The Hanged Man – Linestrider Tarot Deck

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I. Keyword by The Hanged Man Linestrider

Crossroads, decisions, potential growth, insight, change, renunciation.

II. Meaning of The Hanged Man Linestrider

The Hanged Man Linestrider is a mysterious card that often appears at transitions when you pause to assess a situation or find a new way of seeing and approaching life. The Hanged Man (here is a blue tiger) is hung from a tree branch with his right leg tied and his left leg free, his knee bent. The tiger is drawn because the author believes that Hanged Man is a powerful character who can jump into action once a decision has been made rather than a docile and passive one.

Meaning of The Hanged Man Linestrider

Cats can also do aerobatics in the air without losing their balance or direction. The reason for the blue color is because blue is the color of the pause, of waiting, of nature in the quiet winter. Even though he is in a difficult position, his expression is relaxed as it is voluntarily hung from a tree. The shrink leg shows its action potential. Around the tiger’s head is a holy circle – a symbol of spirituality.

III. The Hanged Man Linestrider in a Tarot spread

When reading the card, this card can refer to the querent or represent someone in his/her life. The Hanged Man Linestrider reflects the need to delay action, and as a result, there may be a period of hesitation. This card can represent delays caused by external conditions in a very practical way. Maybe you are waiting for something that will determine your future: admission notice, benefits, job offer, maybe you have proposed and have not received an immediate answer. Or, perhaps you are in a state of indecision and need time to consider your options.

This is a Major Arcana card and its message tends to overwhelm the other cards that appear with it. For example, if you see some Swords cards or a contradictory card like the Five of Wands, maybe you are caught in a disagreement or litigation, or the tension exists around a decision you need to make. Sometimes the Hanged Man appears with the Tower and this combination motivates you to let the situation or conflict eliminate itself, rather than jumping in and trying to fix things or make important choices. The Tower often indicates that something is going on that is out of your control; With the appearance of Hanged Man Linestrider, it is probably best to let those factors take care of themselves rather than trying to control the things or the people that cause trouble in your life.

In the reversed position, the Hanged Man Linestrider can show a stage where you feel you are sacrificing too much while getting very little back, that you are either motionless or unable to free yourself from your current status. Your dreams and goals are stalled because of internal problems or external realities. This is the energy that has passed through your life and now you can expect things to happen again and wait for a big change to happen. This delay is a catalyst for what is to come.

The card usually depicts a man hanging upside down and this image is reminiscent of the god Odin hanging upside down on the world tree (Yggdrasil) to get enlightened. The world tree is rooted in the underworld (subconscious), grows through the realm (consciousness), and reaches heaven (subconscious).

In terms of work, if you still find a job or want to start a business, the Hanged Man Linestrider advises you to stay calm because you need more time to consider your path as well as hone some necessary skills. If you already have a job, nothing has changed significantly right now. If you want to change your job, then you need time to reflect on this transition. As you are starting a new project while acquiring the information, you need to be patient to select through the information and make the right decision.

In terms of finance, this is a card of awareness, you should understand that you must handle your cash flow, not being controlled by it. If you drown yourself in this flood of money, you are destroying yourself. If you value money above all else, the people around you will come to you just because of money, not because of their true feelings for you. If you don’t have a lot of money, spend it economically and in balance, but don’t be too miserly. The card advises you not to lose priceless things like the people who genuinely care about you for financial gain. If you’re in the midst of financial prosperity, let your cash flow circulate, sponsoring charities or animal protection organizations will do you a lot of good deeds.

In terms of friends and associates, your friends may put you in a dilemma, making it difficult to decide on a problem. The advice for you is to keep calm to assess the situation objectively. Use your heart to understand the problem. You will find a way out of this situation. About colleagues, you should focus on your work, the opposing opinions from colleagues can make you feel disoriented and confused. You must remember that they are only the ones giving the opinion, and you are the one responsible for and completing the work yourself. You need to consider it carefully.

Regarding family and relatives, the Hanged Man Linestrider indicates that you can get stuck in the quarrels of family members, or you can argue with a family member yourself. However, this is not the time for you to argue or stand firmly your ground because this can lead to heart wounds that are difficult to heal. You should lower your ego, step back, keep quiet to listen to the frustrations of your loved ones. In the case of a quarrel between close relatives, silence is also a way of showing attitudes, and suppressed emotions should be relieved. And then, you need to open up to act as a bridge between loved ones.

IV. Message of The Hanged Man Linestrider

After the self-created crisis in your life, the acceptance to give a cold shoulder comes; after Justice is the Hanged Man. Artists, writers, and psychologists are all captivated by this card because it contains countless great truths behind a simple design. We have already mentioned the mystical spiritual tradition behind hanging downside posture and crossed legs. When we talked about the Strength card, we said that mystics seek to release the energy of passion and turn it into mental energy.

Recall Odin offering himself to Yggdrasil, and we might also call this gallows the World Tree. This tree is rooted in the underworld (Unconsciousness), reaching out to matter (Consciousness) to enter the heavens (Subconscious). The first views that appear in the diagram of The Lovers are already starting to really happen. The conceptual things we have come across in the past started to become real experiences after the Justice card. The number of The Hanged Man card is 12 – also is 6 plus 6, which is The High Priestess that takes The Lovers Linestrider to a whole new level.

Beyond all its symbolic systems, The Hanged Man influences us because it directly represents a concept of calm and understanding. The ignoration appears strongly in the card because The Hanged Man has surrendered comprehensively and accepted it as part of the ritual instead of just observing from one side. For many modern people, that means allowing them to let go of feelings that have been locked in for many years. Remember that both are actions; surrendering to the Tree of Life is an optional step, not passive waiting.

Number 12, like 21, refers to both 1 and 2. The card reflects The Magician in the form of the power that has been passed down to the magic wand and somehow pierced through a mess in The Hanged Man; we see it as a light above The Hanged Man’s head. Experience the true spirit of life is one of the greatest types of strength and excitement in the fog of absolute calm. Number 2 is reminiscent of The High Priestess, and also the image of “water”. Both cards indicate retreat, but the number 2 intimates pure acquisition while the 12th card is only the experience of that acquisition.

In the Tarot reading, The Hanged Man Linestrider carries the message of independence. Just like The Fool Linestrider means doing what feels best intuitively even when someone else thinks it is stupid while Hanged Man implies being yourself, even when others think you are old-fashioned and off-beat. It represents emotions deeply connected with life, and can also mean after the rain comes the rainbow.

The Hanged Man Linestrider in reverse shows an inability to escape social pressure. Instead of listening internally, we do what others expect or command us to do. Our perceptions of life are always accumulative things, not real experiences we experience ourselves – they are just a series of stereotyped definitions, like someone who molded his or her behavior just to satisfy his parents’ orders or to emulate the style of the movie stars.

The reversed Hanged Man Linestrider also means fighting for the inner ego in some way. It may be a person trying to deny some basic parts of the ego or he/she simply cannot accept reality, and one must somehow continually struggle with life. By putting the ego against the world, this person never fully experiences life. None of us could write the meaning of living until, like Odin, hung on the World Tree, with roots deeply embedded beyond knowledge in the ocean to experience and branches reaching all the stars.

V. Corresponding Associations of The Hanged Man Linestrider

  • Astrology: Pisces;
  • Arithmetic: 12;
  • Plants: ivy, Mexican marigold, kelp.

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