The Empress – Linestrider Tarot Deck

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I. Keyword by The Empress Linestrider

Integrity, satisfaction, creativity, passion, fertility, childishness, maternal love, happiness, art, prosperity.

II. Meaning of The Empress Linestrider

Projected by Venus, The Empress Linestrider represents creativity, fertility, art, harmony, luxury, beauty, and elegance. She is the supreme role model for femininity, ego, Demeter – goddess of fertility. Empress herself is a mature woman, capable of nurturing and graciousness. She wears a celestial crown, symbolizing her connection to the universe. She is drawn with a monkey and a tiger – signifying wisdom and humor and hidden ferocity when needed. Her topless upper body and welcoming posture are reminiscent of the sensuality, assistance, and care of a mother.

Meaning of The Empress Linestrider

The Empress Linestrider represents the more accessible, kinder aspects of the female archetype. She is motherhood, love, tenderness. At the same time, she denotes female sexuality, emotions, and mastery. Both motherhood and sexuality are rooted in irrational feelings and are fundamental to life – passions rather than reason. The High Priestess represents the spiritual side of the female archetype; her deep intuition while the Empress is pure emotion.

III. The Empress in a Tarot spread

In a Tarot spread, the Empress Linestrider alludes to a deep connection to womanhood or the need for femininity. She embodies the proliferation of mind and body. She reminds you that now is the time to nurture new projects and ideas.

Regarding work, if you are looking to start a business, this is a great opportunity. If you are in the process of solving work troubles, the results are worth what you spend. At the same time, the card is also a positive signal if you want to expand your business. Do not miss the chance. In some ways, it can signal that you will get help from a noble woman.

In a financial spread, Empress is a good omen of prosperity; Overall, it shows that the other person is being attracted to you and your idea. The foundation is very fertile for new endeavors. If you are looking for guidance in business matters, the Empress Linestrider may advise you to focus on communication, relationships, and networking rather than facing job-related challenges directly. This is also a favorable time to invest in something you fancy and to reap the sweet fruits of your labor. If you are planning to loan or lend to someone, don’t hesitate. In case you have a large sum of money but do not have a clear plan, don’t waste it thoughtlessly.

In a romantic spread, she can show pregnancy, childbirth, or a deeper bond with kids in your life. She also brings an element of comfort and well-being, an iconic aspect of the family. Empress can also refer to marriage, protection, and a prosperous home. Take this message more seriously if you see Empress Linestrider accompanying Lovers or Ten of Cups. If she appears in the future position, the path you are taking now will lead you to the comfort and prosperity of a well-supplied life. More broadly, Empress encourages you to connect with others and with nature.

Regarding friends and associates, the card gives you the keyword “care”. Pay attention to your friends, if they have a problem, this is the time when they need your help or advice. For colleagues, do not hesitate to share your creative ideas, as this will inspire them. If you are having trouble, seek help from them as well.

Empress Linestrider shows happiness regarding family. Family conflicts can be solved with tolerance. This card is a reminder to spend time with your family. When you allow yourself to truly experience relationships with Mother Earth, femininity, and the people around you, you create richness and splendor in your own life.

If Empress is in the main position, you will become more attractive to others. They may turn to you for advice or comfort. Beware of people who are emotionally defensive or desperate for your attention. In the picture of the card, the tiger curls up around Empress, wanting to get her attention but also wanting to keep her safe.

When in a reversed position, Empress Linestrider can show you are giving away too much of your personal feminine energy. Perhaps you are letting the physical or emotional needs of others take away from you more than necessary. Your ability to help others will depend on how you protect your own strengths and resources. The negative meanings of this card may indicate that you use masculine power in your life while feminine power is being rejected or suppressed. Seek the balance to reach your ultimate potential.

When in the reversed position, Empress Linestrider can talk about problems related to fertility, pregnancy, or imbalance in your relationship with the kids. After all, sometimes the card talks about self-satisfaction and selfishness. Are you or someone in your life pleased with leisurely reigning on the throne in a strengthened situation while others work hard to protect or support you? Remember, unbalanced power rarely exists until the end. Others may be willing to let you go, but if you don’t do your part to take on the equivalent of your throne, it will fall sooner or later.

IV. Message of The Empress Linestrider

Like Cunning Woman, we see her portrayed in movies and novels as a woman who always causes trouble, someone who is disappointed yet curious because her thoughts do not follow rational development.

Many women find this image an insult, partly because it signifies the values ​​and approaches that our patriarchal society has viewed as negative and partly because it is often wrong to assume that men and women should express these archetypes individually. But social images are also declining in a different way as they are trivial.

The Empress Linestrider, along with their respective mythological images such as Aphrodite, Ishtar, or Erzulie, express something much grander. They embody a passion for life and give and take over the experience with uncontrollable emotions.

Until we learn to fully experience life outside, we can hope to overcome it. So the first step to enlightenment is the feeling of pleasure. Only through passion can we feel, from deep within, not from intellectual arguments – the spirit that fills all existence.

As a number 1 and 2 combinations, the number 3 denotes the synthesis and reconciliation. The natural world combines the Magician and High Priestess in an inseparable unity of life and death, darkness and light. The concept of emotion also brings Magician’s archetype of an initiative to High Priestess archetype of instinct.

The Empress herself, who is sensual and full of pleasure, manifests passion. Her shield is a heart with the mark of Venus, the Roman version of the Great Goddess. The goddesses, like Demeter, Astarte, and Nut, ruled throughout the ancient world until the patriarchal invaders brought them down as wives.

The fact that the number 3 is born from the combination of 1 and 2 also brings another idea. Just as the numbers 1 and 2 specifically represent men and women, so the number 3 represents a child born when they are combined. The child is born as a creature of nature, without the burden of self and personality, experiencing the universe directly with no control or prejudice. Only when we get older do we learn to put the barriers between us and life. One of Tarot’s goals is to provide us the natural state of experiencing the world around us firsthand.

But if the Empress represents the child, she also represents the mother. Maternal love is the basic foundation from which life continues throughout nature. And since the physical bond of mother and child is so direct, the mother’s love in its strongest form is a pure feeling given without any rational or moral consideration. Throughout history, mothers have been identified with nature, so the term “Great Mother”, referring to the earth itself, appears all over the world, and even today we automatically talk about Mother Nature.

In a Tarot spread, the Empress Linestrider signifies a time of passion, a period when we navigate life through feelings and joys rather than thoughts. This passion is either sexual or exemplary; in other words, it is a profound experience, and in  favorable conditions, the card can carry great satisfaction. When the circumstances are wrong, when an analysis is needed, the Empress can mean a purely emotional approach, a refusal to consider the situation. She can also show another problem: a pleasurable indulgence when it comes to moderation. Often, however, she manifests the satisfaction and even enlightenment achieved through emotion.

The reversed meanings of the cards also carry a positive and negative background. On the other hand, it also shows a withdrawal from feelings, also a renunciation of emotions, and attempts to curb your desires, especially sexual ones. However, like the High Priestess, it adds to the missing elements of the situation, so the reversed Empress can mean a new intellectual realization, especially how to solve some complex emotional problem by calmly pondering it over.

In the upright and reversed position, the two Major cards numbered 2 and 3 illuminate each other. Sometimes this happens when a person exposes both the emotional and mental aspects intuitively, but in a negative way. Rationality comes as a response to redundant emotional situations, while a feeling of isolation or coldness leads to passions. If these two aspects of these goddesses can be experienced in the upright direction, then one will achieve a firmer and more satisfying balance.

Corresponding Associations of The Empress Linestrider

  • Astrology: Libra;
  • Arithmetic: 3;
  • Plants: witch hazel, mistletoe, angelica sinensis, rose.

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