Six Of Swords – Linestrider Tarot Deck

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I. Keyword by Six of Swords Linestrider

Travel, escape, baggage, new journey, better times ahead, change, movement.

II. Meaning of Six of Swords Linestrider

This card often appears at times of change – travel, journey, job change, etc. The Six of Swords Linestrider Tarot shows that you need to make important choices and they will lead you on a new path. Maybe you are moving away from a difficult or troubling situation and into an uncertain yet optimistic and positive future. The calm surface of the water in front of the boat in this card’s illustration shows that now is a good time to make a necessary shift. In times of internal transformation, let go of past losses, failures, or hurts and move on to a new path of growth. The card can indicate a long journey or a move to a new home.

Meaning of Six of Swords Linestrider

III. Six of Swords Linestrider in a Tarot spread

In a Tarot spread regarding relationships and sentiments, the Six of Swords Linestrider Tarot can mean that it’s time to leave a relationship that no longer helps you grow and find happiness. In any spread, it is possible that the card is advising you to sail to new horizons. It can also indicate that it is time to let go of past entanglements or hurts and let yourself go on new paths. If the Six of Swords appears together with the High Priestess, you may need to wait before embarking on a new path or journey. These cards tell you that there is an element of mystery in the situation and that you need to get all the information before you take a step. When combined with the Eight of Wands, it encourages a quick decision; Now is the time to move on, especially when it comes to mobility.

The Six of Swords Linestrider Tarot in reverse can show you running away from a problem that you still need to deal with. This card can also indicate that you are feeling trapped, that you want to sail to new things, but you can’t because some external constraints are preventing you from moving forward. For example, maybe you want to end a relationship but can’t do it due to financial problems. Look at the other cards for suggestions for how to face things that stand in your way. When interpreting in reverse, this card can also show that a relationship or partnership is falling apart. A partner is slowly walking away without you even realizing it.

When the reversed Six of Swords Linestrider Tarot appears, you may be ready to say what you are feeling. However, communication at this time is generally a bit difficult. Think before you speak. Make sure the important information on your computer is fully backed up at this time. It shows that you can make new discoveries and new decisions and you may have some important information that you want to share. However, how you convey it is just as important as what you intend to say. Think carefully about what you need to present.

In the card, the boat sailed along the river, waves billowing on one side while calm on the other. These represent inner reactions when card-like events occur. On the other hand, the river shown in the card is the Styx river – the boundary between the earth and the underworld in Greek mythology.

In terms of work, the Six of Swords Linestrider Tarot shows your fatigue at work. You need to rest and share the workload with others. If you want to change jobs but still have many problems, the card advises you to be decisive because this is the right time. On the other hand, changing your business location or office layout will make everything go smoother. In case you want to start a plan or project, you have to seek more information and outside help.

In financial terms, your predicament will change dramatically in the future. Money is circulating, but now you still need to restrain yourself, avoid the lack of calculation in spending, or further invest in ventures. In case you want to invest in a new field, you need to consult experienced people. Besides, you need to be clear about money issues with those you work with, the lack of transparency will lead to internal conflicts.

In terms of friends and associates, calculation, pettiness, jealousy will kill a sincere friendship. Especially when it comes to money matters, it is easy to turn friends against each other. So there are times when it is necessary to have the courage to let go of a dead relationship. Regarding relationships with co-workers, you should not let prejudice affect your work. There are times when you need to put aside your emotions to cooperate with colleagues and share and reveal about yourself so that they can understand you.

In terms of love, the Six of Swords Linestrider Tarot can imply a need to change the situation. If you are in a relationship, you can consider taking a short trip somewhere with your lover, maybe just walking around the street or something like that. If you are looking for love, then this card shows that you need to give up your old habits if you want to meet someone new. Discover new ideas and practices.

In terms of family and loved ones, the Six of Swords Linestrider Tarot signals about long trips to visit relatives in the family. On the other hand, the card refers to the troubles that your family or loved ones may face in the future. It gives you advice that unintentional words will hurt your loved one deeply, so you should know how to control your anger. According to some beliefs, you should be careful with children in the house, keeping them away from rivers and lakes.

Sometimes some of the spiritual answers that have eluded you are now suddenly entering your consciousness. This is unusually tied to a change of habit; pilgrimage or experience with different spiritual cultures. Pay attention to your dreams. They often show you everything you missed during many hours of walking.

IV. Message of Six of Swords Linestrider

In The Pilgrim’s Progress, 1678, the hero named Christian (who also had the same journey as The Fool) was trapped in the swamp. He put in a lot of effort until he was pulled out by Help. The name of the swamp Slough of Despond is a pretty fitting name for the Six of Swords Linestrider Tarot. Sometimes this card shows a vague and listless state. Nothing is seriously wrong, but nothing is completely right either. You are overcoming, but not thriving. In the card is the image of two people on a boat, their emotions seem to be pretty down and surrendered. Life really lacks interest when we feel bored.

On a more positive point, the Six of Swords Linestrider Tarot can imply recovery. This is especially true if you’ve just been through a difficult or traumatized time before. During this period of suffering, you have always felt distant and disconnected; There is nothing more important in your mind. You are now entering the restorative phase and trying to heal the wounds in your life. The people on the boat are at least moving forward. They are heading to a new land, even if they’re not eager to hit the shore.

In fact, the Six of Swords Linestrider Tarot can imply travel or move in every sense. The card can also mean a real change of circumstances, a change of position, or a trip. A journey can also take place within you as you move from an old frame of mind to a new one. Although this card does not promise a message of great joy, it also does not deal with extreme disappointment. A swamp is not a bottomless hell, but merely a place where sadness and despair are present. When you see this card, know that even though the situation may not be ideal, you are still moving to a new, more positive place. The opportunity is still there, and new, more hopeful conditions lie ahead.

When this card appears, it is a message that this is a very good time to move or travel in any form of meaning. It also implies a metaphor for the prospect of achieving a new step forward, or a change within you. Often this is a change for the better, both internally and externally. Think about where you want to go.

Overall, the Six of Swords Linestrider Tarot represents a slight decrease in feelings of stress and mentorship. Things may not be perfect now, but they will gradually change for the better than what happened in the recent past. Take this time to maintain hope and decide where you are going. Even a little break or a change of circumstances can mean a lot to you.

V. Corresponding Associations of Six of Swords Linestrider

  • Arithmetic: 6, 60;
  • Date of birth: October 22 to October 27;
  • Plant: Verbenas.
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