The Sun of Life – Wildwood Tarot Deck

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I. The position of The Sun of Life Wildwood Tarot on the Wheel of the Year

The Sun of Life, along with The Green Man and The Green Woman, both show off rich ideas. The card is connected to the element Fire, and at noontime. The Sun of Life Wildwood represents the gate that leads to the mind, when the sun sends energy and light into the world, bringing abundant energy to human life.

II. The Description of The Sun of Life Wildwood Tarot

A glowing golden sphere is radiating hot flashes of light. It is filled with creative power. As the sun rises over the holy land, it fills the air with an abundant energy source. Before the character in the card stood up with his arms outstretched, the blessing of the ancient sun shone in his heart. Around this character, the flowers bloom in wonderful yellow sunshine.

Description of The Sun of Life Wildwood Tarot
Description of The Sun of Life Wildwood Tarot

III. The Meaning of The Sun of Life Wildwood Tarot

Describing the heart of the Wildwood in the summer, The Sun Of Life embodies abundance and prosperity. The power and important role of the sun cannot be exaggerated into the one that brings life, light, and warmth to the human world. Many signs have been created in the stone age to mark the sunrise, especially in the middle of the winter. This action is not only to honor God of the sun but also to signal the return of abundant food resources, along with the revival of the world, after the death in winter. This is a very sincere and practical welcome to a pleasant energy source that is vital for the months of the year. On the other hand, it is also evidence of the promise of the sun to return after staying under the horizon during the winter months. Without sunlight in our world, life will never begin and, moreover, cannot grow as diverse, complex, and plentiful as it is today.

In a complex range of human awareness, The Sun Of Life represents a step forward into the awareness of the universal mind. After the first steps to the moon, the sun beckons us out of the range of the moon and the earth, moving forward to explore the solar system. In the core of the sun, there is a secret process, where the nuclei merge. It helps us to understand the principle of how matter works in the galaxy, and above all, of our own. The image of the sun locating at the heart’s position of this character as if to say that we really are created from the dust particles of the universe. Our worldly body is made of the leftover and cooled material of the sun. We really are a whole body with the universe. The interactions between the molecules and energy sources that once created the sun are now flowing through our bodies every moment.

IV. The guideline of The Sun of Life Wildwood Tarot

A symbol of the power of light and fertility, The Sun Of Life represents blessings, joy, health, and emotional harmony. Like the bright rays illuminating the darkness in your heart and life, The Sun of Life reaches deep within you and energizes your soul. This is the time for your sun to radiate the world around you, bringing warmth, light, and harmony to others. Not only that, but you can also connect with the treasure of universal knowledge. The Sun Of Life also encourages you to ignore the noises and the mess in the real world and to touch the generosity in the soul of the universe.

V. Keywords and extensions of The Sun of Life Wildwood Tarot

The flame of creation, The light on the earth, Fireplace of possibilities, The sun in the soul, The primitive pot of materials and energy, The center of eternal life.

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