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I. The commentary of The Conditioning Osho Zen

The Conditioning Osho Zen reminds us of an old tale of Zen, there was a lion raised by a herd of sheep, he grew up with a thought that he was a sheep. Until an old lion caught him and took him to a pond, where he could see himself reflected in the water.

Many of us are the same as this lion – the shape of us is not created directly from our experience, but from the other’s thoughts. A “personality” which is externally imposed, instead of the one developed inside. We become a sheep in the herd, cannot move freely, and be unaware of our true identity.

It is time to take a  look at your own reflection in the pond, and take actions against other’s prejudice about you, in order to believe in yourself. Let’s dance, run, shake, and shout – whatever it takes to awake the sleeping lion inside you.

commentary of The Conditioning Osho Zen

II. The Meaning Of The Conditioning Osho Zen

If you do not leave your personality behind, you will not be able to find your true self. while your Individuality emerge when you first appear in the earth, your personality is imposed by the society. Personality is just a society’s stool.

Society cannot sustain characteristic because Individuality is not as obedient as a sheep. Characteristic has a lion’s quality, move alone.

While sheep always go in groups, with a hope that it would be cozy within a herd. In the herd, sheep feel safer and protected. If he is attacked, someone in the herd will save him. However, go alone? – Only lion dares.

Everyone of us is born as a lion, but the society is constantly putting conditions on us, programming our minds, transforming us into a sheep. Society gives you a personality, warm, cute, very harmonious, and obedient.

Society wants slaves, instead of those who are truly devote themself to freedom. Society wants slavery because all the guaranteed rights require obedience.

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