King Of Vessels – Wildwood Tarot Deck

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I. The Position of King of Vessels Wildwood Tarot on The Wheel

Departure from Lammas day.

II. The Meaning of King of Vessels Wildwood Tarot

As a bird that welcomes the dawn and often lives alone, the heron is known for its awareness and spiritual thoughts that its creator offers. This bird, defending ancient secrets, is said to stand at the gate between life and death, acting as a mediator between the Celtic’s journey of the soul to another world and reincarnation.

Meaning of King of Vessels Wildwood Tarot

III. The interpretation of King of Vessels Wildwood Tarot

A deep and profound personality will help you solve any problems before unexpected actions arise. However, admiring calm and self-control can sometimes be too harsh.

As someone in your life: It can be a guide or a counselor, someone who leads a peaceful lifestyle through his tolerance. He is often the catalyst that brings groups together while also asserting the place of each individual. It is his gifted compassion that makes him always pay attention and care about everyone around. It can also be softness; useless or someone intentionally takes advantage of that compassion.

As an aspect or process: Conduct diplomacy. Maintain open-mindedness. Promote equity. Provide support, like a sponsor or godfather.

As an event/situation: An exhibition, art show, or creative exhibition. A support network or hotline for advice and assistance. A scandal or popular show/event. Public dependence.

Question: Where is tolerance needed? Who depends on your support? What is your duty to love here?

IV. The guideline of King of Vessels Wildwood Tarot

Our Court card guardian for this period is the King of Vessels, Heron. We find him standing patiently in the middle of the stream that flows down from the Ace of Vessels, waiting. Heron says: “I know the value of waiting and I come to you now with the lesson of patience. Sometimes, it is necessary to hunt – to stalk down your prey and run towards your goals, as we did in the Time of Bows. Sometimes, it is necessary to trap – to wait patiently for your quarry to come to you!”

The Heron with his thin and slender legs gliding leisurely across the water, his long beak touches precisely, in the blink of an eye, to perfect his residency choice. He does not belong to the water, but he adapts and is built to survive from it, exploiting it for his own benefit. We see that Heron stands on one leg – The King of Vessels is not overwhelmed by his emotions, he understands them and has great empathy, but he is not ruled by them. The stream may run quickly, but Heron stands solid.

If we apply the metaphor of emotions to the flow, we see the picture of a manipulator. He can dip his claws and beak into the water shallowly, but he is unaffected by the flow of it. The Heron is removed from emotion for the most part. If anything, he uses his emotions for his own gain, as a motivator for his goals. He can rely on another person’s feelings to get what he wants, such as pulling fish from a stream.

If we apply the metaphor of time, we will create a character that is efficient with our time, making the most of each moment’s time without being overwhelmed by restrictions or pressure. Heron is also an air creature. He is thoughtful, logical, and intelligent. He is extremely considerate of everything he does.

Heron does not make quick decisions, but will carefully weigh the pros and cons – with the focus on how decisions affect relationships and feelings. This is a big challenge of Heron – to be efficient and active in the world, but still true to his emotional core.

Closely linked with Druidry, we will meet Heron in his shell in another world in The Mirror at the Autumn Equinox. King of Vessels Wildwood is a good parent – sensitive, understanding, and encouraging. Although he is fishing alone, Heron is a social creature and lives in a colony; Heron values companionship and support. Today Heron asks us: How patient are you? What opportunity do you have right now to grow and show patience? Are you able to empathize with others without losing the ability to act?

V. Keywords and extensions of King of Vessels Wildwood Tarot

The water element, Artistic ability, Honesty and integrity, Fairness on purpose, Responsibility, Care about everyone, Love, Support and friendship, Maturity, Masculinity, Hold one’s own, Integrate into the world.

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