The Strength – Linestrider Tarot Deck

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I. Keyword by Strength Linestrider

Courage, love, patience, balance, motivation, inner strength, success.

II. Meaning of Strength Linestrider

Strength Linestrider represents the inner tenacity and mental strength of humans to overcome all barriers. The querents should know that they can endure life’s obstacles with confidence, stamina, and resilience forged with patience, compassion, and inner composure.

Meaning of Strength Linestrider

The lion is a symbol of our animalistic desires and passions; Strength, typified by the woman, controls the lion with quiet perseverance. The infinity line that appears above her head is also a symbol of the Magician. Her white mantle resembles that of innocent Fool, indicating the purity of her soul.

The presence of Strength Linestrider implies this is when you need to explore your instinctive responses and impulses, especially when you are assessing a situation or needing to make a decision. This is the time to use your mental maturity, love, and compassion. Listen to your animal passions but don’t let them dominate over.

II. The Strength Linestrider in a Tarot spread

When Strength works with Chariot in spreading cards, they make a great pair. You are in control of your destiny and things are going your way. It feels like “fortune” is on your side, even though luck is actually learning how to transmute the different elements of your personality so that they are balanced and use them to achieve things you want in life. When combined with the Tower, you may be facing some major transformations and changes. Even if you are not in control of the situation, Strength Linestrider indicates that you have the strength and courtesy to overcome these changes and move forward. It truly is a great opportunity for you to do new things and move forward on your journey, as long as you can maintain self-control and mental calmness.

Basically, Strength Linestrider is positive, but if it is in the reversed position, it can imply self-doubt and loss of confidence. You may have put yourself in a position where you have to depend on the actions and feelings of others. The cue suggests that you may have given up on your instinctive responses and did not have the self-discipline and control you need.

If the previous card – The Chariot Linestrider is an outward-facing power, then Strength Linestrider is directed towards the inside, seeking self-understanding. The woman represents the human part, the goodness in man, and the lion represents instinct and darkness. Humans’ greatest enemy is ourselves. This is a peaceful fight yet extremely challenging.

In terms of work, if you are looking for work, then what you spend is about to reap results. If you are having trouble, then this is the time to persevere because you can only rely on yourself. If you want to start a new job, then you should define your own worth, ask for a salary that is commensurate with your qualifications. If your efforts and talents are not being appreciated properly, you should probably think about making a change. If you are starting a new project, you should look at your problem in many ways to get the right direction.

In terms of finance, this is a good opportunity if you want to invest, you should let your cash flow circulate and save some. If you are in the stage of emptiness, then it will pass quickly. In another case, Strength Linestrider warns you not to greed for illegal sources of money or items of unknown origin for your immediate gain. If you want to borrow or intend to lend to a friend, then this is not the right time. The card advises you to take the extra time to consider your spending plan with this amount.

Regarding friends, it indicates that you may be in trouble with your friends about disagreement, isolation, and mental pressure. Or maybe you’re being tempted by friends to do things you don’t like. This is not the time to give in, you should speak out your thoughts frankly. At the same time, it takes courage to refuse the things you are not fancied. When it comes to associates, the indifference and neglect of your coworkers delay your work. Instead of hopelessly asking for help, you need to seek the intervention and support of a superior. However, you should not hold hostility towards them, but use affection to turn their hostility into fondness.

Regarding family and relatives. If you have problems at work or need advice or inspiration, then consult with your family member who is experienced. Strength Linestrider notifies you that instead of spending time on your own hobbies, you should balance it out and spend time with family and loved ones. And this is not the time to argue and express opinions clearly when you listen to the older in your family as this can lead to unnecessary conflicts due to the generation gap.

IV. Message of Strength Linestrider

Strength describes the unconscious energy that is released, stabilized, tamed through the direction of perception. But we can also consider this card an essential quality to start a new journey. We need to deal with the emotions and desires that always play hide and seek with consciousness. If we try to change ourselves with our minds, we will create a different kind of personality.

Putting the Strength card at number 8 means pushing it into the opposite position with the Chariot – another type of power, not the will of the ego, but the Inner Strength that confronts the ego calmly without fear. We can bring mysteries to light because we have found the strength to deal with them. The lion represents emotions, fear, desire, and insecurity, and has the ability to control life but is suppressed by the ego. The Chariot possesses inner energy as the fundamental source of power, but always carefully directs that energy according to the path that perception wants to go. Strength paved the way for a revolutionary inner passion as the first step beyond the ego.

Strength unleashes personality as Pandora opens the banned box. But as dangerous as it is, the results are sweet: a sense of serenity, love of life, and great confidence. Unless we truly believe in self-discovery as a pleasure, we never get it done.

In spreading cards, Strength shows the ability to face life, especially with difficulties or the time for a change, with hope and determination. It implies a strong person from within, experiencing life with passion but at peace without being possessed by passion. The card represents finding the Strength to start or continue challenging projects regardless of stress or fear.

If Strength appears in connection with the Chariot, it can mean a bond with rational strength, especially in the case of the reversed Chariot. The two cards also interpret each other’s complementary sides at the same time. Strength in reverse, however, emphasizes weakness. The courage to face life is shaken and one feels swept away and negative. It also means self-torment. The animal part of the lion escaped the cage made up of mentality and emotion. Passions become enemies, threatening to destroy the conscious personality and the life that consciousness has built for itself.

V. Corresponding Associations of Strength Linestrider

  • Astrology: Leo;
  • Arithmetic: 8;
  • Plants: Angelica, Cayenne pepper, Thyme.

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