow will carry you through the air as you walk energetically and believe in the unknown.

IV. The guideline of The Wanderer Wildwood Tarot

You are approaching the intersection or the turning point of your life. You may accidentally feel things are changing direction, or something is about to happen. And that is true, in some way. Your soul must walk and desire to touch unknown signs. This means you must give up the burdens from the past that you are carrying on your shoulders. Now is the time to become determined. Do not let the fear of failure or the illusion of sadness hinder you. Let your imagination bring you to a new beginning with new opportunities. It is time to take part in an exciting journey, open your arms, take on new and challenging aspects of the universe.

V. Keywords and extensions of The Wanderer Wildwood Tarot

Blind faith, a blank paper, inner child, walking in the dark, following the call of the heart, the seeker behind the knowledge or truth, the main motivation, illusion of enlightenment, motivating you to come forward.

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