Seven Of Wands – Linestrider Tarot Deck

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I. Keyword by Seven of Wands Linestrider

Competition, jealousy, stalkers, infighting, work conflicts, rivalry in love.

II. Meaning of Seven of Wands Linestrider

In this card the goat is trying to hold its place against a fox (the cunning, monstrous competitor) and a goose (the big-mouth, loud, pecking competitor). It means that part of the price of success in any project or business is that you won’t feel alone enjoying the outcome.

Meaning of Seven of Wands Linestrider

You spend most of our time going with the flow of life. Sometimes you are not content with being left alone. You want to resist the flow of life, or change the whole direction. When you decide to stand up against, you establish an energy stream of resistance within yourself.

The Seven of Wands Linestrider represents enthusiasm and resistance, two different traits of the same thought. You attack, your opponent defends. He attacks back, and you have to defend.

III. Seven of Wands Linestrider in a Tarot spread

The Seven of Wands Linestrider implies that in any competitive situation, you will be the one who gets advantages. Everything will go smoothly and you will feel satisfied. All projects are also on the right track. Unfortunately, you may still have moments of anxiety and self-doubt, but it’s still not a bad time for you to be a little concerned.

Don’t hesitate to address your position clearly. When you clarify your thoughts, you will be able to support others by focusing on their problems in detail. This card also says that a change is coming – and it is a positive change – in your personal or professional life. This card also shows the dependence and self-worth thinking.

In terms of work, If you are about to launch or start a company, you must be prepared for a very fierce market competition. If your company is on a steady growth path, then this card warns that the stability will soon disappear and the company’s competitors will soon appear. In negotiations, the card indicates a deep disagreement between the parties involved. The best advice is to mentally prepare for a long confrontation.

In terms of finance, you can expect growth. For example, you may receive an unexpected bonus, or discover that something you own is more valuable than you thought. In the short term, your money situation will increase. Think about how you use and invest this money in the long run.

This card also implies confusion in spending, lack of determination. Your spending becomes difficult and your life becomes miserable. If you cooperate with your partners, conflicts related to interest can deprive you of what you are entitled to. The advice is that you should be resolute, not afraid of difficulties and disputes to get back what you deserve.

In terms of friends and colleagues, Seven of Wands Linestrider implies conflict in discussion, contradicting opinions that often occur between friends and colleagues. You don’t see any sympathy, but disputes. You begin to make concessions in order to reach consensus. This card emphasizes the brave element in fighting for ideals and discussing to defend your own point of view. Consensus can be a great benefit, but in this card, it is a basic concession. It would be great if you put up with minority issues, and stick to your major point of views.

Also be aware that there are many people right behind you who are trying to keep up with what you have achieved or denigrating and attacking your efforts. If accompanied by the Moon or Magician, there may be a special enemy plotting against you. The good news is that you have the skills and tools to hold your position and keep climbing the ladder! Don’t let these things discourage you. Redefine your knowledge and confidence  then continue on your way forward. You can do it!

This card may also imply that you may be in a situation where you need to protect your relationship or face competitors. Remember that you have the power to defend what belongs to you, to be merciful and understanding, not to be weak. You have to stand up and fight for the right things that you believe. Passivity is not the answer.

When the Royal card appears in a Tarot spread, it gives you clues about who you need to watch out for. For example, the Knight of Cups in a spread could talk about a young, impulsive pursuer watching your work or life partner. Sometimes compassion can be wonderful and helpful for us to achieve our goals. Otherwise, it takes away our energy and creates negative impacts.

In terms of love, If you’re in a committed relationship and you’re both committed to your future, don’t hesitate to speak up your mind to your partner. This will take your relationship to the next level  as long as you express your thoughts carefully. If you are looking for your other half, this card can mean that you are about to meet someone new who is far from your familiar places. It is good to try something new.

In terms of health, you may worry about your health unnecessarily. Even when facing serious health challenges, maintaining a positive attitude can work better. If you suspect that you have a physical problem, then ask a health professional to check it out. Trust your instincts.

In terms of spirituality, confronting your fears and turning them to your advantage, you will become stronger and ready to face the next obstacles in your journey. Indeed, fears inspire couragement, they can not hold you back. If there is a door opening for you, put your worries aside and go for it confidently.

The reversed Seven of Wands Linestrider reflects that you are feeling overwhelmed by too much commitment, competition, or constant pressure to compete and catch up with others. You may feel judged, surrounded by enemies, paranoid, or belittled.

Big part of you just wants to hide and doesn’t want to fight anymore. If you’re feeling anxious, try to track down what’s causing you to feel this way, and what you can do to change it. Sometimes anxiety is relieved by action. If you need help dealing with this feeling or taking necessary action, don’t let your self-esteem stop you from asking.

IV. Message of Seven of Wands Linestrider

Seven of Wands Linestrider emphasizes that you should stand up, this is not the time to be passive. Standing up is a powerful act, which can change the world’s energy  for good or for bad. Standing up and fighting are the right things to do in some cases, but there are also cases where resistance will only cause trouble. If you’re in a conflict, ask yourself if it’s worth fighting or not. Does the reason for this conflict matter? Is it worth it? Will the results benefit you or others? If so, be brave, energetic to stand up and defend your position.

Don’t ever surrender! If not, consider ignoring this conflict. Be honest to yourself. You are challenged to maintain your position, especially if you have invested too much time and effort into it. Don’t join any wars unless it’s worth it for you to stand up and fight.

If you think this is a good time to reach your dream, forget all the hesitation and don’t let anything prevent you from getting what you deserve. In the short term, whatever your goals and expectations are, take action to achieve them.

The Seven of Swords Linestrider also indicates certainty. To be appreciated, you must believe in your position and yourself. You will need integrity and strength to truly understand yourself. If you’ve ever wanted to advocate for yourself, hire yourself, now is the time to think about it seriously. You can create your own career, if you are determined to put in time and effort, it will happen. However, be rational!

V. Corresponding Associations of Seven of Wands Linestrider

  • Arithmetic: 7, 33, 6;
  • Date of birth: July 28 to  August 2;
  • Plant: verbena, wild ginger.
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