Four of Bows – Wildwood Tarot Deck

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I. The Description of Four of Bows Wildwood Tarot

Four longbows have been completed but not strung yet are in the hands of four happy people. They are dancing to celebrate the generosity of their crops. A fire is lit in the center. The flame radiates heat and light and sends bright, warm orange-colored arrays to the darkest corners of The Wildwood Tarot.

II. The Meaning of Four of Bows Wildwood Tarot

Four of Bows Wildwood – The celebration of health, wealth, and safety. A time to rest and enjoy the generosity of luck and the fruits of labor. A holiday or festival when creativity and abundance are plentiful.

Meaning of Four of Bows Wildwood Tarot

III. The interpretation of Four of Bows Wildwood Tarot

While concentration, effort, and dedication are needed to control any skill that requires perseverance and practice, we also need valuable time to rest and celebrate. If we take away timely gifts from favors, joys, friendships, we become separate and isolated from those we have a relationship with or a connection with. Relaxation and sharing of generosity are part of the healing process of the human soul. That’s the way we renew and enrich our souls. Whether the celebration is a traditional festival or to mark a personal achievement, we need to allow ourselves to celebrate without worry, let laughter bring new life to consistency; rekindle our desire, as a gift by which its beauty, the generosity and the magic of nature are reflected. Sharing and exchanging abundance of luck with those we love or respect is the best way we can celebrate to please and entertain ourselves.

IV. The guideline of Four of Bows Wildwood Tarot

Four of Bows Wildwood Tarot depicts a group of women dancing happily around the flaming fire, four unstrung bows held high up and around them are delicious food and beverages. This card reminds us that if we are just single-minded to the end result, we may miss celebrating or enjoying the small successes we have along the way. The bows were not yet strung, but another step in the process was completed and the women celebrated together. The act of acknowledging the small successes that have revived us for the jobs that are still ahead, but also shows us that we succeed when we reach our goals.

Four of Bows requires you to take some time to recognize your successes and celebrate them – whatever they may be. Anyway, a stressed person never gets the job done the right way. Let your hair down, dance with all your might. Set aside negative energy and frustration, instead, celebrate what you have done. You may be sick in the morning but you may feel better about everything and ready to do whatever you have to do.

V. Keywords and extensions of Four of Bows Wildwood Tarot

Fire element, Release of pent-up energy/clearing energy, Taking a break in a project, Social gathering, Party, Put whatever you are working on (and stressing about) to one side, Invite around friends, Dance, Sense of community and joy, Having a time of your life.

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