Three Of Wands – Linestrider Tarot Deck

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I. Keyword by Three of Wands Linestrider

Careers, beginnings, partnerships, long-term plans,corporations, future financial success.

II. Meaning of Three of Wands Linestrider

The Three of Wands Linestrider indicates the beginnings, time of expansion and development. You should pay attention to new opportunities emerging in your existing careers or projects, should consider potential allies and partnerships; This card talks about business partnership opportunities that can bring greater success to you, your business or career.

Meaning of Three of Wands Linestrider

Just like the deer on the card, let’s look outside from the ledge and visualize your future. Let’s plan for everything that is happening in your life (as presented by three firm and blooming sticks, depicted on the card).

III. Three of Wands Linestrider in a Tarot spread

In a Tarot spread, The Three of Wands Linestrider is the root of new opportunities, travels, partnerships, corporations and research – ways to extend things to places where you have invested time and effort. Pay attention to opportunities that are exposed in front of you; Be interested in scalability and growth. This card requires you to have an open mind and big thoughts, set high goals, and jump into the future with confidence.

This card is about vision and prediction. If you want to see further, you will have to climb higher. By going up, you expand your limits and free yourself from the current obstacles. You get out of the circumstances and create your own point of view.

Another meaning of the Three of Wands Linestrider is long-term vision, the important quality of a leader. As you go further, you gain more knowledge to guide others to their best future. A good leader will know how to direct his/ her followers well. When you see the Three of Wands Linestrider in a spread, be acknowledged that “now” is the time to embrace your vision and be confident that you can lead others to pursue it.

A leader is not only a visionary, but the one who is willing to get there first, if necessary. This card encourages you to venture into new realms. Let the ships on the horizon take you to uncharted lands.

The reversed Three of Wands Linestrider can imply your desires are about to come true, in a positive way. Things seem to be going a lot better than you might expect in the near future. Finally, you can take a rest or relax after a period of hard work. Allow yourself to recharge in the meantime.

Think carefully about what you truly desire and why you want to achieve your dream. You may perceive surprising things either about yourself, others or even the world. This card in reverse can also imply conflict in long-term goals. The warning this card conveys is for your long-term success, not small immediate obstacles. Step back, consider carefully, and prepare yourself for tough decisions.

In general, this card focuses more on work, in an extremely positive direction. Even if you work from home, the card still means that your efforts have been recognized and appreciated. Don’t hesitate to give yourself some pride.

In terms of work, it tells you that you have a right to be proud of being appreciated for your work, even if you haven’t fully seen the expected results yet. If you are looking for a job, you will soon find a better position than what you have been expecting. Keep your head up and always know that you have a lot to show.

In terms of finance, everything is on the rise. Your hard work, what you are striving for right now is paying off even if you haven’t seen it yet, it will lead you to promising things for a prosperous, future financial success whether it involves education, networking, or a business. However, don’t be too generous with yourself financially. Save a little money in case of difficulty. Know how to share your wealth. You can financially do better than you ever dreamed of.

You have more capability than you think! This is a good omen in a sentimental term. It often refers to potential long-term partnerships, especially when accompanied by Lovers or the Two of Cups; or it can refer to the expansion of your current family.

In terms of love, your romantic relationship is fine, as long as your lover is willing to treat you equally. If not, this may be the time to “step over”/ give up on love after you’ve explained everything clearly. If you recently met a new person, this card tells you that he or she highly values ​​you. And if you’re looking for love but feel like you don’t have any prospects yet, you’re probably spending too much time and effort on your career or work. Think about allowing yourself more time to enjoy your personal life.

In terms of health, your health tends to be very good when the Three of Wands Linestrider appears. Health efforts seem to be paying off. Don’t hesitate to consider other ways to treat or enhance your current health issues rationally.

In terms of spirituality, you are at least mature to some extent, and have a profound spiritual vision. However, you still need to realize that if you can focus fully, you will grow further mentally so your mental outlook can change and develop over time. Don’t be afraid of changes and new information.

IV. Message of Three of Wands Linestrider

The Three of Wands Linestrider is a message calling you to look beyond. Don’t react hastily, but step back and consider. Analyze and “apply” the current situation to a bigger picture. This card asks you to become a visionary who is always eager to conquer challenges beyond the current limits. It can imply premonitions or intuitive senses of upcoming things.

Be brave and daring. Sometimes you have to take risks to get what you want. Find the path that will inspire you and take you beyond your limits. Take the initiative, and let your enthusiasm take you to new heights.

While this is generally a positive card, it can talk about stagnation, obstacles, or lack of cooperation in your relationships, projects or businesses if you are in a reverse position. Unforeseen barriers may arise and hinder your future success. Be vigilant over potential betrayals or people who fail to keep their promises. 

V. Corresponding Associations of Three of Wands Linestrider

  • Arithmetic: 3;
  • Date of birth: April 3 to  April 8;
  • Plant: saffron, Irish moss.
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