The Hierophant – Linestrider Tarot Deck

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I. Keyword by The Hierophant Linestrider

Learning, research, wisdom, organizations, communities, unions, rituals, adherence to religion, customs, and traditions.

II. Meaning of The Hierophant Linestrider

The Hierophant Linestrider represents traditions, hierarchies, and their organizations and values. Administered by the Taurus, Hierophant is a symbol of the need to comply with laws and steadfast ideas. In the focus of knowledge sharing through institutions, Hierophant signifies education, the pursuit of knowledge, and the mentor. He is a male figure that has paired with the High Priestess and is also known as Pope or Shaman.

Meaning of The Hierophant Linestrider

Initially, the author had no intention of drawing the bear in this card, but because the bear’s spirit carries strength and confidence, and it is related to standing up against adversity, taking action, and leadership – every reason why one needs to seek higher learning or a formal framework of an organization. The number 3 is repeated a lot in the Hierophant Linestrider (see if you can find them all), indicating Hierophant’s dominance over all three precepts. Two crossed keys describe a balance between consciousness and unconsciousness. This card can show advanced stages of research and learn through conventional methods.

III. The Hierophant in a Tarot spread

In a Tarot spread, the Hierophant in a present position shows you are in a situation where you are advised (or you are the advisor) to adhere to a system, hierarchy, or set of beliefs. For instance, it could mean going back to school, joining a church, getting more involved with the community, or even keeping fit, training, dieting, or exercising.

Hierophant Linestrider may appear to imply a significant organization in your life, such as a university you attend, a company you work for, or a religious community you join. When paired with the Hermit, this card can mean that an organization in your life is separating you from your family or placing you in isolation. This combination could mean work addiction, or scientists working in the Arctic. If you are looking for love and this card is drawn with Lovers or Two of Cups, it could indicate your dream partner is part of an important organization in your life, maybe they work with you or join you in a group. When combined with the Eight of Cups, it means it is time to leave an important organization in your life if they let you down.

When in a reversed position, Hierophant Linestrider may denote a need to question a leader or authority, or perhaps it is time to evaluate your position in an organization or institution. He can portray a particular person or organization in power in your life. You should reassess these relationships or their impact on your success and well-being.

In terms of work, this is a card of an ordeal. If you are looking to start your work, it signals you will meet a strict mentor or instructor who will educate and challenge you. If you want to change a job, it alludes to the opportunity to enter the new workplace. You will learn many new things. If you are starting a new project, this is a great omen, however, you need support from others.

In terms of finance, it is not the time to make money quickly. Hierophant Linestrider implies stability and principles, so you need to follow the traditional rules and invest in a more stable way rather than a reckless one. If you want to borrow, you should seek advice from people who are financially knowledgeable. In another case, if you sign papers or contracts, the card reminds you to pay attention and consider carefully before doing so.

Regarding friends and associates, you will probably meet new great friends. On the other hand, you should keep a balance between friends and family. As for colleagues, you may have disagreements at work, and the solution is to boldly express your thoughts to perform your tasks in the best way.

Regarding family and relatives, Hierophant Linestrider refers to cultural traditions, strict family members yet genuinely care about you. In the case of you just getting married, the card indicates the challenge you need to go through in order to bond with your partner’s family members.

IV. Message of The Hierophant Linestrider

The majority of Tarot decks drawn to date have named the Major Arcana 5th card the Pope or the High Priest – the phrase that connects it to the 2nd card (the original inner truth). The name “Hierophant” was born from the mysteries of the Greek High Priests of the Eleusinian region. Here this card represents the beginning of a secret doctrine and groups that have undergone the restoration of faith in England and America. The Golden Dawn is the “secret playground” of both Waite and Crowley and is believed to have been the birthplace of the name “Hierophant” for the 5th Major card.

The two meanings, “heathen” and “secret doctrine” penetrate even the most basic levels to create contradictions. In both cases, however, this Major card refers to education and tradition. If we view the previous Tarot cards as a description of personality development, the Hierophant Linestrider, following the natural and social worlds, refers to the conscious tradition of an individual within a particular community and the education he/she gets out of that tradition.

According to Waite’s expression, the Hierophant is like a companion capable of being on par with the Emperor – together they share responsibilities toward humanity, one taking care of material needs while another leads spiritual development. The best aspect of the Hierophant (in foreign teachings) is that it can provide a stepping stone to begin building our own personal sense of God for us.

In a Tarot spread, this card means Church, Doctrine, Education as a whole. Psychologically it can relate to orthodoxy, obedience to common social ideals, morality in behavior, as well as surrender to responsibilities. The Emperor stands for ruler and power while the Hierophant points out our inner senses of submission.

The Hierophant Linestrider in the reversed position means unrighteousness, especially referring to the psychiatric – distinct ideals. It can also mean foolishness, and this opinion suggests another kind of virtue when it turns upright – a society has built up its intellectual traditions over hundreds of long years. There are those who accept those traditions as a basic foundation for developing and then transform them into new ideas and information. Meanwhile, there are those who absorb the rigid teachings and create new kinds of radical political groups, only more superficial. Denying a traditional identity is not necessarily a complete denial of Hierophant. They just don’t accept the responsibility to find their own path.

V. Corresponding Associations of The Hierophant Linestrider

  • Astrology: Taurus and Aries;
  • Arithmetic: 5;
  • Plants: mugwort, citron, violets.

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