Nine Of Wands – Linestrider Tarot Deck

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I. Keyword by Nine of Wands Linestrider

Resilience, strength, wounded but victorious, entrenched

II. Meaning of Nine of Wands Linestrider

Nine of Wands Linestrider shows a man (in this case is a male fox) who is injured but still stands tall. He is standing in front of nine sticks, which stand for assets, experience, or positions he must defend. This is usually a message encouraging you to pay attention to your rights, believe in yourself, and defend your position or property. It is time to gather your experiences and life lessons.

Meaning of Nine of Wands Linestrider

Most cards in the Wands suit are very positive, but as you get to the highest card in the suit you will probably find it more complex and difficult. The Nine of Wands Linestrider is the card that marks the beginning of this level. It can contain worry and anxiety.

The fox in Nine of Wands Linestrider clearly shows the persistence. His head and arms are wrapped in bandages, and he is leaning on a crutch. He has been through a few wars, but he still persists! He is in pain, but he doesn’t give up. When we experience bad things in life, we usually feel tired and afraid of conflicts. Even if we don’t feel pain physically, we are still hurt mentally in some way. Our openness, naivety, and beliefs are gone, but defensive and wary stay instead.

III. Nine of Wands Linestrider in a Tarot spread

In a Tarot spread, the Nine of Wands Linestrider can be a warning that you must do everything carefully. Pay attention to everything you do because there is a chance you will get hurt. If you have ever got burned, you will understand the feeling of the fox in this card. Life lessons could be difficult sometimes, especially when hope is cut off. It’s human nature to trigger defensive thoughts in such situations, but don’t let yourself sink into despair. What you’ve been through will hurt you, but it’s also made you stronger. Strength is another aspect of this card. The fox is so resilient! He has a strong physical stamina and inner spirit that perseveres even when everything is against him.

In terms of work, it shows that you are facing some challenges, these obstacles are uncontrollable and unexpected also. For example, a competitor in the same field, a company that wants to acquire, an individual who wants to hinder the company. You must gather all strength, and hold on to them, do not be discouraged, you have what it takes to get through these battles. This card shows that you will remain stable and protected, but always be wary if this card is combined with cards associated with betrayal. This is certainly true if it is accompanied by the Strength card. If accompanied by the Star card, what appears to be dark actually lasts a few moments before dawn, the light will soon appear. If you have the Tower card, it is almost impossible for you to control the situation that causes you stress or pain, the storm will come so hold on until the storm passes. Sometimes, this card appears to warn about the recent illness of the querent or those close to the querent. This card sometimes means that taking risks is also necessary.

In terms of finance, it shows that your assets are safe now, or at least for a short period of time ahead. You can completely focus on solving other problems. It also says that your investment decisions are going right. It reminds you of risky decisions that are out of control, because you may encounter unexpected circumstances which refer to spontaneous plans, investment intentions in some fields or areas that you don’t know well. Know that when it comes to finances, worrying won’t solve any problems. Try to stay calm and deal with the situation and take potential courses of action in a thoughtful way. Let’s take small steps. Consider what you can do to increase your income, even if it’s only a little money.

In terms of love, it is very important to remember that there is not any relationship in the world that can be “settled” invariably. Try giving your lover more space. If you haven’t got a lover yet, and you are longing for love and being loved, then this is not the right time for you. Is there something about yourself that you would like to change? It is important to know that this is a good time to take full control of your emotions, so that when you are ready for a new relationship, the person you attract will also be truly happy with you. Don’t be too hasty!

In terms of friends and colleagues, Nine of Wands Linestrider shows that you are about to get good companions. These friends are considered as “protectors”. Take this time to expand relationships with colleagues and friends, you will see how it benefits you later. If you intend to form a group or pursue a community project, this is also a good opportunity. Don’t hesitate to assign trustworthy people higher positions or authority, as they will have a good impact on your future.

In terms of family and relatives, this is unfortunately not a positive card. You should mentally prepare for events that endanger the peace of your family. These events come from outside, not from within. This disturbance will have nothing to do with family relations, so you don’t have to worry much. “Family influence” can refer to many different things, so it can be difficult to predict.

In terms of health, anxiety, stress, and depression can have significant impacts on your life currently. Make sure you’re treating yourself as well as possible. Balance yourself between exercise, eating, and rest. Breathing exercises and meditation will be especially helpful for you at this point. If you are waiting for the medical check-up result, don’t worry too much, and remember that you still have many other things to worry about. Focus on the positive things. If necessary, write down what makes you feel lucky in life.

In terms of spirituality, you may not be ready to be rigorous and self-disciplined, but this is the time when staying disciplined will help you achieve your spiritual goals. Stay focused, have a plan, and set higher expectations for yourself regarding research and spiritual commitment. You have the power within you to achieve anything you want.

The reversed Nine of Wands Linestrider implies a need of gentleness- either to yourself or others.

Let’s embrace your abilities. Remember that kindness and weakness are not the same, and you should show as much kindness as you can. If you feel your physical, mental or emotional strength is threatening, it is important not to be hard on yourself. None of us can be perfectly healthy all the time. Allow yourself to rely on someone else or something positive, and always remember that your strength will return. Everything has a cycle.

IV. Message of Nine of Wands Linestrider

When the Nine of Wands Linestrider appears, the first and best thing that you should do is take a deep and calm breath. Don’t let worry overwhelm you. Spend only once a day, or once an hour thinking about your concerns if necessary. At least one of your worries is just your own imagination. Be specific about what’s scaring you and put it aside. What are real possibilities of the problem if it actually happens? Comfort yourself, and if you need help, don’t be afraid to ask for it. Asking for help is a sign of a strong person.

Do you hesitate to make a commitment? Are you hesitant or defensive about something? You may be struggling with certain paranoid emotions. You may feel that people are catching you or that you are unpopular or unappreciated. Your fears are not based on reality. Stand up for yourself and your achievements, but don’t scare yourself.

This card urges you to keep going no matter what. Even if everyone and everything seems to be against you right now, don’t give up. There is a hiding energy inside of you that needs to be released.

V. Corresponding Associations of Nine of Wands Linestrider

  • Arithmetic: 9, 35, 8
  • Date of birth: August 8 to August 18
  • Plant: Himalyan bayberry, hypericum japonicum
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